Is Hive Social Media Down | How To Fix?

Is Hive Social Media Down: How To Fix

Are you experiencing problems with the Hive Social app and do not know how to fix them? Well, In this article, let us see why is Hive Social media down and how to fix it.

Hive Social, an app that mixes some of the familiar components of Instagram, Twitter, and even MySpace, is the most recent to catch the attention of the general public. It was originally created by a college student who taught herself how to code.

The reason why is Hive Social media down is that its server is busy or it is crashed due to heavy traffic in the app and the only solution is to wait until the team resolves the issue.

Continue reading further to understand why is Hive Social media down, how to fix it and what exactly is happening.

Is Hive Social Media Down: How To Fix?

The reason why is Hive Social media down is that its server is busy or it is crashed due to heavy traffic in the app and the only solution is to wait until the team resolves the issue.

The recently trending social media app is called Hive Social. With more than 2 million users as of today, Hive Social become the newest competitor to Twitter. Hive Social, an app that combines the finest of social networking, is run by a small team and reviewed by K-pop enthusiasts. Users of Hive Social can exchange text postings as well as images, videos, GIFs, and other content. On Hive, users can follow other users, and through integration with Apple Music and Spotify, they can even add music to their individual profiles.

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Though the app has become popular newly, there are also issues being reported regarding Hive Social media down where users are facing difficulty in using the app as they are unable to set their profile picture, unable to set usernames, and unable to scroll through the posts.

Why Is Hive Social Media Down?

The two main reasons behind Hive Social Media down:

  • Due to the increased popularity of the app, many users have shown interest in installing the app and every day a huge number of downloads are taking place. As a result of this, the servers are busy and are unable to cope with the traffic which must have resulted in the server crash. The only solution to this is patiently to wait until the issue has been resolved by the Hive Social team
  • There is also a possibility that your account must have been banned by the Hive Social app when you do not follow the app’s guidelines. In this case, all you need to do is create a new Hive account and start using the app by following the app rules
Is Hive Social Media Down: How To Fix - tweet

Hive Social media has mentioned in their latest tweet that they will resolve the issue soon. Hence, it is advised to wait until the issue is fixed. However, you may also contact their support team for any other assistance. You can reach out to them for further queries or help by visiting their Help & Support page and addressing your issue.

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Wrapping Up

Server crashes are very common when there is heavy traffic in the app and they will usually get resolved in a few days. We hope this article has given a clear explanation of why is Hive Social media down, and how to fix it. For more informative and interesting articles, check out our page at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Hive Social Have A Desktop App?

Ans. Please be aware that Hive Social is only presently offered as an iOS and Android app. Neither a desktop application nor a website is now available, although they may be in the future. However, you can download Hive Social app on a PC with the help of an emulator.

Q2. Who Owns Hive Social App?

Ans. CEO Raluca Pop, 24, of Hive, also goes as Kassandra when people have trouble pronouncing her Romanian name.

Q3. Can You Download The Hive App?

Ans. The app is available for free download through the Google Play store for Android smartphones and tablets, the Apple store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (iOS version 10.0 or later), as well as the Apple Watch (iOS version 4.0 or later) (version 5.0 or later).

Q4. How Do I Use Hive Social?

Ans. Choose three or more things that fascinate you, such as horror, technology, or anime. To find and follow individuals you like, select Start Exploring. To view posts from followers, select the tab with a beehive icon. The magnifying glass icon lets you search for people to follow or see community posts.

Q5. How To Set Up Hive Social App?

Ans. Step 1: Get Hive Social from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Step 2: Click the Create an Account icon after opening the app. 

Step 3: Choose between using your email address or phone number to register for an account on the following page.

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