How To Find Facebook Commerce Manager? The Detailed Guide 2023!

How To Find Facebook Commerce Manager

If you are someone from a product selling department of any XYZ brand on Instagram or y then this Facebook Commerce Manager feature can benefit you a lot. But the question is how to access this feature? Let’s explore how to find Facebook Commerce Manager and the way to access it like a pro!

The latest Facebook Commerce Manager is not only for boosting your sales but also for advertising your brand, product or service on different Meta platforms. There are huge plus points of being on Facebook Commerce Manager that only an account holder can know. To be one, you first need to know how to find Facebook Commerce Manager. As the feature is new to many of you, y’all might be getting confused  where to find this one feature in the app. 

Here is how to find Facebook Commerce Manager: Open Browser > > Hamburger Menu > Commerce Manager and done! Here’s your commerce manager on Facebook! To know how to get started with Facebook Commerce Manager or create an account on it, you have to stay tuned with the article till the end!

If you want to increase the sales of your services or products with just a couple of clicks and make it reach even a huge audience then you might be interested in how to find Facebook Commerce Manager and how to use this feature! If yes, then read more and find out yourself!

How To Find Facebook Commerce Manager?

Many of you would be excited to the next level since the launch of Facebook Commerce Manager if you hold a business and we’re looking for a sales boosting strategy! Here it is, the commerce manager – one solution for all your selling and advertising related concerns. Facebook Commerce Manager is a recently launched feature that let you and your business to control and handle catalog-based sales and advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, basically all the platforms under Meta.

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If we talk about Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Commerce Manager offers every feature that you are supposed to sell and take an amount from the customer in exchange directly through any Meta platform.

Facebook Commerce Manager has the following features: 

  1. Reply to customers messages and solve customers queries.
  2. Provide order security
  3. Keep record/manage inventory
  4. Successfully manage orders and work on returns
  5. Control payouts, financial records and tax forms
  6. Analyse your delivery and customer service statistics

Learning how to find Facebook Commerce Manager is crucial as the Facebook Commerce Manager allows you to get benefitted from Facebook and Instagram advertisements and analyse numbers and insights of your customers. 

Anyone from the users can access Commerce Manager, but only brands that sell physical products and provide offline services can move forward to set a shop on Facebook or Instagram. And only U.S based brands can turn on native, in-app checkout on Facebook or Instagram.

In case you owning a brand who offers online services or products, you would still be able to use Commerce Manager to set catalogs for social advertisements. You can have a number of catalogs in Commerce Manager for advertising motives, but will be allowed to connect only one catalog to your main shop. 

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So before heading for how to use Facebook Commerce Manager, you should know how to find Facebook Commerce Manager or else accessing the feature would be difficult for you. Now, many of you might be thinking that as it’s s feature from or for Facebook and Instagram, it would be located somewhere in the app. But no! One cannot find Facebook Commerce Manager in the app instead you will get this on browser.

Here are the instructions that will tell you how to find Facebook Commerce Manager in detail:

Open Browser > > Hamburger Menu > Commerce Manager

Step 01: Launch a browser in your device and hit the Search Bar.

Step 02: Enter this and click on the lens icon. 

Step 03: Once you reach the official website, click on the Hamburger Menu at the left top of the screen’s corner.

Step 04: From the mini pop-up menu, click on the Commerce Manager button and you will land on your destination. 

And done! See, how easy it was to find how to find Facebook Commerce Manager. Now it comes on how to use Facebook Commerce Manager feature, after all what will be the point of finding the feature without knowing how to use it.

NOTE: You might need a Business Manager or Business Suite Account before creating an account on Commerce Manager. If you don’t own one, look out for the below given instructions for help!

How To Use Facebook Commerce Manager?

How To Find Facebook Commerce Manager

One can use Facebook Commerce Manager to handle a catalog including all the necessary assets that one need to promote and advertise online on Facebook and Instagram. One can also set a shop up on commerce manager which unveils additional Commerce Manager features for promoting and selling offline/physical products.

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Here are the instructions for how you can create an account and use one on Facebook Commerce Manager:

Create Catalog > Add Items > Set A Shop > Set Commerce Account

Step 01: Create Catalog 

Navigate to Facebook Commerce Manager and select the business account you wish to access under the Menu in the left hand corner. 

Scroll a bit to the Catalogs and click +Add Catalog button. Now, select the type of services/products you want to add to your catalog. Make sure you remember that only E-commerce products can be added to a shop on Facebook Commerce Manager. 

Once done, click on the Next button. Now, select whether you want to upload a catalog data manually or want to import it from a partner like WooCommercs or Shopify. Give you catalog a Name and click on the Create option. At last hit the View Catalog button to have a preview.

