5 Best Monitors For Series X

The Best Monitor For Series X

Do you want to have the best gaming experience? Are you looking for the best monitors for Series X? You can have the best 4K TVs or monitors for Xbox Series X, to enhance your game. We present to you a list of all the best monitors for Series X.

The most important decision to be made by any gamer is choosing the right monitors for your Xbox console. Select the best monitors for Series X depending on your expectations on screen resolution and desktop display size, and check to see if it falls within your estimated budget.

Choosing the best monitors for Series X will enhance your visuals. This is crucial for competitive pro-gamers who qualify in sniper attacks. The Xbox Series X enables 4K resolution with HDMI 2.1. This is highly anticipated news for all gamers who have to use low-resolution monitors and have been waiting for this feature for a long time.

We have compiled a list of all the best monitors for Series X, taking into consideration all your needs and expectations. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of various Xbox monitors before you make your decision.

Best Monitors for Series X

We have selected monitors that are on high demand in the market recently. You will notice that all the monitors in the list have good reviews and have high resolution to enhance your game. Before we decide on what to buy, let us see what factors you should take into consideration before your select the best monitors for Series X.

How to Select the Best Monitors for Series X?

Check if the monitor has the following features before you make your buy.

1.   HDMI 2.1 Enabled.

Check if the monitor has HDMI 2.1 enabled. HDMI 2.1 allows you to play games in 4K resolution at up to 120fps

2.     Aspect Ratio and High Resolution

Xbox Series X supports an impressively wide range of resolutions: Standard HD (1280 x 720 pixels), Standard HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), Quad HD (2560 × 1440 pixels), and Ultra HD/4K (3840 x 2160 pixels). 

3.     Refresh Rate, Response Time and Input Lag

Get a monitor with a max refresh rate of 120Hz or higher and 120fps frame rate. The standard refresh rate to meet 120fps is 144Hz.

4.     HDR

High Dynamic Range makes a wider range for in-game brightness in 4K monitors and adjusts the color contrasts. Xbox is the first gaming console that supports Dolby Vision, so get a monitor that has better than HDR10. Select a monitor with maximum brightness of at least 500 – 600 nits, with full array local dimming.

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Best Monitors for Series X

Remember that the best monitor for Series X, solely depends on your priorities. Make sure that you select the monitor that best suits your needs.

Best monitors for Series X – Editor’s Choice

1.Gigabyte AORUS FV43U

Best Monitors for Series X - Gigabyte Aorus FV43U

The Gigabyte Aorus FV43U will meet all your expectations at considerable price. This 42inches monitor has amazing picture quality and supports full spectrum of next generation features for Xbox Series X.  


·        Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160p)

·        Size: 43 inches

·        Refresh Rate: 144Hz

·        HDR: Display HDR 1000

·        Ports: HDMI 2.1 (2) DisplayPort 1.4 (1), USB-C (1)

·        Panel Type: VA

1.     HDMI 2.1
2.     Good HDR display
3.     4K/144Hz
4.     Affordable price
1.     Cannot adjust the viewing angle of the monitor.
2.     Fixed stand for a large screen.
3.     Faded colour display. 

2.Philips Momentum 559M1RYV

Best Monitors for Series X - Philips Momentum 559M1RYV

If you are the best monitors for Series X, you are going to be blown away by this. The Philips Momentum is made specifically for gamers who want big screen, with quick display and a high-quality sound system that is in-built. Philips has made this exclusive “Designed for Xbox” especially for Series X.


·        Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)

·        Size: 55 inches

·        Refresh Rate: 144Hz

·        HDR: DisplayHDR 1000

·        Ports: HDMI 2.1 (3) DisplayPort 1.4, USB-C (1), USB-B (1), USB 3.2 (4)

·        Panel Type: VA

1.    HDMI 2.1
2.    4K/144Hz
3.    Big screen display 55-inch panel
4.    In-built sound bar
1.    Expensive


Best Monitors for Series X - ASUS VG27AQ

This is one of the best monitors for Series X with an excellent multi-purpose option and a next gen feature that adds to gaming edge. It has a 27inch IPS panel with 1440p gaming monitor.


·   Ports: HDMI 2.0 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1

·       HDR: HDR10

·       Refresh rate: 165Hz

·   Screen size: 27-inch

·       Display type: IPS

·       Resolution: 1440p

·       Speakers: Yes

1.    1440p Display
2.    120FPS
3.    Affordable
1.    Smaller in size 

4.Samsung Odyssey G7

Best Monitors for Series X - .Samsung Odyssey G7

Samsung Odyssey G7 is equipped to handle all types of gaming efficiently. It is one of the best monitors for Series X. It has a 1440p display with 4K clarity. It offers 240Hz refresh rate which best suits action packed responsive games.


·       Resolution: 1440p

·   Screen size: 32-inch

·       HDR: HDR10

·       Display type: VA

·       Refresh rate: 240Hz

·       Speakers: No

·   Ports: HDMI 2.0 x 1, DisplayPort 1.4 x 1

1.    Good HDR support
2.    120HZ – 240Hz on Pc gaming
3.    High contrast colors
1.    Low response time
2.    Lack of viewing angles.


Best Monitors for Series X - LG C1 OLED

If you are searching for the best monitors for Series X, with OLED (organic  light emitting diode) display, with vibrant colors, this is your best option.


·        Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160p)

·        Size: 48 inches

·        Refresh Rate: 120Hz

·        Ports: HDMI 2.1 (4), USB 2.0 (3)

·        Panel Type: OLED

·        HDR: Yes

1. HDMI 2.1
2. Vibrant colors
3.120Hz on screen
4.Wide screen angles
1. Expensive 

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Wrap Up

When you are hunting for the best monitors for Series X, keep in mind to study the market first before you make your choice. Learn about all the available products in the market, that falls within your budget and meet all your expectations. When you are searching for the best monitors for Series X, you will stumble upon a number of monitors made my different brands. Select the monitor that caters to the needs of current gaming technologies and includes all the latest features.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1 How Should I Select The Best Monitor For Series X?

You need a HDMI monitor to have the gaming experience with high quality visuals. To select the best monitors for Series X, you specifically require HDMI2.1 paired with 4K resolution and at least 120Hz frame rate. You can select the display screen based on your personal preference, big or small.

Q2 Which is Better Series X or Series S?

The Xbox Series X is specifically made for playing games with 4K resolutions. It is preferred by gamers who play HDR games of 1080p and can offer up to 1440p. The Series S offers comparatively lesser graphics than the latest and much advanced Series X.

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