How To Install OBS Plugins? The Complete Guide!

How To Install OBS Plugins?

Are you exploring the full potential of OBS Studio? Are you looking for ways to install OBS plugins? Search no more. We present to you a complete guide on how to install OBS plugins.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is an open-source live streaming and video recording software that is freely downloadable by all. Most social influencers prefer to make use of the platform to pre-record or live stream their videos and directly upload them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc. OBS Studio allows users to install OBS plugins developed by third-party developers, which enhances its existing features.

Users can download and install OBS Plugins to open doors to endless possibilities and create a user-friendly platform for all users by,

Find plugins > Download it > Install OBS plugins

This article will let you know more about how to download and install OBS plugins. Read on to get complete details!

How To Install OBS Plugins?

Do you want a background removal plugin to remove the background of your camera video or Hide your desktop icons while live streaming? It is all possible by installing the necessary plugins in your OBS Studio. It will enhance your time spent on OBS and help you to enable more features than the platform has to offer.

Unlike common notions, it is not a difficult process to install OBS plugins.  Independent developers from all over the world, work on areas that can be further enhanced on OBS Studio, to create user-friendly plugins that can help users to amplify their time spent on the platform.

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Step 1: Find OBS Plugins

OBS Studio offers an official and easy way for users to install OBS plugins. Users can install over 170 plugins that are currently available on OBS Studio itself. Users can install OBS plugins for free (there are premium plugins available also) by taking into account the reviews, ratings, number of downloads, and latest updates.

Follow these steps to find OBS Studio plugins:

Step 1 – Open OBS Studio on your device.

Step 2 – Tap on Forum at the top right tab of the page.

Step 3 – Select the Resources tab.

How To Install OBS Plugins? - forum

Step 4 – Tap on OBS Studio Plugins.

You can also install OBS plugins from various other external sources like Streamelements and OWN3D, websites that host plugins. Check if the files to be downloaded are in EXE or ZIP format before installing from third-party websites.

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Step 2: Download OBS Plugins

The most important information that is required before you install OBS plugins is Know the File Type. All plugins come in two types of files – EXE or ZIP. Study the available plugins before you decide to install OBS plugins.

Follow the steps given below to download plugins for OBS Studio after finding the one you are looking for.

Step 1 – Choose the plugin that you wish to install.

Step 2 – Click on Download at the top right of your page.

How To Install OBS Plugins? download

Note: Do not click the Source Code URL. You will just be redirected to an external website. The download will not automatically begin.

Read through the instructions given to install OBS plugins for that particular plugin. It could vary depending on the plugin that you wish to install.

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Step 3: Install OBS Plugins

Now that you have successfully downloaded the plugins. It is time for us to install it on your system. As we have mentioned before, all OBS plugins come in two different files – EXE and ZIP. Follow the instructions given below depending on the type of file that you have just downloaded.

Install EXE File Plugins

EXE file plugins are comparatively easy to install. These files can be installed directly without the user having to manually go through the entire process. You can follow the instructions given below to install OBS plugins that are EXE files.

Step 1 – Open the downloaded EXE plugin.

Step 2 – Tap to Run the EXE file.

Step 3 – Close your OBS Studio, if it is open.

Step 4 – Tap on Install to start the installation process.

How To Install OBS Plugins? EXE

Step 5 – Wait until the installation is complete.

Step 6 – Tap on Finish.

You have now installed the EXE file in your OBS Studio. When you open the OBS Studio, you will notice that the plugin is ready to use.

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Install ZIP File Plugins

Installation of ZIP files is more complicated as it is not an automatic process. The users will have to unzip the plugin before installing it in their OBS Studio. A ZIP file is a compressed folder that has to be decompressed before installation. You require decompression software like 7Zip or WinZIP for ZIP files to be installed.

Step 1 – Right click on the installed folder.

Step 2 – Tap on Extract or Extract all.

Step 3 – Select the location for your files as the OBS Studio directory.

Step 4 – Tap to complete the installation process.

Restart OBS Studio to access the installed plugin.

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How To Access New OBS Studio Plugins?

Do you find it difficult to access the new plugins that you have recently installed in OBS Studio? Do not worry. Most users face difficulties while trying to access installed plugins. As plugins come in all shapes and sizes, they get installed in new docks or different files, depending on their source.

Some plugins are installed as new tabs while other plugins are found in filter options. The best way to access your new plugin depends on the nature of the plugin itself. Check the description given before you install OBS plugins. The plugin destination will most probably be mentioned in the description. If not, explore OBS Studio. Open all the available tabs and files to check for your newly installed plugin.

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Wrap Up

OBS Studio is a powerful open-source platform that encourages users to further enhance its features by installing new plugins. Social influencers, pro-gamers, and other public figures who use OBS Studio to create video content can install OBS plugins to further amplify their experience of the platform. We hope that by following the instructions given in this article you can now install OBS plugins successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How Do I Add Plugins To OBS Studio?

Open OBS Studio > Forum > Resources > OBS Studio plugins > Choose the plugin > Tap to download.

Follow the installation instructions given in this article above to successfully install OBS plugins.

Q2 How Do I Install OBS Plugins On My PC?

Step 1 – Open OBS Studio.

Step 2 – Tap on the Forum tab > Resources.

Step 3 – Tap the OBS Studio plugins.

Step 4 – Select the plugin to download.

Step 5 – Tap on Download.

Step 6 – Unzip the installed folder to add it to your OBS Studio.

Q3 Where Are OBS Plugins Installed?

All 32bit OBS version is directly installed to 32bit Windows C:/ folder. A separate plugin folder is created in C:/Program Files/OBS/ … by default.

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