What Does BSF Mean On Snapchat?

What Does BSF Mean On Snapchat

It’s nice to catch BSF at a Sunday brunch or shopping together and, of course, posting snaps of having fun with BSF! Snapchat is particularly flooding with snaps and reels with #BSF? You must be curious about what does BSF mean on Snapchat and why young people are using #BSF so much. Maybe you need a BSF too!

Well, maybe you do have a BSF! It’s just that you still do not know what does BSF mean on Snapchat. All you have to do is find the BSF meaning and start posting snaps with your BSF using a #BSF. Push yourself a little and do not miss out on the trend! 

BSF mean on Snapchat – Best Friend. BSF may also stand for Best sister or sibling friends! On the other hand, BF also stands for Best Friends on Snapchat! Explore more and BSF acronym also denotes But Seriously Folks! So few acronyms, yet so much meaning!

From TV shows to social media, people are using BSF and BFFs to denote their besties. It does not matter if you do not belong to Gen-Z, you can always make cool besties with the same vibes at any age and call them your BSFs!

What Does BSF Mean On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the BSF acronym stands for Best Friends. On the other hand, BF also stands for Best Friends on Snapchat as well as other social media platforms. It’s cool to have two different acronyms for same phrase! 

Sometimes, BSF mean on Snapchat Best sister or sibling friends. So, if you are hanging out or dining with your sibling friends or sister you can post yummy pictures with #BSF. 

But Seriously Folks! So, if you guys are chatting and you are leading others to come back to the main topic of the conversation, you can simply type BSF. Here, in the Snapchat message BSF also stands for – But Seriously Folks.

Origins Of BSF 

Digging more into what does BSF mean on Snapchat leads us to the origin of BSF slang. People started using BF for Best Friends from almost the beginning of the social media era. However, using BSF instead of BF to call out for Best friends is quite new. 

Snapchat users, especially Gen-Z started using BSF to address the cool best friends. Also, people creating and posting reels with sisters who happen to be besties too, started posting with #BSF!

However, Best friend and best sisters are not the only phrases BSF is used for. Snapchat users also showed that BSF also stands for But Seriously Folks. Now this is a phrase that is often used in Snapchat messages and not in Snapchat posts. So, if someone is using BSF in between a conversation, it means they are asking you to come back to the topic and not get distracted. 

Digging more, we have found BSF mean on Snapchat – Border Security Force and Bible Study Fellowship. It may sound a little bit odd, but people on Snapchat are getting more versatile while playing with acronyms and coming up with one acronym that may stand up for multiple phrases. 

How Is BSF Used In Snapchat?

How Is BSF Used In Snapchat

On Snapchat BSF acronym is used widely and stands for more than one phrase that you can guess! The acronym BSF is important because it stands for Best friends or sister besties, which is a very sacred and positive bond. People on Snapchat are tagging posts with their besties using the #BSF.

Parallely, BSF means on Snapchat – But Seriously Folks. However, BSF means But Seriously Folks mostly in the chats and not on the posts. 

Snapchat users are also caught using BSF for Border Security Force and Bible Study Fellowship, which is totally meaningful, but may not go with the Snapchat vibe.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use BSF On Snapchat 

As we were discussing, the trouble of using #BSF stands for multiple phrases. Hence, you should always go with the context or the sentence used with BSF for the extended meaning. Here are some examples for you- 

Best Friend

  1. OMG, her BSF booked a Maldives vacay for her! 
  2. She is enjoying brunch with BSF!

Best Sister/Sibling Friend/Bestie 

  1. Sunday vibe! No filter sun-kissed candid photo with BSF!
  2. She has to go! After all her BSF is getting married!

But Seriously Folks

  1. BSF, what are you guys up to?
  2. Why are you guys talking nonsense? BSF

Border Security Force 

  1. BSF guards caught illegal stuff yesterday; it’s all over the News. 
  2. He is applying for BSF exams. 

Bible Study Fellowship

  1. He just got the BSF. Parents are so proud! 
  2. Congrats on your BSF. Study hard! 

Is It Okay To Use BSF On Snapchat?

BSF is not just a safe word to use on Snapchat, but actually a very positive one! BSF means on Snapchat – Best Friend. So, people using this popular slang on the internet are actually referring to their besties. 

However, as you can understand BSF stands for multiple phrases and Gen-Z is just adding up more phrases on one acronym, you better be careful and update! 

Other Snapchat  Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

You have already learned what does BSF mean on Snapchat, but there are more acronyms that may not be as simple as BSF, here are some examples for you: 

  1. AMOS Add Me On Snapchat
  2. ONG On God
  3. ACC – Anyone Can Come 
  4. AC – Audible Chuckle 
  5. GTS – Having Good Times 
  6. GMS- Good Morning Streak
  7. SMH – Shaking My Head
  8. ATPAnswer The Phone
  9. MB – MayBe
  10. IMY – I Miss You


We all have some BSFs in our life or at any point in our life. Having BSFs means you have a partner in crime who will always get your back. Now, you can have BSF at any point in your life and they could come in any form not just as schoolmates or college mates! If you still do not have one in your life, just use BSF on Snapchat for other meanings and wait for the day when you have a real BSF and your post on Snapchat with BSF will rock! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Who Does BSF Stand For?

BSF on Snapchat stands for Best Friends. Besides, it may also refer to other popular phrases like Best Sister/Sibling Friend/Bestie, But Seriously Folks, and Border Security Force. 

Q2: When Should I Use BSF?

You can use BSF on Snapchat for multiple purposes. Aesthetically, you can use the BSF acronym to refer to your Best Friends. Besides, you can also use the acronym for But Seriously Folks and Border Security Force. 

Q3: What Does BSF Mean On The Internet?

On the internet, BSF means Best Friends. However, this is not the only meaning the BSF acronym stands for. BSF also stands for Best Sister/Sibling Friend/Bestie, But Seriously Folks and Border Security Force. 

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