How To Use Instagram Reels Stitching Feature?

Instagram Reels Stitching Feature

Instagram is competing to replace TikTok! First, pushing the Instagram users to create Reels, and then introducing video editing features similar to TikTok, the effort is visible. Having said that, the introduction of the Instagram Reels Stitching Feature is quite a mark! Enough of stitching the dresses, let’s stitch some videos now!

The Instagram Reels Stitching Feature is not as light as we sound here. Using the feature takes great creativity and effort just like Reels text and sticker features. It helps merge multiple videos at once so that the viewers can get more messages in a single Reel. The feature is also effective to showcase product comparisons! 

To access the Instagram Reels Stitching Feature, open your Instagram account and start creating a Reel (first clip) > Choose the stitching feature > Choose any previously uploaded video or videos from other creators > Edit and align two clips > Check the preview and publish! 

Some people are confusing Instagram Reels Stitching Feature with the Instagram remix tool. Although they are similar, there are great differences in use. Besides, the Instagram Reels Stitching Feature is relatively new and Instagram took the opportunity to test the tool publicly. 

What Is The Instagram Reels Stitching Feature?

Making Instagram Reels has become a serious business with all the editing features. When you search Reels on Instagram, you may find amazing Reels where two videos are merged and running at the same time. Have you ever wondered which tool these Instagram creators are using? Well, it is a built-in feature – Instagram Reels Stitching Feature.

Yes, you read it right. The Stitching feature is the same as the one TikTok users have built-in TikTok. No doubt, Instagram is encouraging more Instagram users to create Reels and compete with the TikTokers! 

How To Use The Instagram Reels Stitching Feature?

To use Instagram Reels Stitching feature, Open Instagram Reels > start creating your Reel > Choose the Stitching feature > choose the second clip from your previous Reels or Reels created by others > edit two clips and align them! Do not forget to check the Reel preview before publishing. 

The Instagram Reels Stitching Feature works smoothly to merge two videos. Although this feature is now publicly available to test, not all Instagram users have access to the feature. The feature works similarly to the Instagram remix feature. 

Step 1: To use the Stitching feature, open the Instagram account and go to the Reels tab.

Step 2: Create your first Reel by tapping on the camera icon.  

Step 3: Tap on the stitch icon and you will be directed to the list of saved Reels. You can also search for new Reels from here. 

Step 4: Pick the second video for the Reel from the Stitch menu. You can choose any of your previous Reels or others’ Reels. 

Step 5: Adjust the speed of the two clips and edit them to align so that they go smoothly. You can add more than one Reel using the stitching tool here. 

Step 6: Add trending songs on Instagram Reels and check the preview. Share the video if it is good to go. 

How Does The Stitching Feature Work?

To learn how the Instagram Reels Stitching Feature works, you have to start by creating the Reels. If you are a creator, you might have access to the feature, if not, you may not have the feature available as Instagram did not roll out the feature to all for testing. Anyways, you have to be updated with every single change in the Reel’s features, so that you could be more creative with the reels. After all, Instagram pays for Reel

Start creating Reels: To access the stitching feature, you have to start by creating a Reel. This first shot will be the first clip to add your stitched Reel! 

Tap the Stitch icon: After recording the first clip you will find the Stitch icon at the bottom of the menu. Tap on the icon and you will be directed to the list of Reels. 

Choose the second clip: from the list of videos you can pick any of your previous Reels or Reels created by someone else. You will find a search bar, where you can search for the Reels sharing trending Instagram Reels audio.

Align Clips: After selecting the second Reel, you can align the clip with the first one. You can add multiple clips in one Reel using the Instagram Reels Stitching Feature. Besides, you can also use Reels multi-clip editing tools to make your Reel unique. 

Post Video: As soon as you are done with the editing thing Reels, check the preview of the Reel and you can publish it. If you consider working more on the Reel, you can save the same in the draft.  

Benefits Of The Stitching Feature

Instagram is a platform to show your talent and creativity. And when it comes to creating Reels, recording regular 15-second clips is old school. You need to consider the editing features offered by Instagram and use them to create Reels that can stand out. If you are asking me to convince you why to use Instagram Reels Stitching Feature, here are some notes for you: 

1. Create Compilations: 

Create compilation Reels of your best five moments of the year with the stitching effect! Besides, with this effect, you have the opportunity to mix and match multiple Reels from different creators. Let’s start with picking videos on the same topic and creating an awesome compilation Reel! 

2. Collaborate With Other Creators:

Using the stitching feature you can use videos from other creators. You can reach other creators who are interested and start creating amazing Reels that could be compiled into one great Reel! Besides, whenever you are using any Reel from other creators for your content, always ask for permission. 

3. Longer Video: 

Instagram Reels do not encourage people to create Reels for more than 15 seconds. However, if you are merging multiple Reels using the Instagram Reels Stitching Feature, your Reels could be longer than the general one. However, try not to exceed the limit, it bores the followers! 

Why Is The Instagram Reels Stitching Feature Important?

The Instagram Reels Stitching Feature is important for more than one reason. The first and foremost thing is that you can create Reels with this feature that compiles other Reels. You can add your previously updated Reels as well as Reels from other creators. However, you should be cautious about copyright issues. 

Stitching features can help us to create great compilation Reels that showcase the throwbacks of the year or the past few users of your journey. The importance of the Instagram Reels Stitching Feature is immense, yet, there are some drawbacks! The overuse of the feature might lead to copyright and quality issues. 

Future Of Instagram Reels Stitching Feature

Shortly after the introduction, the Instagram Reels Stitching Feature gained popularity. As people are getting more acquainted with the feature, they are finding it more effective. 

Apparently, the stitching feature is closer to Instagram Live and IGTV. This is because Instagram Reels are usually no more than 15 seconds long. However, with the Stitching feature, you can add multiple Reels into one and that could be more than 15 seconds and well accepted by Instagram. 

Considering the growing popularity of the feature, it can be assumed that Instagram may improvise the feature more and add some additional features to support Instagram stitching. 


We do not know who coined the term ‘Stitching’ tool, but the feature truly justifies the term. Let us know if you have tried stitching your Reels lately! Let your parents know how you are liking to stitch your videos and enjoy their expression! Jokes apart, the Stitching tool is one of the best and most clever integrations by Instagram. We are looking forward to seeing how influencers justify the tool in the future and how it evolves. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Can I Stitch Together Clips From Different Reels?

Yes, the Instagram Reels Stitching Feature allows users to stitch clips from different Reels, including both their own and others’ Reels. 

Q2. Can I Add Music And Effects To Stitched Reels?

Yes, the Stitching tool allows Instagram users to add music as well as effects to the Stitched Reels. 

Q3. How Many Clips Can I Stitch Together In One Reel?

You can add as many Reels as you want using the stitching tool. We have found Instagram influencers stitching 6 to 9 Reels on average to create the final video! You may try adding more and check the preview, if it looks good, you can post. 

Q4. Can I Stitch Together Clips From Other Users’ Reels?

Yes, the Instagram Reels Stitching Feature allows users to stitch clips from other users’ Reels. You can add multiple clips from other users’ Reels. 

Q5. Can I Edit A Stitched Reel After It’s Been Posted?

No, Instagram does not offer any window to edit a stitched Reel after it’s been posted. It is advised to check the preview of the Reel and make changes as required. Take your time before posting any Reels. You may save the stitched Reel in a draft to check further and then post it after reviewing minutely. 

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