What The Land Manager Does In Decentraland?

Land Manager is a must known term if you want to have more knowledge about Decentraland. For those who are unaware of what the Land Manager does in Decentraland and why it is required, a land manager is required for land transactions in Decentraland. It can help in managing estate and LAND. 

LAND in Decentraland is a non-fungible digital asset. It is divided into parcels of 16mx16m, or 52x52ft. To invest in Decentraland, you can purchase land. Estate is also a non-fungible digital asset like land. It is the association of two or more adjacent parcels of LAND. But, what about the land manager? Here, we will be telling you everything about what the LAND manager does in Decentraland!  

A Land Manager can help you in viewing a grid map that is two-dimensional. It contains all the LAND parcels in Decentraland. The Land Manager can be helpful as it presents to you an overview of the individual parcels. You must be having a lot of queries. But, don’t worry! This post will be beneficial for you if you have queries regarding what the Land manager does in Decentraland.

Keep reading to clarify your doubts or get more knowledge about it! 

Why To Have A LAND Manager?

What does the LAND Manager do in Decentraland? What are its functions? And why do you require a LAND Manager? These might be the questions moving around your head. Well, It is essential because of the things mentioned below. 

  • For naming the parcels and estates and for giving a public description. 
  • For merging LAND parcels to Estate. 
  • For transferring parcels and estates to another person. 
  • For dissolving estates to parcels. 
  • For permissions to edit your parcels. 

When you own a LAND in Decentraland, you are supposed to give a public description to the parcels that are owned by you as it is to be named and differentiated from other parcels. For this purpose, you require a LAND Manager. Not just this but, when you are thinking of selling your parcels, you need to transfer them in the name of another user, there is a requisite of LAND Manager! This is what the Land Manager does in Decentraland. 

Now, you must be bothered about how to use a LAND Manager. But, don’t be tense as we are here to resolve that problem!

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How To Use a Land Manager? 

What The Land Manager Does In Decentraland?

Now as you know what the Land Manager does in Decentraland, it’s time that you should know how to use it. Well, LAND Manager is easier than it seems! Yes, it is true. But, how? Don’t worry we will tell you how!  

1. Create An Account

First, you need to create an account with MetaMask. If you already have an account then, just log in with the account that you used during the LAND auction. 

2. Visit Website

After you have logged in with your account in the MetaMask, the next step that you need to follow is to visit the official Decentraland Website.

3. Overview The Parcels

Now you can change your view with a click or by dragging the map. You can even get the overview or rundown of the LAND or the parcels that are owned by you.

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4. Initiate LAND Transactions

It is time to initiate the LAND transactions by making use of the Land Manager. Don’t forget to verify your recipient’s digital wallet address while sending the LAND. It will help you ensure that you are sending it to the right person.

You can access the LAND Manager and then manage your LAND. Here, by clicking on My LAND you can see a list where all the parcels that you own or are listed for sale can be viewed, and also you can create an Estate if you have two or more parcels that are adjacent by just following a few simple steps.

  • First, open ‘My LAND’, then select the parcel that you want to add to the Estate.
  • Now click on ‘Create Estate’ on the details page where you will be shown the parcel that you have selected with other adjacent parcels owned by you.
  • Click on Continue and enter the details like the name for your Estate that will be publicly shown.
  • Confirm this transaction and wait until the network verifies the transaction and you are done.

This is how a LAND Manager works. Isn’t it interesting and helpful at the same time? 

Owning a LAND in Decentraland can turn out to be profitable for you! Yeah, it is because you can sell it whenever you feel like not owning it anymore. It is the Ethereum LAND smart contract that registers changes to the parcels like transfer of ownership or any other change. 

You can even give your land on rent or lease if you want to earn money from the Land, or you can also build a house or a building on the land. It depends on what you want to do with your land but it is an investment for sure! Don’t forget that Land is scarce, so buy it for yourself as an investment.

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The LAND Manager can help you in viewing your LAND holdings than the other Decentraland’s geography easily and conveniently. It also helps you to know about the LAND that you are holding, or owning and allows you to transfer your ownership to others if you wish to do so. But don’t forget that there are certain bugs in LAND Manager so, beware of frauds, and protect your property or personal information.

Still, got some queries? Reach out to us in the comment section below.

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