Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared | How To Fix?

Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared

Making money on Instagram lately? We got bad news for you! Instagram Reels has stopped paying for the Reels from 9th March 2023 onwards. However, that announcement has nothing to do if your Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared lately. 

If you are suddenly experiencing Instagram removed your Reels or Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared, there might be a serious bug issue. Besides, there could be multiple reasons apart from just bugs that you are losing your money. 

To fix the Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared issue, open Instagram and go to the professional dashboard. Here you will find whether you are still eligible to get the bonus amount or not. Click on the eligible option, and you will find Instagram showing reasons why your bonus money is deducted. In most cases, it is either a copyright issue or a bug. 

Instagram Reels algorithm has changed, and so does the Reels monetization policy. Instagram is no more paying the creators for Reels. However, they have started running ads in selected Reels and monetizing accordingly. However, if you are already under any ongoing Reels bonus plan, then you will surely get the money. Again, not to mention that, this action is not related to the Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared issue.

Why Did Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared?

Some Instagram Reel creators are getting furious about why their Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared. Now, the truth is, there could be multiple reasons behind the problem and if you are unable to detect any of the reasons, you cannot solve it. Many Instagram users shared on Twitter that they are not sure how Instagram pays for Reels, but they think that suddenly there are so many deductions from their account. We had to explore the possibilities, and this is what we have found: 

Reason 1: Violation Of Instagram Reels Community Guidelines

Most of the Instagram users who claim that Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared from their account, it’s mostly because they have failed to comply with the Instagram Reels Community Guideline. Yes, to come under Reel monetization, you have to follow certain monetization guidelines created by Instagram. Failing to meet any of these guidelines can deduct your payment or kick you out of the program. 

Reason 2: Inactivity

If you are an Instagram Reel creator, yet you are inactive for a long time, Instagram may remove you from the monetization scheme. Getting removed from the monetization scheme can seriously affect the bonus payments that you have already received. You may get banned or disposed of from the Reels bonus payment scheme for a period. 

Reason 3: Technical Issues

Instagram, like many other social media, is also not immune to technical issues. If Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared from your account this could be a technical issue. Restart your Instagram app or just reinstall the app again to deal with the technical issues. If the issue persists even after reinstalling the app, you should contact the Instagram support team for further assistance. 

How To Fix Instagram Bonuses Disappeared?

Dealing with the Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared issue is not a big deal if you know where to start with. There are five possible ways to address the issue.

Fix 1: Switch To A Business Or Creator Account

If you are confronted with the  Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared issue, maybe you are not logged into your Business or Creator account on Instagram. So, the first thing you need to check is whether your Business or Creator account on Instagram is accessible. Switch your account and check the Instagram reels bonus status again. 

Fix 2: Post More Reels Until You Get Invited

You can post more reels to get invitations to the Instagram bonus program. However, if you are already banned by Instagram for violating any of the community guidelines, then posting reels may not get you another invitation again.

Fix 3: Wait Until The Reels Play Bonus Is Available In Your Country

If you are not receiving the Reels play bonus, maybe your country is still not under the program. Check the list of countries eligible for the Reels bonus to enjoy paychecks from Instagram. 

Fix 4: Check For Community Guideline Violations

If Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared from your account recently, there is a strong chance of community guideline violations. Check whether any of the Reels violated the copyright claim or any rules for that matter that comes under the guidelines. If violated, you could be permanently banned from the Instagram Reels bonus program that cannot be reverted. 

Fix 5: Contact Instagram Support

Whether it is the Instagram Reels not working issue or the Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared issue, contacting Instagram Support is the ultimate step for the solution. If none of the above methods worked for you, it is recommended to contact the Instagram support team. 


Instagram Reels bonus is an interesting program that captivated and indulged more Reel makers for a long time (almost 3 years!). However, like all dynasties, this also came to an end. Since March 9, 2023, Meta has announced not to continue with the Reels bonus program. So, there is little to think about Instagram Reels Bonus Disappeared and more to think of the next big monetization plan cooking in the Instagram funnel. Cheer up!  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: How To Get Invited To Instagram Reels Bonus? 

Instagram Reels Bonus is an invite-only program. If your Reels are getting views and likes that are eligible for the Reels bonus structure, you will be automatically invited by Instagram to step in for the bonus program. 

Q2: Will My Instagram Reels Bonus Disappear If I Violate Community Guidelines In The Past?

Yes, it is true that Instagram talked about community guidelines seriously. So, if you have violated any of the community guidelines in the past, it will affect your Instagram Reels bonus. 

Q3: Can I Regain My Reels Bonus If I Create More Content?

No, you cannot regain the lost Reel bonus if you create more content. However, if eligible, your Instagram content will gain a bonus. 

Q4: How Long Does It Take To Retrieve My Reels Bonus?

This is up to the Instagram support team. If you are eligible to claim and retrieve the Reels bonus, the same will be credited to your wallet in due time. 

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