Metaverse Champions Hub Games | All You Need To Know!

Metaverse Champions Hub Games

Hurrah! Are you excited guys to play in the metaverse champions hub games? Are you excited to win rewards in metaverse champions hub games? This event continues for four weeks and it comes with 48 games per week and 10 to 12 games for almost per gamer. Well, in this article you will know more about metaverse champions hub games. 

Metaverse champions hub games are those games that are played during the event. It includes four champions which are AJ Striker, Fey Yoshida, Sparks Kilowatts, and Wren Brightblade. Here the player can earn several rewards by opening the chest. Metaverse champion has replaced the popular Roblox egg hunt.

Metaverse champions hub games are the games that are played during the event. These games have a wide range of variety that include simple games to hardcore games. The participants can access a particular game and can take part in the event.

In this article, we are going to cover metaverse champions hub games. For more latest updates do follow Deasilex. 

What Are The Metaverse Champions Hub Games? 

Metaverse champions hub games are those games that are played during the 4-week event of Roblox. This event features AJ Striker, Fey Yoshida, Sparks Kilowatts, and Wren Brightblade. In these 4 weeks, almost 48 games are played every week. And each week allows the player to obtain the crate for a particular champion. The player needs to collect crates, chaste, packages, and cases in the chronicle order to obtain the final items. 

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Metaverse Champions Hub Games

Metaverse champions hub games range from simple casual games to complex difficult games. Well, the player with the highest score will be announced as the winner of the champions. The more boxes you collect for the given champions, the more points the users will get and that will increase the chances of winning. The winner will be awarded an exclusive award. Here are four metaverse champions and their related matches:

1. Sparks Kilowatt Games

Spark kilowatt is an energy ball that loves to make friends. Players have to collect four spark secret packages to access this champion. Here is the list of tasks that you have to complete the task to win the champions:

Week 1

Simple Resort

Seaboard City RP

Muscle Buster

My Droplets

Week 2



Pilfering Pirates


Week 3


Tower Heroes

Egg Simulator

Banana Eats

Week 4

Bloxy Bingo



Find the Square

2. AJ Striker Games 

Players have to collect four AJ crates to enter into the AJ striker champions. 

Week 1




Tank Warfare

Week 2 


Chaos Clickers

Survive a Plane Crash

Shoot Out

Week 3 



Built It

Super Golf

Build Island

Week 4

War Simulator

Zombie Task Force

Obby Run!

Unboxing Simulator

3. Fey Yoshida Games

By collecting all four fey terror cases, the player can unlock this champion. Here are the games which you have to complete during the four week event to metaverse champions prize. 

Week 1

Toy Defenders

Waterpark Oceanic 



Week 2

Pit of Hell

Merch Warzone


Fishing Simulator

Week 3


Wizard Cats 

This Game is Pain

Vibe NYC

Week 4

Bean Blast 

RB Battles 

Bloxy War

Dragon Adventures

4. Wren Brightblade

To unlock the Wren Brightblade champions players have to collect all four treasures of the wren. Here are the games that players have to play to earn points during the event:

Week 1



Werewolf Within 

Ninja Rush

Week 2


Goblin Island 

Giant Simulator 

Pet Heroes

Week 3 

Journey to the Sun 

The Piggysons

Arcade Empire

Week 4


Jump Over Walls

Island Tribes 

Gods of Glory 

Well, all these champions offer a wide range of unique games and there are a total of 180 games that a player can play to earn rewards. 

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Metaverse champions hub games are the games that you can enjoy during the event. If you are a game lover then the metaverse champions event is for you. You will experience the immersive experience of VR technology and stand to win an exciting prize. If you find it relevant to your problem, spread it to family and friends. If you have any queries, feel free to write them in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Games Are In The Metaverse Champions?

The games are Toy Defenders, Tropical Resort Tycoon, Bean Blast, Don’t Press The Button 4, Dragon Adventures, Epic Minigames, Flood Escape 2, Kitty, Melee Simulator, Survive the Killer, Tsunami Simulator, and Waterpark Oceanic.

Q. How many games are in metaverse champions?

Up to 48 games per week and 10–12 for each champion played during the four-week span of the competition.

Q. Can you still get the Valkyrie of the metaverse?

The small chance to get the Valkyrie of the Metaverse hat items has ended.

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