How To Play Reels Frame By Frame?

How To Play Reels Frame By Frame

There is no credit in creating Instagram Reels if you are not doing high-end editing! Play Reels frame by frame and study others’ Reels. This is one such great method to analyze Instagram Reels and implement the same editing skill in your own work. 

Why experiment with Reel editing? Because Instagram has monetized Reels and is looking for creators to be more imaginative with all the tools offered by Instagram and not some simple standup monologue! It is the prime time to analyze the trendy Reels, play Reels frame by frame and recreate Reels worth monetization.

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To play Reels frame by frame you first need to download the Reel and then either try the pause and play technique or use any third-party tool to get frame-by-frame video.

If you still haven’t tried the play Reels frame by frame trick to create Instagram reels, then you are behind the competition. Let’s start analyzing competitor Reels or Reels that share your interest and include the idea in your Instagram Reel.  

How To Play Reels Frame By Frame?

You can play Reels frame by frame, and for that you need to master the editing skills on Instagram. There are multiple ways to play Reels frame by frame. You can pause the video several times to play Reels frame by frame. Besides, if you are using a desktop, playing Reels frame by frame will be easier with shortcuts. 

Way 1: Pause The Video

If you are looking forward to play Reels frame by frame on your mobile devices, the easiest way is to pause the Reel in seconds. In simple words, you can play and pause Reels to catch every frame manually and study it. 

We understand this is a time-consuming as well as tedious process to study a Reel frame by frame. However, this is the best way if you are short on budget. 

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Way 2: Play Reels Frame By Frame On The Computer

Using a computer is easier when you are pausing the Reel frame by frame. You will have a large screen and can use keyboard shortcuts. 

1. Using Keyboard Shortcuts 

Yes, keyboard shortcuts are more reliable than tapping the phone screen! You can use the space button to pause and play Reels frame by frame. In addition, you can use other keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + E and Ctrl + F to go forward and backward respectively to the Reel. 

2. Using Third Party App

Using third-party tools is helpful to play Reels frame by frame. Although third-party tools are not recommended for security reasons, we have picked two third-party tools that are widely used and praised for good video editing..

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Initially released in 2000, VirtualDub as a video editing tool has won the trust of millions of users. This third-party tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows. With this master editing tool, you can not only play Reels frame by frame but also try various filters, effects, and even compress the video. If you are making slow motion Reels on Instagram, try VirtualDub!


Avisynth is considered a frame server program, which is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. Released in 2000, Avisynth is still cherished by many worldwide. So if you are intended to watch Reels frame by frame or edit Reels for Instagram, Avisynth is a powerful tool to boost your work. 

Way 3: Play Reels In Slow Motion

Playing Reels in slow motion is another well-known way to analyze videos and Reels posted by other creators on Instagram. As introduced earlier, both VirtualDub and Avisynth can play Reels in slow motion. Just download the Reel on your device and upload the same in any of these, third-party tools and enjoy watching slow-motion Reels. 

Way 4: Use Video Editing Software To View Frame By Frame

Being a creator on Instagram, you need to spend a lot of time in a dry lab to analyze your competitors or just study Reels to improve yours. Investment of time to learn new things and more technology can improve your Reel quality and it will be easier to come under the Instagram monetization program

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Now, Instagram offers a considerable amount of Reels or video formatting features, but nothing is enough. You will need significant help from video editing software to play Reels frame by frame and use those techniques in your Reels. When studying others’ Reels, you will discover how cleverly other content creators on Instagram are using Instagram mixing tools, Reels multi-clip editing tools, and AR effects! Let’s start improving your contact with the technologies that will sharpen your presentation and captivate followers. 

Benefits Of Playing Reels Frame By Frame 

When Instagram content creators ask why they play Reels frame by frame, they are simply missing out on the thought that other creators are doing better than them. You need to study the better content creators to improve Reels’ quality. This is the way! 

So, play Reels frame by frame by using your mobile device (manually) or just use video editing tools to analyze the Reels frame by frame and absorb what you need.

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Being a content creator on Instagram is a tough job. Ever since, the Reels bonus program was introduced by Instagram, the number of creators has increased. Moreover, staying in the competition requires a balance of creativity and technology. It’s high time when you learn how to study Reels on Instagram and improvise yours! Playing Reels frame by frame is one way to keep an eye on the competitors; but, have you tried any other tricks? Share with us in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Play Reels Frame By Frame On My Phone?

Yes, you can play Reels frame by frame on your phone. You have to download the Reel first and then tap the pause button at regular intervals to check the Reel frame by frame. 

Q2. Can I Play Reels Frame By Frame On Youtube?

No, you cannot play Reels frame by frame on YouTube. YouTibe is not a video editing tool. However, you can download videos from YouTube and watch them frame by frame. 

Q3. Is It Legal To Play Reels Frame By Frame?

Yes, if you are able to download a Reel from Instagram that has no copyright can be played frame by frame. However, copying content frame by frame will lead to legal issues. 

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