Apple MacBook Air M2 | Release Date | Specifications | Pricing!

Apple MacBook Air M2

Many of us watched Apple’s Peak Performance launch earlier in the week in the hope of seeing the new M2 chipset as well as the long-awaited MacBook Air refresh. However, the company unveiled its flagship M1 Ultra chipset and one Mac product, Mac Studio, at the event. The MacBook Air M2 was not present at the event. So when to expect the forthcoming MacBook Air?

As per assumptions, reports, and expert analysis, MacBook Air 2022 will likely offer major design and performance improvements over its 2020 predecessor. We have gathered all the rumors and leaks about the possible Apple MacBook Air M2 below.

Let’s unreveal the gathered information about Apple MacBook Air M2 leaks here. Set your seat belts and be ready to be amazed by the modified specifications for this upcoming beauty!

MacBook Air M2 Preview

The Apple MacBook Air leaks include white keyboards that are quite different from current company keyboard colors. Apple is demonstrating its commitment to its minimalist design aesthetic in future products by introducing a new color scheme to its product line.

Let’s dig in detail for this ravishing tech gadget below!

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Apple MacBook Air M2 Release Date

According to reports, Apple will launch the 2022 MacBook Air in late 2012. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that there could be 7 Macs by 2022. We have seen the Mac Studio at Apple’s Peak Performance event. The redesigned MacBook Air could be expected at WWDC 2022.

MacBook Air M2 Rumored Price

MacBook Air starts at $999. If Apple plans to discontinue the 2020 M1 MacBook Air and to consider that MacBook Air is an entry-level Mac machine, we can expect Apple to keep the same pricing for new MacBook Air models.

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Apple MacBook Air M2 Specifications

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman Apple is developing a “thinner and lighter version of the MacBook Air”. This new MacBook Air M2 will apparently no longer have the tapered design it is famous for. That’s not all, there’s a lot more to know about the new MacBook Air. Have a read till the end to know it all!

1. MacBook Air M2 Design

MacBook Air M2 Design

According to rumors and leaks, Apple could launch the 2022 MacBook Air with multiple vibrant colors. The 24-inch iMac could be seen with the MacBook Air in Green and Yellow and Purple, Blue, Purple, and Silver versions. Although Apple hasn’t confirmed the colors of the new MacBook Air, we will likely see at least one of these options.

Apple could opt for a MacBook Pro-like finish for its new MacBook Air, moving away from the patented wedge designApple could add a notch to the upcoming MacBook Air. This is similar to the one on the MacBook Pro.

The difference is that the MacBook Air’s notch and bezels are expected to be white, rather than the Pro models’ black notch and bezels. Hiding a MacBook notch might not work if that is the case. You will have to accept the notch. It could happen, as we’ve already seen Apple switch to colorful aesthetics with white bezels for the non-Pro M1-powered 24 inch iMac model in 2021.

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2. MacBook Air M2 2022: Mini-LED Display

MacBook Air M2 2022: Mini-LED Display

Apple introduced mini-LED displays, or Liquid Retina XDR as it is known, to its new MacBook Pro models last year. Although rumors had suggested that the new MacBook Air would feature the same Display, Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, now suggests that the 2022 MacBook Air might not have a mini-LED screen.

Kuo states that Apple might not release any mini-LED products this fiscal year because of cost concerns. If that is true, we may have to wait until another refresh before seeing mini-LED displays on MacBook Air.

3. MacBook Air Processor: M2 Chip or M1 Chip

MacBook Air M2 Processor

Specification upgrades, particularly in the CPU department, highlight any new MacBook model. The MacBook Air with the M1 chip was launched in 2020. We hope to see the next-generation Apple M2 chip in the new MacBook Air. However, Ming-Chi Kuo’s recent note suggests that the 2022 MacBook Air could arrive with the same M1 chips. Kuo suggested that Apple may use an updated version M1 chip in its upcoming MacBook Air during an interaction with 9to5Mac.

A new report from HTML5Mac, citing sources with knowledge of the matter, suggests that Apple might use M2 chips. The report claims that the M2 chip codenamed J413 will feature an eight-core CPU and a 10-core GPU. On the other hand, the 2020 M1 MacBook Air packs an eight-core CPU and 7/ 8-core GPU options. We can expect improvements in graphics capabilities with the new MacBook Air.

There are a variety of opinions, and it is difficult to predict whether Apple will include an upgraded M1 or M2 chip in the next-generation MacBook Air. We believe Apple will use the M2 chips. We will need to wait and see if that happens.

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4. MacBook Air M2 Camera

MacBook Air M2 Camera

Apple’s MacBook Pros have had 720p cameras for years. Apple switched to 1080p cameras last year on its MacBook Pro. The same camera upgrade will be available for the MacBook Air this year. A 1080p webcam will significantly improve video quality during meetings. Those who desire the highest quality video should invest in a 4K external webcam instead.

5. MacBook Air M2 Keyboard

MacBook Air M2 Keyboard

The keyboard complaints about MacBooks have decreased significantly after the switch to scissor switches from butterfly keyboards. Apple will likely play it safe and not make any significant changes to the keyboard. The color of the keys could be changed this time. Rumors suggest that MacBook Air (2022) may feature off-white bezels and full-sized function keys.

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6. MacBook Air 2022: Ports

MacBook Air 2022: Ports

The M1 MacBook Air has two Thunderbolt/ USB4 ports and a 3,5mm headphone jack. Although it is unlikely that the next MacBook Air will have an SDXC slot, rumors suggest that MagSafe Charging will be available for MacBook Air. The MagSafe port returned to MacBooks last October with the 16-inch MacBook Pros.

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Wrap Up

This sums up all we know so far about the next-gen MacBook Air. The white bezels may prove controversial, but the new colors will be well-received by casual MacBook users. Which of these features do you like? Will you be buying a new MacBook Air this year? Leave your comments below.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will There Be An Apple M2?

Apple will launch several Pro and Consumer Macs based upon M2 between 2022 and 2023. These include a MacBook Air with M2, MacBook Pro with M2 Extreme, MacBook Pro with both M2 Pro or M2 Max, and an A-series powered 7K Pro Display XDR.

Q. When Will The Next MacBook Air Be Released?

The next MacBook Air will be released later in the year, possibly in June 2022.

Q. Will The MacBook Air Comes With An M2 Chip?

Probably. there are contradictory rumors that point to an upgraded M1 and M2 chip. We can expect Apple to include an M2 chip in its upcoming MacBook Air since it is a hardware refresh.

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