Who Is The Owner Of Rossgram | The Most Recieved Query!

Who Is The Owner Of Rossgram?

The wait is finally over. Rossgram has finally been released and made available for specific users. In the meantime, we received a query: Who Is The owner of Rossgram? There must be someone who has created Rossgram. Either a company or a group of people who had come up with this idea of a brand-new social media app.

Did this query ever cross your mind? Do you also want to know who is the actual owner behind this brand-new social media platform? What made them think of a similar app? Why did they bring up the new social media app

Well, Rossgram was created after the ban of Instagram in Russia because of spreading hate speeches against Russia. Since there were so many Instagram users, Russia thought of creating a new social media app that is similar to Instagram and named it Rossgram. But do you know who is the owner of Rossgram?

Well, if you don’t know who is the owner of this new social media platform, then you have come to the right place. Here in this post, we’ll be sharing in-depth details. What’s the wait for? Read more to know about it.

Why Is Rossgram Created?

Who Is The Owner Of Rossgram?

Why is Rossgram created?

Who is the owner of Rossgram?

A question that many ask and do not have proper knowledge about is why is this new social media app created in the first place.

Well, we all are aware of the Russia-Ukraine war, aren’t we?

Meta, which runs Instagram and Facebook, has narrowed down its content moderation policy to apply only to Ukraine users. With this alternation in policy, the Ukrainians were allowed to make speeches that were against Russia.

There is no such social media app that allows such a policy to promote hate speeches. But, the parent company of Instagram, Meta had made such alterations applicable only to Ukraine Instagram users. So, to stop this, Russia banned Instagram. Now that they banned Instagram, they needed another app to fill up Instagram’s space. Hence the big techs decided to bring up a new app that will be very similar to Instagram and named it Rossgram.

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Who Are The Founders Of Rossgram?

Who Are The Founders Of Rossgram?

Do you know who is the owner of Rossgram?

Do you know who is the founder, co-founder of Rossgram?

Well, Alexandar Zobov is the co-founder of this app. Zobov with his partner Kirill Filimonov along, and his group of developers had created this brand-new social media platform.

Rossgram has a familiar and easy interface with rich features and simple conditions so that users understand the interface easily. Instagram was very popular in Russia and was also one of the main sources of income for many small businesses and bloggers. But since the ban of Instagram, Russia declared the parent company of Instagram to be an “Extremist organization” under Russian law.

So, Alexandar Zobov along with his partner and developers created a copycat version of Instagram and named it Rossgram which is also known as Russian Instagram.

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Parent Company Of Rossgram

Who Is The Owner Of Rossgram?

Now that we know who is the owner of Rossgram is, we also need to know under which company Rossgram was created. Rossgram was released at 21:00 according to the Moscow Time in the telegram channel and in the VK group. The company under which Rossgram is running is VKontakte. Now VKontakte is also known as VK which is a Russian name that means InContacts.

VKontakte is a Russian online social media and social networking service. In VK you can message each other publicly or even privately if you want to. You can create groups, create events and public pages, share tag images, videos, audios, etc. 

Rossgram’s site is powered by Creatium. Well, Creatium is an open source platform, where you can easily create free sites.

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Wrapping Up:

So, by now after reading this post you do know who is the owner of the Rossgram, right? Besides that, you even know under which company this new social media platform is running and what was the main reason behind the ban of the Instagram app in Russia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Anyone Use Rossgram? 

As of now, Rossgram has been made available only to the media, investors, and sponsors. But if you are a blogger or a common user then you have to wait. But in April it is said that everyone can get access to this new social media platform. Till then, you just pre-register on Rossgram from their official website.

Q. Can You Use Instagram In Russia?

Uh ho.. No, unfortunately, you cannot use Instagram anymore in Russia because this app has been banned. Instead, you have a new social media app Rossgram which is similar to Instagram. You can use that app.

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