How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat?

How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat: Girl wearing Samsung Gear VR

Isn’t it a spoilsport when your Samsung Gear VR gets heated up and shuts down abruptly? Such a mood-killing experience that can possibly turn out to be. However, there are various ways of How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat. 

If you are an avid user of VR Headsets then you must know that overheating can be a recurring and irritating problem, which can most definitely kill your mood. Not only, does it ruin your mood but also exposes you to serious threats as well. We have stated some ways through which you can avoid the Overheating of your Samsung Gear VR Headset. 

We are not new to this, that Samsung Gear VR is subjected to heating and risking the entire gaming experience, unlike their competitor the Oculus Quest 2. It has been admitted that, out of all the Virtual Reality devices, the Samsung Gear VR generates the most heat, and that too pretty quick. Over the years, a lot of researchers have studied, the various ways of How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat, and have found different ways and means to correct this particular problem. 

Looking for some extraordinary ways to deal with the Samsung Gear VR Overheat? In this article, we will learn about some ways like using a cooling fan, turn off notifications, turn off Wi-Fi during use and more such ways to get rid of this overheating problem of your Samsung Gear VR. We hope we cater to all your requirements and are able to provide you with significant solutions. 

What is Samsung Gear VR?

How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR: Samsung Gear VR

A Virtual Reality Headset Accessory for Samsung Smartphones. Much similar to any other Virtual Reality Headset, the Samsung Gear VR has been a well-known brand out of all the VR Headset brands running in the market. 

The Samsung Gear VR is undoubtedly one of the best VR Headsets introduced in the market, also it has been quite a while ever since this headset came into the market. It is the only competitor of the Oculus and HTC that has sustained till yet. The Samsung Gear VR Headset was Introduced in the year 2014. 

The Samsung Gear Virtual Reality has its own accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and proximity sensors but derives its content directly from the phone (initially the Galaxy Note 4). The fact that Samsung Gear VR comes with some amazing features and specifications but it lacks behind in various other things, the major problem out of all is the overheating problem.

It is important to know, How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat. Thus that is what we are going to learn as we go along the article.

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Key Features of Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR has turned out to be a great Virtual Reality Headset among the VR Headset brands. Hence here are the following features of the Samsung Gear VR that come across as promising reasons as to why to buy Samsung Gear VR.

1. Easy to use

Designed for young, old, advanced, and novice users alike, the new Gear VR gets a strong recommendation. It is easy to put on and move around in, it’s a lot cheaper than the high-end models, and it has some great VR experiences available for it. It also includes a broad range of gaming, entertainment, and educational apps for teenagers and adults.

2. Well-designed with responsive controls

The controller is the biggest upgrade to [the new] Gear VR and offers a more immersive experience in mobile VR. The controller’s motion detector tracks movements up, down, and side to side, while the large touchpad and trigger button allow users to select, drag, drop, point, lift and move with lifelike agility. Very comfortable to hold and a much easier option than reaching up to use the controls on the side of the headset.

3. Quite Affordable 

The controller is a no-brainer purchase for existing Gear VR owners. And while professional VR headsets and gaming systems typically start at around $400, the Samsung Gear VR with controller costs just $129. Ultimately, the Gear Controller is exactly what we’ve been waiting for from Samsung, Engadget says. It lets consumers get a taste of large-scale, motion-controlled virtual reality at a fraction of the price.

Specifications of the Samsung Gear VR

It is important to know what you are investing in and it is our responsibility to provide for the necessary information you are looking for. The specificatiosn of any product makes a product an all-rounder. Below are the specifications of the Samsung Gear VR that makes this an amazing VR Headset.

Product Dimensions‎23.11 x 10.41 x 19.05 cm; 317.51 Grams
Standing screen display size6 Inches
Device interface – primaryTouchPad

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How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat?

There are quite a number of known ways you can get rid of the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Overheating problem, like Using a Cooling Fan, Close Background Apps, Take Frequent Breaks, etc  

Who all enjoy gaming without interruption? Well, for all those who enjoy gaming without any outside disturbance, overheating of the Samsung Gear VR would definitely be a mood killer for them. 

As it has been rightly said in every problem there’s always a solution. We have come up with at least 10 ways of How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat. 

1. Use a Cold Compress or Stay Frosty 

This sounds more of an ordinary way to get rid of Samsung Gear VR overheating, however, it helps massively as the results are worth looking at. Buying a gel pack or a cold compress and using tape to attach it to your Headset is definitely serves as the best reason of How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat.

2. Use a VR on a Fully Charged Phone 

It is important to charge your phone to full before using it with a VR Headset. As using a VR Headset with your phone consumes a lot of battery it is thus recommended to charge your phone prior to use as it most certainly leads to overheating. 

3. Go on Airplane Mode

Cellular Data consumes a lot of battery which leads to the generation of heat and it is always suggested to use your device on Airplane Mode having the Wi-Fi network connected. 

4. Adjust Brightness According to Use 

The brightness of your phone also is responsible for the overheating of your device. As it only puts a load on the device thus leading to deteriorating the battery cycle. It is sacrosanct to adjust your brightness according to the respective use.

5. Use a Cooling Fan 

You can do what all the manufacturers of PC and laptops have been doing for a while now, which is to attach a cooling fan to the device to keep it cool during use. It might make the headset a bit heavy. But since the fan is an external attachment, you can always take it off once the device cools down. It solves the problem of How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat.

6. Take Frequent Breaks 

Binge-watching or Binge-gaming is undoubtedly immense fun but it is always suggested to take breaks in between your gameplay or if you are watching a movie on your VR Headset. It not only helps you relax your mind but also cools down the device too. It definitely counts as one of the best ways of How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat.  

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7. Do Not Put the Device on Charging While Using the Device 

It is always best to charge your device prior to use because it keeps the device cool for a longer duration and you can use the Headset hassle-free for a long period of time.

8. Close Background Apps

Having a number of apps running in the background can lead to an overheating problem. It is better to shut or close all apps running in the background. This is also a common and useful tip to save battery life. It reduces the pressure on your phone’s processor and prevents excessive heating. Just keep the apps you’re using active and close the rest.

9. Do Not Attach the Rear Cover

Although this may help in a bright room, it makes it harder for your phone to release the heat generated from your VR apps. Leaving off the rear cover will enable your phone to breathe, and vent off the majority of the heat created. It can count as one of the significant ways of How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat. 

`10. Do Not Use the Headset During the Download

While you are downloading a game or a movie to watch on your VR Headset. It is often asked to use only when required and not during downloading. It saves the battery of your headset and reduces overheating as well. 

Wrapping Up

When you buy a product it is important to know about both its pros and cons. Just like the Samsung Gear VR is a great headset but it comes with a drawback which the reccuring overheating. However, in this article above we mentioned the best ways of How to Deal with Samsung Gear VR Overheat. If you follow this it will surely help you. We hope this article you in solving your query. Furthermore, if you have any doubts, you can leave your queries in the comment section below. 

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