Truth Social Error: “Failed To Register Your Account”: After Choosing Username And Password

Truth Social Error Failed To Register Your Account

The hype that the Trump Social Media has created made it to the most downloaded application on the Apple App Store list. The best part is the Truth Social application reached the milestone within the two days of its launch. However, many users are facing errors while creating accounts on the application. If you are searching for the Truth Social Error: “Failed To Register Your Account”, this post may help you out.

The 45th President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump as banned from famous social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. We think you all may know the reason why. Yes, because of the Capitol attack of 06 January 2021. Trump was held responsible for instructing the mob through his Twitter handle. So, as a result, the Ex-President was banned from Social Media sites.

Trump didn’t give up and come up with his own Social Media platform as a rival to Twitter and named it Truth Social. He said that the platform is unbiased and will not censor the speech of people just because they are speaking the Truth and the government doesn’t like it. 

However, the Trump Social media was launched on President’s Day with a lot and a lot of errors. However, the most prominent one was the Failed To Register your account. This error is mostly encountered after choosing the Username and the password for your account. So, this post will tell you the probable reason for the error and the common troubleshooting fixes.

Truth Social Error: “Failed To Register Your Account”

The first error encountered on the application was Error Code 1020. This error was mostly displayed to the users outside the United State. 

The users expected that the application would be bugs free for the US people, but it was not. People who have pre-registered the application on the Apple App store and the official Truth Social Website automatically got the Trump Social Media downloaded on their devices.

However, when people tried to register in the Truth Social Application they faced various errors like missed a step and more.

The most common error among all the errors was the “Failed To Register Your Account” error. Well, below are the most prominent reasons for this error.

Why Is Truth Social Showing Error “Failed To Register Your Account”

There are several reasons for the “Failed To Register Your Account” error. We are here with the list of the most prominent ones. 

Too Many Registration Requests 

As we said the application became the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store within two days of its launch. So, were the registration processes on the server. The application has just launched and there are hundred percent chances that the servers were not ready for the high Registration requests.

So, a server overload may have caused the error “Failed To Register Your Account”.

Beta Testing

We know that before an application is actually launched to the public, it is launched for a few people for Beta Testing. We have also heard that the Truth Social application is currently testing the Beta Version of the application and the stable version is expected to arrive in mid-march.

Only 500 Users Have Been Given The Access

As we said the application is under Beta Testing. So, only 500 users have been given access to the application for now. So, you have to wait for the application to launch a sable version.

How To Fix Truth Social Error: “Failed To Register Your Account”

Well, here are a few points that you can try out in order to fix the errors.

1. Restart Your Device

You can start by restarting your iPhone. This might refresh the network settings and you may get access to the application.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Well, if restarting doesn’t work out. Check your Internet connection. If possible switch the network to a stronger network.

3. Clear The Cache

The next step would be to clear the cache of the application. You can easily find the options to clear the application cache in the iPhone settings menu.

4. Reinstall The Application

The next troubleshooting fix that you can try is to reinstall the Truth Social Application on the device. For this, you need to uninstall the application and then again download the Truth Social Application from the Apple App Store. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that the troubleshooting fixes given above to fix the Truth Social Error: “Failed To Register Your Account” will help you out. If the error still continues, there is a problem with the Truth Social Server. 

Here we are with the customer care email. You can contact the company. The email is [email protected]. We also have got the address.

1100 South Ocean Blvd
Palm Beach, FL 33480

If you want you can contact the customer care service of the Truth Social team via the email provided above.

Users have to be patient as the application has just launched, and the servers are loaded heavily. 

So, errors like these are expected. However, these errors will be resolved within some time. Keeping in mind that only the Beta Version of the application has been launched, we need to wait for the application to launch fully.

If you find this article interesting and informative, share it with your friends. If you face any further difficulty, ask us in the comments section. 

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