Metaverse Face Coin | What You Need To Know About It?

We can see NFTs and the Metaverse market growing massively. Have you heard about the Metaverse Face space and the Metaverse Face Coin? If not, then this post is entirely for you.

Metaverse face coin is the world’s first virtual Metaverse face market. MEFA token is the currency of the Metaverse Face coin. It is a decentralized crypto exchange platform. Well, this new virtual world will drive you crazy! You can create face NFTs of a virtual world character on this platform.

The Metaverse face platform claims to be unique. It allows you to design your face as a character. The platform is still under development. Excited? Go through the post for more details. We will discuss the Metaverse face platform, Metaverse face coin, and how to buy them.

What Is The Metaverse Face?

It is a new virtual world that aims to provide you with virtual world character face NFTs. Each NFT has different features. If you wish to have your own face designed as any character, that can be possible.

It is in basic terms an app that captures your face. We are aware that one of the biggest issues with the NFT world is related to creating new things. You can create new characters and add backgrounds, colors, or outfits.

People in the Metaverse want to use different characters and faces. However, it is quite difficult to create new characters, but the Metaverse face platform claims to produce a face NFT. They aim to create a market and have partnerships with various games and virtual reality platforms. Metaverse Face claims to design and build ultimate things. They also claim to be a world where the investors will feel unique and awesome. 

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Details About The Metaverse Face Coin 

Metaverse Face Coin

The Metaverse face coin is known as MEFA. It is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2021. It operates on the Binance Smart Chain. The coin cannot be currently purchased using a fiat currency. We will give details on how to buy a Metaverse Face coin but let us first see the price of the coin.

The current price of the Metaverse Face coin is $0.000212. According to Coinmarketcap,  the current market ranking of the coin is 4146. It can be purchased at various decentralized crypto exchanges like PancakeSwap, etc. The All-time high of the coin is $0.001494 while the All-time low is $0.000000005523. The value of the token is expected to rise in the near future. 

How To Buy Metaverse Face Coin?

We will explain how to buy the Metaverse face coin. Let us have a look at the steps involved in this. 

1. Registration

The first step is to register on a Fiat to crypto exchange for purchasing USTD as MEFA cannot be purchased using fiat currency. There are various platforms for changing fiats to cryptos like Coinbase etc. You can register at these platforms  

2. Purchase USTD

After completing the KYC process, you need to add a payment method. You can choose a bank transfer option or the credit/ debit card option. Bank transfer will be slower and cheaper while card payment will be expensive. Once done with this, click on the Trade button in the top left corner. Then press USTD and Confirm. You have purchased your first crypto.

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3. Transfer

We haven’t completed the process yet! MEFA is an altcoin and can be traded on certain exchanges. So, we need to transfer USTD to an exchange where MEFA can be traded. You can choose any popular exchanges like PancakeSwap, MXC, etc.

4. Deposit

The next step after you choose an exchange is to deposit the USTD to an exchange you have chosen. It may require a KYC process, so you can complete that. Once completed, you will have access to your exchange wallet.

5. Trade 

After completing the above steps, it is time to trade. You can now search for MEFA in the search box and buy from there, by filling out details like amount, etc. You can purchase MEFA as per your choice.

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These are the simple steps that you need to follow and can easily purchase a Metaverse face coin.

You can also try this virtual platform. You can even buy the Metaverse face coin following the steps that we have mentioned. Don’t forget that we are not an investing site. You are advised to do your research before investing in cryptos as they are highly volatile.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is A Metaverse Face Token?

A. A Metaverse face token is a Blockchain platform that provides a face NFT for the Metaverse 

Q2. What Is The Best Metaverse Crypto To Buy?

A. There are many popular cryptos that you can purchase. However, Decentraland is currently considered to be the best Metaverse crypto to buy.

Q3. What Coins Will Metaverse Use? 

A. There are different coins for different Metaverse platforms. MANA coin is used in Decentraland, SAND coin is used in the Sandbox, similarly, other platforms have their own coins or tokens.

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