Why Is Rossgram Created | Will It Beat Instagram?

How To Create Account On Rossgram?

Rossgram, the new social media app, and Instagram’s clone is all set to release in March 2022. But what exactly is Rossgram? Why is Rossgram created? What led to the creation of Rossgram? Well, well, I know you have a lot many questions so here we are today going to answer all your questions.

After banning Instagram, Russia decided to bring up a new social media app in place of Instagram, Rossgram. The tech giants have been working on this app to fill up the void for Instagram. There are many people who are still not aware of the Rossgram app. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

Rossgram is a clone of Instagram that is created because of some speeches that were shared on Meta’s platform. Though Instagram is a very popular app, some speeches which were said against Russia in support of Ukraine led to the ban of the Instagram app. So if you want to know Why Is Rossgram Created then you must read this post.

Here we will discuss everything that you need to know about Rossgram. Will this app be able to give competition to the other social media apps that already exist in the market? We will leave it to you to decide.

What Is Rossgram?

What Is Rossgram?

Rossgram is an Instagram look-alike social media app, created by Russia to replace Instagram. According to the screenshots that were shared we could see that Rossgram is similar to Instagram. This new social media app is set to release on 28th March 2022. But there are a few features that will be included in Rossgram that you will not find on Instagram. It includes features like crowdfunding, paid access to some content.

But this app will be accessible only to investors, bloggers, and partner sponsors. What does it mean?
Well, this means that when Rossgram releases on 28th March 2022 only the investors, sponsors and bloggers will be able to access it, but the normal users will not be able to access it.

So, when will the normal user be able to access the Rossgram app? Well, normal users will be able to access this new app in April. But till now the exact date has not been confirmed.

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Why Is Rossgram Created?

Why Is Rossgram Created?

The question that arises now is why is Rossgram created? Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps that has been used widely in Russia. In the first round of sanctions, Instagram was spared but later Meta was accused of allowing anti-Putin sentiments on Instagram. Hence Instagram was called an extremist organization. This term was used by Roskomnadzor which ultimately led to the ban of Instagram in Russia.

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram, Meta said that it made temporary changes in its hate speech policy and this will only be applicable to the Ukraine users. This took place after the Russia-Ukraine war led by Russia in Kyiv. It would be wrong to suppress the anger of Ukrainians from expressing their resistance and the fury at the military forces.

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Features Of Rossgram

Features Of Rossgram

Since Rossgram is a clone of Instagram, the features of Rossgram will also be the same as that of Instagram. Rossgram is a photo-sharing app where you can share photos and videos with your other friends. You can even update your story and your friends can also see your story.

Apart from these major features, Rossgram will include some additional features which are not yet available on Instagram, like crowdfunding, content subscriptions, etc.

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Wrapping Up:

So here we discussed why is Rossgram created. What is Rossgram and a few other things? Even you can try out this new social media app that has been created to replace Instagram and see how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Rossgram Allow Viewing Private Accounts On This Platform?

The private accounts are introduced for a reason, isn’t it? So, if an account is private in Rossgram, you will not be able to view any private account until and unless you follow that user. No matter on what device you use to view the account you will get the pop-up message saying that this account is private.

Q. What Is Rossgram’s Caption?

Rossgram captions are the descriptions that will show on your posted content on Rossgram. It is customizable so you can add any text, tags, emojis, hashtags, and many more.

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