Why Windows 11 Is Forcing Everyone To Use TPM Chips?

Why Windows 11 Is Forcing Everyone To Use TPM Chips

With the launch of Windows 11 on 24 June 2021. Microsoft announced that you are required to have the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Version 2.0 to install Windows 11 on your PC. Is it that important? If No, then Why is Windows 11 forcing everyone to use TPM Chip? Well, you will find your answers here.

TPM Stands for Trusted Platform Module and technically it is known as ISO/IEC 11889 and in technical terms, it is defined as an international standard for a secure cryptoprocessor, a dedicated microcontroller designed to secure hardware through integrated cryptographic keys. In layman’s language, they are used to enhance the security and features of Windows 11. Is the security only reason why Windows 11 is forcing everyone to use TPM chips or is it something else let’s find out.

Reasons Why Windows 11 Is Forcing Everyone To Use TPM Chips are

  1. Protection From Ransomware
  2. Improved Security In Windows Hello
  3. Platform Integrity
  4. Disc Encryption
  5. Password Protection
  6. Windows Defender
  7. Helps In Digital Rights Management
  8. Prevention of Cheating In Online Games

Now, you have read the reasons why Windows 11 is forcing Everyone to Use TPM chips. Let’s have a look at these reasons in detail below in the article.

Why Windows 11 Is Forcing Everyone To Use TPM Chips

Well, here are the reasons listed below that will tell you Why Windows 11 is forcing everyone to Use TPM chips. We have also mentioned a simpler way to check if your PC has the TPM chip and which version it is.

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1. Protection From Ransomware

Why Windows 11 Is Forcing Everyone To Use TPM Chips - Protection From Ransomware
Source: Kaspersky

During the year 2017, the cases of ransomware were rising. The processor manufacturing company came up with the idea of manufacturing the TPM with the processors. The TPM would stop the hackers from encrypting at the firmware level.

2. Improved Security In Windows Hello

One of the features of the new Windows 11 is the improved Tablet mode. Therefore more and more people are going to access it on touch screens. The TPM here stores the face lock and the touch screen information hence, providing more security to the user.

3. Platform Integrity

Why Windows 11 Is Forcing Everyone To Use TPM Chips - Platform Integrity
Source: ZN Services

The first and foremost reason why Windows 11 is forcing everyone to use TPM chips is the platform integrity. This feature of the TPM ensures that the booting of the computer starts with the trusted combination of hardware and software. TPM makes sure that the whole booting process and the applications are run in safe mode. TPM is responsible for the firmware and the operating system security of the computer.

The use of Microsoft office 365 licensing and Outlook Exchange can be seen as an example of TPM platform integrity. 

4. Disc Encryption

Trusted Platform Module or the TPM can be used by full disk encryption utilities like BitLocker and dm-crypt. These utilities use the TPM chip to encrypt the storage devices and provide security. These are also used for providing the integrity authentication for the boot pathway including boot sector and firmware.

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5. Password Protection

Why Windows 11 Is Forcing Everyone To Use TPM Chips - Password Protection
Source: Managed Solution

The TPM chips are very essential for password security. As we all know that windows authentication is purely dependent on software passwords which means that the passwords are prone to dictionary attacks. The TPM has an in-built dictionary attack prevention mechanism. This mechanism prevents the hacker from the dictionary attack and guessing. At the same time, it provides the user a reasonable number of attempts to try his password. If you don’t have the TPM protection on your PC then better make passwords of high combinations.

6. Windows Defender

Let’s go back to the time when Microsoft was marketing Windows 10 on the market. Do you remember the feature that said improved windows defender, powerful than many anti-viruses? Well, it’s the same windows defender but in the upgraded version with the TPM chip. The Trusted Platform Module chip has improved the Windows Defender’s security which can be seen in Windows 11.

7. Helps In Digital Rights Management

Why Windows 11 Is Forcing Everyone To Use TPM Chips - DRM
Source: CyberHoot

Another reason why Windows 11 is forcing everyone to use TPM chips is Digital Rights Management. Microsoft has been very strict about the security of its users so the TPM would not allow anyone to use the proprietary hardware and copyright works illegally. Trusted Platform Module makes sure that the copyrighted work such as media or software is not illegally taken away from you. 

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8. Prevention Of Cheating In Online Games

Windows 11 has a lot of surprises for gamers other than the “Direct Storage” and “Auto HDR” features the TPM offers security against in games cheaters. It provides you a safer gateway to play online games.

How To Check If Your PC Has Pre Installed TPM

Why Windows 11 Is Forcing Everyone To Use TPM Chips - TPM
Source: The Verge

Here are the three simple steps to follow that will tell you if the TPM is installed on your PC or not. These steps will also tell you the version of the TPM on your PC. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the windows search bar on your Windows 10.
  2. Type “tpm.msc” and hit the enter button. Open the search result that matched.
  3. There you will find the TPM version on your PC


  • For upgrading your Windows 10 to Windows 11 the minimum TPM Version required is TPM 2.0. Any version smaller than this would not let you install Windows 11.
  • Intel has started integrating the TPM in its processors after the 8th Gen.

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Well, we think you might have got the answer to the question “Why Windows 11 Is Forcing Everyone To Use TPM Chips?”. Yeah, for security reasons. TPM or the Trusted Platform Module helps in enhancing the security of the personal computer at the professional levels and you will feel safe from Ransomware.

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