Step 02: Add Items To Catalog

Now you need to add items to your catalog. For this hit the Add Items button given then select the adding mode of your items to your catalog. If you have a little number of turns then you should add them Yourself. Or else you can go for importing those items from an excel sheet, a partner platform or a Meta Pix.

Once you import or add the items, click on the Next button to finalize your actions.

Step 03: Set A Shop (Only For Physical Products)

If you are into retailing physical products, you can access your catalog to set up a shop. And if you are into something else like services or digital products then you skip this one step.

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From the menu at the left side, click on the Shops button and hover over it. Then hit the Next button and you will now see a couple of options. Here are they as follows: 

  1. U.S Based Businesses

If you are residing in the US, you can select Checkout With Facebook or Instagram. For this you have to click on Get Started once again and then skip to Step 04 for the detailed instructions.

  1. Businesses Based Anywhere Else 

If your business’s origin is anywhere else except in the U.S, then you have to select Checkout On Another Website or the Checkout With Messaging option and then click on the Next button. 

Now select the account from which you want to make a sale, and tap Next. After that you have selected the Facebook Business Account to link it to your shop, once you do this click on the Next button once again. Now select the Countries to where you want to ship your products to and hit the Next option once again.

At last, click on the mini box which says Agree To Shop Review, and then Finish Setup option and done!!! After reviewing your shop, it will be added as a seperate tab on your Facebook page by default.

Step 04: Set Commerce Account For U.S Based Businesses (only)

After hitting the Get Started button under the Checkout on Facebook Or Instagram option, you need to review the requirements for setting up a commerce account and hit the Next button.

NOTE: A few of the items you have to collect before you go ahead anymore including your official business address and Email, Tax numbers, business representative data, SSN and merchant category.

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Now below Business Information, click on the Set Up to enter your Business Name, then hit the Next button. Link the account with a Facebook page and then tap the Next button again. At last, connect the Account to a Business Manager Account and hit the Finish Setup button.

Now, head back to the Create Your Commerce Account tab, and click on the Get Started option below Products and Settings. Choose your Catalog and enter shipping features after that click on the Next button.

Next, fill in your Return Policy and Customer Service Email Address and hit the Save button. Again take a reverse and reach the Create Your Commerce Account page, and click on the Get Started button under Payouts. Now, enter your business’s physical address and email addresses prior to clicking on the Next button.

Now select your business category and tap on Next again. Select the region where you want to set your business up and save the appropriate state tax registration numbers, then hit the Next button.

After that, enter your Tax and Business Representative data. It is necessary according to U.S law for receiving payments for sales. Tap on the Next button.

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At last fill in your bank information for payments and tap on the Finish Setup button.

And now you have successfully create an account of Facebook Commerce Manager after learning how to find Facebook Commerce Manager.

Wrapping Up

Are you exhausted trying to push your sales up but sales aren’t growing just like your business? Then here is something known as Facebook Commerce Manager for all the business owners and holders. If you are seeking for ways to add all the Meta platforms like Instagram and Facebook as a sales medium to your Shopify store to enlist products to your Instagram/Facebook shop but you don’t know how to find Facebook Commerce Manager and are unaware whether you are eligible for this or not, there in this guide we tried to elaborate everything ever possible to know about this Facebook Commerce Manager feature

You can navigate to the Commerce Manager to view the catalogs and shops that you need to create or access as a brand new one. This feature is found as an effective strategy for boosting up sales for any physical product online

Try yourself and let us know your experience in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is A Commerce Manager In Facebook?

Commerce Manager is a site to handle your catalog and sales on all the Meta-owned platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Anyone can use Commerce Manager to create and manage a catalog, which includes every item ever you wanted to advertise and promote on Meta platforms. You don’t need a shop to access the Commerce Manager.

Q. How Do I Get Access To Commerce Manager?

In order to access Facebook Commerce Manager, follow the given instructions:

Step 01: Create a catalog

Step 02: Add items to your catalog

Step 03: Set up your shop (only for physical products)

Step 04: Set up your commerce account (only for US based businesses)

Q. How Do I Add Someone To My Commerce Manager On Facebook?

Head to the Commerce Manager and select your shop. From the menu at the left hand side click on the Settings. Click on the Permissions and then Add People.

Q. How Do I Find A Commerce Manager On Facebook?

Commerce Manager > Get Started > Create Your Shop > Checkout On Facebook Or Instagram > Get Started > Get Started For Setting Up A Shop With Commerce Manager > Select Facebook Or Instagram.

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