What Does WSP Mean On Snapchat? Know The Meaning In 2023!

what does wsp mean on snapchat

Ayoo! It’s a Snapchat call to all its users. Do you know what does WSP mean on Snapchat, when someone just sends you “WSP” with a question mark early at 6 or 7 AM? Is it just to confuse your head? Nah nah, there’s a big meaning behind it. Let’s see what’s it!

Snapchat slang like SFS, GNS, HMU on Snapchat has been in trend for so long but many of you still suck at this! No worries, it happens. Every user once goes through this phase of being tender and unaware of Snapchat slang, asking their other friends to break it down for them! So, in this episode of Snapchat, we will be exploring what does WSP mean on Snapchat in detail.

What does WSP mean on Snapchat: WSP is the contraction of “What’s Up” on Snapchat. This idiom is primarily used to start a conversation or to check on your friend, how they are doing these days.

No need to panic as soon as you receive texts like WSP, SNR, IG, DWS, KYS on Snapchat. We will be helping you with tens of these in this quick guide after which you will not only be perfect in what does WSP mean on Snapchat but also in what does ONG, WYC, LMR, etc. Just stay tuned to explore the treasure of Snapchat idioms. 

What Does WSP Mean On Snapchat?

WSP represents “What’s Up” on Snapchat. Want to have a quick check back on your friend’s mental status? Or want to know whether they are up for any plans? WSP is the best thing that you can use to cut to the chase and ask them directly without initiating a conversation. 

WSP is itself a conversation initiator and a substitute for the “hey, how you doing” type of boring chat that no one wants to have at this time. This is a common way to ask somebody what they are doing and how they are doing! So, next time if you receive this on any of the social media platforms, assume that they just want to check on you or want to talk to you.

Origins Of WSP 

The slang “WSP” came with the rise of text messaging in the late nineties with the creation of iPhone and Blackberry devices in 2008, when they didn’t have Sholes Keyboard. So, users came up with “WSP” instead of pressing the same keys again and again to save time. 

There are hundreds and thousands of such abbreviations which came into light soon after WSP, DWS, FWB on Snapchat etc. However, WSP has anonymous geo-origins but according to a detailed research it’s been found that WSP got recognised as a greeting in America in the late 1980s to early 1990s. People prefer to use WSP to greet their friends and ask them how they are doing.

How Is WSP Used On Snapchat?

There are multiple different ways and meanings that one may use WSP as on Snapchat. To find what does WSP mean on Snapchat and context of WSP in the phrase that your friend has sent you, you need to understand the phrase and then consider placing every meaning of WSP in the place of WSP in that particular sentence. 

If you also scratch your head every time you get WSP with almost an entirely different meaning of WSP then you need to read this section very carefully because we will be briefing how to find out the context of WSP whenever you get one in your DMs. 

Here are a couple of different meanings and interpretations of this idiom in which they can be used!

1. Wassup?

Wassup is a casual greeting mostly used to ask friends what they are doing!

2. Will Send A Pic

This is a rarely used interpretation by the ones who want to show something to their friend through a picture on Snapchat.

3. Wanna Snap?

This is used to ask someone or request someone on Snapchat to send a snap or balance a streak.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use WSP In Snapchat 

You like someone? But don’t know how to start a conversation or where to start from? Mmmmm..going with that old basic “Hey, hello” would be boring. How about a cool “WSP”? What….don’t know how to make use of such idioms? No worries, we have got your back!

Here we will be giving a few of the situations which you can use to initiate a chat with the one who brings blush to your cheeks without making you sound like a creep or too cheesy! Ready? Here you go! There are high possibilities that the person texting you with WSP might use these phrases to check on you or to start a conversation. So, go through these now and plan what you have to say in response in your head only all in advance! These are the most common phrases including what does WSP mean on Snapchat that you can receive. 

  1. WSP, How Are You Doing?
  2. WSP? I Wanna Know You!
  3. WSP? Can We Talk?
  4. Ayooo, WSP?
  5. WSP? Can We Hangout?
  6. Hey bro, WSP?
  7. WSP man, it’s been so long lol!
  8. WSP benca?
  9. WSP? Are you free tom?
  10. Hey, WSP? Have you heard from Jason? He’s not replying, zeeesh!

Is It Okay To Use WSP On Snapchat?

Of course yes! Using slang words like WSP not only sounds cool but also helps save some time in typing the entire word out. One can use slang either while talking or while chatting. This makes the other person think that you have an ample amount of knowledge about the platform and the lingo used on it.

Situation becomes awkward when you unintentionally start talking with slang in it in front of those who are entirely unaware of the idiom universe! So the only thing you need to make sure of is that the one with whom you are talking must also have an equal amount of knowledge of slang and colloquialisms. 

Rest, is all okay!

Other Snapchat Abbreviations You Should Know

To broaden your knowledge about idioms, here we have given a few more Snapchat abbreviations that you should be aware of. So, that you may never fall into a situation where you have to ask someone, “ummm..hold on, what does WSP mean on Snapchat?”

  1. DWS: Dealing With Shitt
  2. SU: Swipe Up
  3. TTM: Talk To Me 
  4. LMR: Like My Recent
  5. ESB: Everyone Snap Back
  6. GNS: Good Night Streak
  7. PU: Pop Up
  8. NRS: No Replies
  9. SR: Slow Replies
  10. WYLL: What You Look Like
  11. ISTG: I Swear To God
  12. SMH: Shake My Head
  13. GMS: Good Morning Streak
  14. TTYL: Talk To You Later
  15. WBU: What About You
  16. RN: Right Now
  17. BFF: Best Friend Forever
  18. FFF: Follow For Follow
  19. SMO: Shout Me Out
  20. LML: Laughing Mad Loud
  21. WTMS: What’s The Move
  22. OTF: Only The Family
  23. SFS: Snapchat For Snapchat
  24. BMT: Big Man Ting
  25. KYS: Kill Yourself


Throwing out a couple of slangs from your keyboard while talking to someone isn’t only cool but also helps you save some time. Use of such idioms in between the phrases also helps you win the race of “who replies first!”. 

Idioms in this era have become so popular that everyone is mentioning one or two in a single brief which absolutely makes sense, after all impressing your crush with your cool Gen-Z communication skill isn’t an easy task. If you also want to impress your Snapchat crush? But can’t because she’s a pro Snapchatter? No need to worry anymore! With this guide on what does WSP mean on Snapchat you will not only learn the meaning and use of WSP but will also get to explore the whole damn Snapchat idiom dictionary! So no more scrolling through sites for the nth times as we have the best spot for you to explore all the popular slangs on Snapchat. 

So, ready? Go, shoot your shot!

Don’t forget to help us with your other Snapchat related concerns to get more useful guides in exchange!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who Does WSP Stand For?

WSP is the contraction of “What’s Up” on Snapchat. This idiom is primarily used to start a conversation or to check on your friend, how’s he/she doing these days.

Q2. When Should I Use WSP?

WSP can be used when you want to have a quick check back on your friend’s mental status or want to know whether they are up for any plans, then WSP is the best thing that you can use to cut to the chase and ask them directly without initiating a conversation. 

Q3. What Does WSP Mean On Internet?

WSP in general means Wireless Session Protocol which is an open standard for balancing high level sessions. Wireless session is the one when one starts connecting to one link and ends when the user leaves the link.

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