Sony PlayStation VR2 Vs Meta Quest 2!!!

Sony PlayStation VR2 Vs Meta Quest 2

Sony PlayStation VR2 is a great VR headset that will help you play games. But as its name suggests it is a PlayStation headset and this means that you have to plug it into PlayStation 5 console. But their many users who are confused between Sony PlayStation VR2 vs Meta Quest 2. But don’t worry here we have discussed them.

Meta Quest 2 has been the best pick because of its reasonable piece and comprehensive. This can be accessed easily and surely does not need any extra hardware. If you are interested in VR and you have PS5 or if you want to buy one then you must be wondering whether you can go all in with the Sony PlayStation VR2 or Meta Quest 2.

When we talk about Sony PlayStation VR2 vs Meta Quest 2, the PlayStation VR2 development was placed along with the PS5 so that the console and the VR headset can be the perfect match. Here we will discuss the price, setup, power, and graphics.

Here in this post, we have discussed Sony PlayStation VR2 vs Meta Quest 2 so that you don’t face difficulty deciding which one to buy. After reading about these you can decide for yourself, which one is the best. So let’s not waste any more time and quickly get started.

Sony PlayStation VR2 Vs Meta Quest 2

Here we will talk about Sony PlayStation VR2 vs Meta Quest 2. You can read about it and then buy the one which you like and is worth your money the most.

1. Sony PlayStation VR2 Vs Meta Quest 2 – Price

Well, Meta Quest has two fronts. First, the headset $399.99 is $150 less than the Sony PlayStation VR2 which is $549.99. Secondly, the Meta Quest can be used on its own while the PS VR2 needs to have PS5 so that it works. This will add another $399.99 for the digital-only PS5 to $499.99 for the disc-based PS5 to the price.

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2. Sony PlayStation VR2 Vs Meta Quest 2 – Setup

Sony PlayStation VR2 Vs Meta Quest 2 Setup

Let’s discuss Sony PlayStation VR2 vs Meta Quest 2 setup. Both these headsets are easy to set up in comparison to the Valve Index but need additional external sensors around the room. With PS VR2 you can just plug the USB C cable into the PS5 before you go through the headset configuration process. Whereas Meta Quest 2 doesn’t need to be plugged in so there is actually now cable hanging around your neck while you can play your games freely. However, PS VR2 will not run out of power while the meat Quest 2 has a short battery life.

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3. Sony PlayStation VR2 Vs Meta Quest 2 – Power And Graphics

Power And Graphics

The ability to use the VR headset without the cables comes at a price. The electronics need to be built into the headset itself. Less space here means that you will not be able to pack as much processing power in the wireless in comparison with the tethered headset.

Meta Quest 2 provides responsive capable VR performance with its Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 the PS VR2 has the whole PS5 at its disposal. This will help push more pixels and more frames but with more advanced graphical effects.

The Meta Quest 2 uses an LCD that will show 1832 by 1920 pixels for every eye. The PS VR2’s OLED system uses 2000 by 2400 pixels per eye. This means that PS VR2 is a bit sharper and even the OLED tends to have better color and contrast performance.

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4. Sony PlayStation VR2 Vs Meta Quest 2 – Controller

Sony PlayStation VR2 Vs Meta Quest 2 Setup

Let’s get to know about the Sony PlayStation VR2 vs Meta Quest 2 controller. Both the PS VR2 and Meta Quest 2 feature a hopped design that will make sure that about pinpoint tracking and haptic feedback. The sensing controller of Sony includes adaptive triggers that will create vibrations and resistance to heighten immersion. This includes feeling the tension of the bow when you pull back the string.

Whereas the Meta Quest 2 controller uses AA batteries but at least they come pre-installed and we have found that they will last for a long time. The sense controllers use the USB C connection for power delivery, and each of these last for around four and half hours of the same time in a single charge.

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5. Sony PlayStation VR2 Vs Meta Quest 2 – Games


Well, it’s time that we discuss Sony PlayStation VR2 vs Meta Quest 2 – games. Sony PlayStation VR2 launched Horizon Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil Village and No Man’s Sky. PS VR2 uses many ports apart from the other headsets that include Quest 2. This means that it does not make the most out of the PS5’s graphical powers. There are many games that you can easily play on both headsets even though Sony has come to be on top if this continues to develop first-party exclusives.

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Sony PlayStation VR2 Vs Meta Quest 2 – Final Verdict

The bottom line is that both the PS VR2 and Meta Quest 2 are great VR headsets that can provide you with refined performance. The main difference between these two headsets is that PS VR 2 needs PS5 to work and this can make it a less attractive option to anyone who has not upgraded to the latest console. Since you can use Quest 2 independently or with your PC then it will give you more freedom but this will come at the cost of design, which is not comfortable after the extended wear.

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Wrapping Up

Now, after reading this post you do know about Sony PlayStation VR2 vs Meta Quest 2. Here we have mentioned the differences in details that will let you know which one you want to use and play the games. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much Is The Cost Of PS6?

Well, PS6 will not be released until now, the expected cost of the PS6 is somewhere around $500 to $599. We cannot expect the price of the PS6 to be higher than $600.

Q. Is PlayStation Party Chat Free?

Sony revealed many new tidbits that surround PlayStation 4. Basically that its party chat function will be free to use. This means that you don’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Q. Which Is Better Quest 2 Or PSVR 2?

When compared to Meta Quest 2, PSVR 2 is more comfortable. Even though the size of PSVR 2 is big, it is much easier to wear it for a long time than Quest 2.

Q. Is PS4VR Better Than Oculus Quest 2?

Oculus Quest 2 is better than PS4VR. When we talk about the Quest 2 its screen has a display of 1600×140 pixels compared to the 960×1080 pixels display of PSVR. This clearly shows that the screen of the Quest will be more sharp, clear, realistic, and produce a more immersive experience.

Q. Is PlayStation VR2 Worth It?

PlayStation VR2 offers many games at the launch along with premium VR experiences. Although it is a little costly and lacks in compatibility with original PSVR games, still it has a lot for gamers making it a great headset.

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