Is Dyson Headphones Mask Real Or Is It Just Another Tech Trend?

If someone tells you that headphones come with an air-purifying mask, will you believe them? Of course not. Because you haven’t heard of any such thing, right? Recently, the brand Dyson announced that they are introducing Dyson Bluetooth headphones with air-purifying masks. But, is Dyson headphones mask real?

Technology has been rapidly developing, making the impossible possible. Even the unimaginable things have been invented and are commonly used by people in their daily lives. In this family of technology, a new member has been announced which is Dyson Zone.

Due to its announcement on April Fools day, it is hard to believe that is why everyone asks is Dyson headphones mask real. Many people have taken this as a mere joke and nothing else. But what is the reality? Was it actually an April Fool’s prank? Or Dyson is really going to launch such a device?

Do you also want to know if the Dyson headphones mask is real or not? Don’t worry, we are here to show you the entire truth and explain everything about Dyson Zone within this very article. So, keep reading and find out the truth. 

What Is Dyson Zone?

Dyson Zone is the new product that has been announced by Dyson. These are basically the Bluetooth headphones that also have an air-purifying mask with them. So, it is a headphone plus mask. There has no such product ever been launched or announced before Dyson. It is the very first of its kind, this makes it hard to believe if it is true or not. 

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Is Dyson Headphones Mask Real?

Is Dyson Headphones Mask Real

The news of the Dyson headphones mask has still not been accepted by most of the audience, the reason being, that the product was announced by Dyson on April 1, 2022, that is, the April Fool’s day. Due to this, many people believe the announcement of the Dyson headphones masks was just a prank by Dyson.

Let us tell you, it is real. The Dyson headphones mask is real, and completely real. Even if it was announced on April Fool’s, and even if it looks like a prop from a science fiction movie, this doesn’t change the reality. Dyson is actually going to launch the product soon as it has been announced officially.

What Are The Features Of the Dyson Headphones Mask?

The Dyson Bluetooth Headphone with an air-purifying mask is a three-in-one product that you will use in your everyday life if you get it. Let us know in detail about the features it is going to provide you with. 

1. Dyson Zone – Air-Purifying Mask

These Bluetooth headphones come with air-purifying masks that will purify the air before you breathe it. All the dust and pollution particles and gases will be filtered and only clean air will be allowed to enter. These will be non-contact masks, hence, it will be comfortable to wear them all day. 

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2. Dyson Zone – BlueTooth Headphones

Is Dyson Headphones Mask Real

This is amazing that in a single product you are going to get clean air, and can listen to music through it as well. The best part is that these are BlueTooth headphones, so there is no trouble dealing with wires. Just connect them to your device and wear them on your head. That’s all. 

3. Dyson Zone – Noise Cancelation

The Dyson headphones mask will provide you with the best audio quality. The headphones have an advanced noise cancellation feature that will allow you to listen to anything without having to worry about unnecessary noise. 

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Wrap Up

That’s all for is Dyson Headphones Mask real.

Now you know that Dyson headphones masks are actually a real thing and not a joke. You can wait for the product to launch and get your own, that will make you look unique. To read more such articles related to the latest technological devices, you can visit our website Deasilex. 


Q. What Kind Of Products Does Dyson Make?

The company Dyson mainly focuses on manufacturing electric domestic appliances. They mainly concentrate on the products that will be useful to people in their daily lives. These products include vacuum cleaners, fans, hairdryers, hand dryers, lighting products, air purifiers, and now even the air-purifying masks. 

Q. How Does Dyson Air Purifier Work?

Dyson Air-Purifying masks use the air compressors that are present in the ear cups of the headphones. They compress the air, purify it and then pass it to the wearer’s mouth and nose.

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