What Does AWH Mean On Snapchat?

what does AWH mean on snapchat

You are so cute! AWH! Or You are so funny! AWH! Now, if your friends and followers on Snapchat are AWHing you in the message box, then you are so valuable to them! AWH! BTW, have you figured out what does AWH mean on Snapchat yet?

The meaning of AWH has no mystery if you are a teenager. But, if you are a parent or adult who just introduced to Snapchat, this popular acronym must have hurt you badly! If the situation is making you confused and pushing you to find the answer what does AWH mean on Snapchat, we are here to rescue you! 

AWH mean on Snapchat – Aww. Don’t get me wrong, AWH stands for this expression “Aww”. Now, Aww could be used in various situations from showing affection to expressing disappointment. However, in most cases, AWH stands for aww expressing affection and love. 

If people are dropping AWH in your inbox, take it as a compliment. However, if you think that the context is wrong, then your friend might be disappointed! Do not get FoMo, we will show you how people are using AWH in different ways so that you can do the same too! 

What Does AWH Mean On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, not only teenagers but many adults are dropping AWH on their posts as well as messages. AWH simply stands for Aww, which is a noise people usually make when they get surprised or impressed. It is a jaw-dropping expression and is used not only on social media but also in texts too. 

For example, if someone posts a picture of a cute cat and captions it with Aww, it means the cuteness of the cat is enchanting. If you also come to similar posts that make your jaw drop in surprise or are impressed with something, you can comment Aww. 

On the other hand, some people also use AWH to express their disappointment. In some cases if Snapchat users are not comfortable with any context like ruining a food or losing a match, they may reply with AWH. You will also find some people replying with AWH when they admire something like your cute smile, new haircut or an amazing outfit. Hence, to understand the meaning of AWH you need to go through the context too. 

If you search for an alternative meaning of AWH, you will be surprised to find that some Snapchat users also use AWH After Working Hours and Along With Hubby. However, the frequency of appearing so is very less. 

Origins Of AWH 

Let’s dig deep into the origin of AWH and your only expression will be Aww. Why? Because AWH is one of the prime acronyms that people are using even before Snapchat. While most of the acronyms on Snapchat are claimed as coined by teenagers, this acronym is so far coined and used by the Gen-Y. 

As far as we have found, AWH is similar to Aww in writing which goes for both showing surprise or affection and disappointment. On the other hand, AWH is also in use After Working Hours and Along With Hubby. 

How Is AWH Used On Snapchat?

On Snapchat people are mostly using AWH to express their love and affection for another person or any post. We have found that people posting cute photos of babies and puppies are using AWH. Also, mesmerizing Nature snaps are also posted with AWH text on it! 

This means that people on Snapchat are using the AWH acronym for positive vibe mostly if not all. There are also some cases like losing an important match or failing some tasks, where people are commenting with AWH. Here the context is either disappointment or detaste. 

Hence, if you are surprised what does AWH mean on Snapchat, our answer will be Aww (in a positive way). It is encouraged not to use the AWH acronym for expressing disappointment or hatred. 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use Awh On Snapchat 

When someone asks what does AWH mean on Snapchat, the answer includes two different poles! When people are using the acronym to show affection, there are people using the same acronym to disappointment something! Here are some examples that may help you to understand better:

Expressing affection and admiration: 

  1. You are so amazing … AWH!
  2. Can’t wait to catch you…AWH!
  3. OMG, this is so cute! AWH

Expressing Disappointment: 

  1. Again with you! AWH
  2. Why did this happen to me? AWH
  3. A dead fly on Pizza…AWH!

Is It Okay To Use AWH On Snapchat?

Yes, it is totally OK to use AWH on Snapchat. Let us assure you here that AWH is not an NSFW word and simply stands for Aww. Now, people from all over the world are using AWH on Snapchat for two different reasons. First, expressing their affection and love for something and second not admiring something! 

We understand that the meanings of expressions contradict each other. However, teenagers are using the acronym this way and you are totally allowed to do the same! 

Other Snapchat Abbreviations You Should Know

Now that you have asked us what does AWH mean on Snapchat, we think the following are some of the other trending acronyms on Snapchat that you should know! 

  1. NFS No Funny Sh*t
  2. PMO Put Me On
  3. ACC – Actually or Anyone can Come
  4. AC Air Conditioning
  5. GTS Good Times
  6. AMOS Add Me On Snapchat
  7. ONG On God


You have made at the end of the article…AWH! Surprise? This is how we are expecting you to use the acronym AWH with confidence on Snapchat. In fact, not only AWH, you should start digging up more Snapchat lingo to impress your connections. Besides, it also hurts your reputation when someone texts you with acronyms and you do not know what they are meaning! So, chop chop! Learn more acronyms and use them! Stuck with a new acronym? Comment to us and we will guide you! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who Does AWH Stand For?

AWH stands for Aww in Snapchat which means affection or admiration. Also, people use this acronym to show disappointment. 

Q2. When Should I Use AWH?

When you find something cute or amazing on Snapchat that blows your mind, use AWH. Besides, you can also use AWH to show your disappointment. AWH simply stands for Aww. 

Q3. What Does AWH Mean On The Internet?

Not only on Snapchat, AWH is also popular on other social media platforms and on the Internet. The acronym stands for Aww on every platform. So, if someone just AWH you, you know what to reply! 

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