Kevin Smith NFTs | Craze Of Filmmaking Has Entered Meta World

Kevin Smith NFTs

Following the top companies stepping into NFTs and Metaverse, now famous filmmaker Kevin Smith started a new trend. Kevin Smith to Issue ‘Comedy-Horror’ Film as NFTs on Secret Network. In this post, we will discuss everything related to Kevin Smith NFTs.

In November, Quentin Tarantino, another filmmaker, released his “Pulp Fiction” NFTs on the same Cosmos-based blockchain. Kevin Smith, the filmmaker responsible for cult classics like “Clerks,” “Chasing Amy” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” announced Wednesday that he will be releasing his latest movie, “KillRoy Was Here,” as a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

We will be discussing more Kevin Smith NFTs. How will it be different from the rest of NFTs? How you can purchase it. From where can we purchase it? So, without losing time, let’s start.

Kevin Smith NFTs

Kevin Smith NFTs

Kevin Smith started showing interest in NFTs dates back last April when he made his NFT debut with “Smokin’ Tokens,’ ‘a collection based on his beloved “Jay and Silent Bob” characters. He said playing around with the new medium reminds him a lot of the indie film scene in the 1990s, which was defined by creativity and experimentation.

“My dream is for ‘KillRoy’ to be its own self-thriving franchise within the world of crypto and NFTs, without ever having to step outside of the blockchain,” Smith told.

Unlike how Tarantino’s drop occurred, Secret Network will release the collection through Legendao, an NFT launchpad involving partners Semkhor and Curio.

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While the non-fungible film market has actually been burgeoning in recent months, Secret Network’s unique model has yet to be recreated by competitors, which have used NFTs mainly for funding or token-gated access to content, not embedding the content in the NFTs themselves.

Each NFT in the collection of 5,555 will come with its own generative artwork, each a different twist on the film’s main character. Smith’s plan is for holders to use the characters to create content of their own and then feature the best creations as the film’s sequel.

Smith is tapping the Cosmos blockchain-based Secret Network for the launch, the same network that hosted Quentin Tarantino’s controversial ”Pulp Fiction” NFTs in November. While NFT plans for “KillRoy” have been discussed for about a year, its details are just now coming to light. A release date is slated for some time in the second quarter.

As with the Tarantino collection, Smith’s collectibles will rely on Secret Network’s “secret” sauce: That is making the content of the tokens, which includes the “comedy-horror” film itself along with bonus behind-the-scenes footage, viewable only to NFT holders.

“Everyone, especially people with fame, is using NFTs as a new way to make money,” Smith said in an interview. “But to me, it’s a whole new creative playground. It reminds me of the YouTube revolution, where kids were able to create stuff in a whole new way. I missed it then, but I won’t miss it again.”

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Wrapping Up

Here we conclude our post on Kevin Smith NFTs. We are pretty sure now it will soon become a trend now and every filmmaker will participate in it. The plan of Kevin Smith is to use the creativity of common people and then feature that in the movie.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who Is Kevin Smith?

Kevin Patrick Smith is an American filmmaker, actor, comedian, comic book writer, author, YouTuber, and podcaster. He came to prominence with the low-budget comedy buddy film Clerks, which he wrote, directed, co-produced, and acted in as the character Silent Bob of stoner duo Jay and Silent Bob.

Q2. Can You Create An NFT Of A Famous Person?

Yes, you can create. There is no specific law prohibiting making an NFT of a celebrity (as of 2022), but one will likely be created at some point in the future.

Q3. What Is The Most Popular NFT Right Now?

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club
  2. CryptoPunks.
  3. The Sandbox
  4. Art Blocks.
  5. Doodles. 
  6. Cool Cats. 
  7. CyberKongz. 
  8. Decentraland.

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