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Grimes Children's Metaverse book

The Avalanche Foundation makes a major push to get entertainment and art to AVAX’s home. Yes, Grimes Children Metaverse Book is a part of the Avalanche initiative. The Canadian musician and record producer, Grimes, is going to launch an intergalactic children’s Metaverse book very soon.

Grimes Children Metaverse Book was launched at the Avalanche Summit this Friday. Grimes partnered with OP3N for launching Grimes Children Metaverse Book. This project is aimed to support the development of culture, art, and entertainment on the Avalanche blockchain. Grimes shared her excitement about this project and the collaboration with OP3N.

Grimes Children’s Metaverse Book is the first funded project in the Culture Catalyst initiative. This collaboration with OP3N is to launch a series of educational art for small children and babies. Grimes Children Metaverse Book project is a $100 million initiative from the Avalanche Foundation and OP3N. We will give you more details about this further in our post. 

Let us collect some more information about ‘Grimes children’s Metaverse book’.

Grimes Children Metaverse Book

Grimes Children’s Metaverse Book

The Canadian singer is soon going to launch a children’s Metaverse book. She made this virtual announcement on Friday in Barcelona at the Avalanche Summit. It was revealed that the project is a part of a $100 million initiative from the Avalanche Foundation and the NFT launchpad OP3N.

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Grimes Children’s Metaverse Book project is the Culture Catalyst fund’s first funded project. Grimes hopes that this project will follow the footsteps of a renowned Studio Ghibli film, My Neighbor Totoro. Grimes stated that she is excited to partner with OP3N to launch this project.

Grimes Children’s Metaverse Book is expected to consist of a series of educational entertainment and art for toddlers and small children. She is aiming to create an experience that is meaningful for babies and adults equally. Grimes stated that when she got into Web 3, she was hoping for such a project only.

Grimes has been featured in the NFT collection of TikTok. She has been heavily involved in the NFT ecosystem for the past few years. Last year, Grimes collaborated with Nifty Gateway for her debut NFT collection. Her NFT collection, Warnymph Collection Vol. 1, was valued at around $6 million. 

Grimes also stated that she didn’t drop any NFTs since the first drop due to environmental concerns. But now, she feels completely comfortable launching on Avalanche. Grimes Children Metaverse Book project is going to be a collaborative project. 

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Grimes feels excited to collaborate and begin a series of instructional art for small children and newborns. John Wu, Ava Labs President,  also noted that this collaboration will mark a watershed point for pop culture apps and entertainment on Avalanche. This is expected to expand the Avalanche NFT scene into various new regions. Let us get some details about OP3N and Avalanche. 

About OP3N And Avalanche 

OP3N is a Web3 WeChat app that empowers Web 3 creative. This app uses a UI similar to that of TikTok. The app makes interactions easy for creators. They can interact with fans easily on Web 3. It is partnering with Avalanche Foundation for launching a $100 million initiative.

This initiative will involve a $10 million seed funding round for OP3N. Avalanche serves as a foundation for custom blockchain networks and decentralized apps. Avalanche is a rival of Ethereum and aims to dethrone it as a famous blockchain for smart contracts. Currently, Avalanche price is $90.86 with a trading volume of $1,15,24,82,665. It is ranked 10th as per Coinmarketcap ranking. It would be interesting to watch how this partnership turns out to be in the future. 

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Many updates related to Grimes Children Metaverse Book are still awaited. We will share them as soon as we get an update related to Grimes Children Metaverse Book. We can expect that the already robust Avalanche NFT scene is going to grow in new areas in the future. Let’s see how Grimes Children Metaverse Book turns out to be when it launches.

Will it be successful for children or not?

Many doubts are there in our minds related to Grimes Children’s Metaverse Book and they will be cleared once we get full details about this. Do share your views about Grimes Children Metaverse Book in the comments. 

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