How To Turn On Airplane Mode On Mac? 2 Easy Ways To Do So!

There are such moments, like traveling on a plane, in situations like this, you need to switch on Airplane Mode on your device. It’s easy to do on mobile phones, but what about desktops like Mac? In such devices, it becomes difficult to find and enable airplane mode. So let’s explore how to turn on Airplane mode on Mac.

Airplane mode is the easiest way to toggle off all the wireless radio on your desktop before traveling into an airplane. It’s crucial to ensure that the Airplane mode should be enabled in many regions around the world according to aviation rules. 

So every time you travel through a flight, make sure that you follow this rule with your mobile phones and desktops especially, to prevent the awkward situation of being pointed out to do the same in front of all! 

So, let’s read this ultimate manual to prepare your Mac for travel-ready for next time. In this piece, you will get to know numerous methods telling you how to turn on airplane mode on Mac.

What Is Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode is a feature that turns off all wireless radio on your device. In the case of traveling via airplanes, it becomes a basic and legal requirement to switch on the airplane mode of your device so that your device’s radio signals might not interfere with the planes. 

The plane utilizes multiple radio signals to help the plane find its direction, so it’s necessary for your device’s signals to stay away from it. So make sure that from your next boarding you know how to turn on airplane mode on Mac and other devices.

Other than above mentioned, here are other factors related to airplane mode :

  1. It disables the capability of your device to send or receive text messages. This occurs because your device loses the connection to cell towers during the travel.
  2. It switches off your WiFi. Even local wifi connections will be disconnected.
  3. It disables Bluetooth.
  4. It might turn off your device’s GPS features.
  5. It helps your battery stay longer.

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What Are The Roles Of Airplane Mode?

Let’s make the role and functions of Airplane Mode clear in our heads. On an iPhone, for example, airplane mode switches off the mentioned features : 

  1. Wi-Fi : Disables your device from you WiFi connection along with the other local connections too.
  2. Cellular : This limits the capability of your device to interact with the towers on the surface.
  3. GPS : Gets switched off and stops getting signals from the satellite.
  4. Bluetooth : Detaches every device connected to your device via bluetooth. Also it’ll prevent searching for these devices anymore.

To disable all these wireless radio connections at once is the only reason behind the invention of airplane mode. Because all these connections receive or transmit radio signals at a number of various frequencies. The signals might interrupt the radio system of airplanes and ground towers.

Till now, there is no proof that radio signals which are emitted by such devices emit a dangerous threat than a terrible noise which could probably hold the power to distract the pilot from receiving crucial information about the journey.

There are few incidents recorded by the Aviation Safety Reporting System, where radio static interruption was caused by passenger’s devices and even resulted in system malfunctions. 

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How To Turn On Airplane Mode On Mac?

There are two different methods to turn on Airplane Mode on Mac.

OOPs! The bad luck is that Mac doesn’t have airplane mode, so you have to install a workaround. This includes switching off both WiFi and Bluetooth. 

Both the two methods are enlisted below :

Method #01. Via System Preferences

  1. Tap on the Apple icon on the Menu Bar at the left of the screen and then click on System Preferences. You can also operate System Preferences through its symbol on the Dock.
  2. From the resulting page of System Preferences, tap on Network.
  3. Near to Status, you will observe a “Turn Wi-Fi off” option, Tap on it.
  4. Go back, and select Bluetooth.
  5. Tap on the “Turn Bluetooth Off” option.

Method #02. Via The Menu Bar

  1. Tap on the WiFi icon, which would be on the right side of your Menu Bar.
  2. Tap the “Turn Wi-Fi Off” button.
  3. Tap on the Bluetooth icon on the right side of the menu.
  4. Click the “Turn Bluetooth Off” option.

And here we’re done with learning how to turn on airplane mode on Mac. Congo!

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How To Turn Off Airplane Mode On Mac? 

We’ve successfully learned how to turn on airplane mode, it’s the turn to turn off. So here we present a detailed manual to learn how to turn off airplane mode on Mac. 

Method #01. Via Menu Bar

  1. Tap on the WiFi symbol on the right side of the Menu Bar.
  2. Next, tap on “Turn Wi-Fi On“.
  3. Tap on the Bluetooth symbol on the menu bar’s right side.
  4. Finally, click on “Turn Bluetooth On“.

Method #02. Via System Preferences

  1. Tap on the Apple symbol of the MacOS Menu Bar, followed by System Preferences. 
  2. Click Network on the System Preference’s page.
  3. After Status, tap on the “Turn WiFi On” button.
  4. Go back and click on the Bluetooth option.
  5. Finally click on the “Turn Bluetooth On” option.

And here we’re done with disabling Airplane Mode On Mac.

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Wrapping Up

Airplane mode means disabling all the radio signals of your device. This becomes a necessity while boarding on planes and also prevents battery exhaustion of your devices.

It’s a weird thing that Mac doesn’t have a direct airplane mode button to switch on and off. Instead, they make one go through the whole settings of their Mac to manually turn Bluetooth and WiFi off. Instead of long and tiring methods, try the methods given by us to turn on airplane mode on Mac.


Q1. What Is The Plus Point Of Airplane Mode?

Ans. It saves battery life and uses less power to operate.

Q2. What Happens When Someone Tries To Call You On Airplane Mode?

Ans. If you are utilizing a device with airplane mode on, you’ll still be able to get the ring, but in the case of desktops, this might not be true.

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