Regular Tv Vs Smart Tv | All That You Need To Know!

Regular Tv Vs Smart Tv

Are you someone willing to buy a tv and wanted to know about regular tv vs smart tv? You have come to the right place, In this article, let us discuss regular tv vs smart tv.

Before buying any item we used to do a lot of research work about the specific product and compare it with other such products and its competitors to get a clear idea of what it is and then we come to a conclusion of buying the product that is suitable and impresses us.

When it comes to television, there are a lot of options available in the market, and the latest televisions are released every now and then. It is definitely a tedious task to finalize one tv among this huge collection of tv models. And since smart TVs are quite popular nowadays, we have confusion about investing in a regular tv.

This guide provides you answers to all your queries and finally helps you in deciding between a regular tv and a smart tv. 

Regular tv vs Smart tv

Smart TVs have quite literally taken over the globe. Technology has altered the way we watch TV because of its many fantastic features and internet access. They can be used to stream your favorite shows from your phone or tablet.

The term “normal TV” refers to a standard television set that can only be used to watch programs that are streamed; no further services are available. It was initially designed using CRT technology, but as technology advanced, they switched to using LCD technology.

Let us understand the differences and similarities between regular tv vs normal tv by diving deeper

Regular tv vs smart tv - smart tv

Functionalities Regular tv vs Smart tv

A Tv is considered smart if it has an internal operating system that can connect to the internet. As a result, you may browse apps, play games, and stream material from the internet. Web browsers, social media applications like Facebook and Twitter, and online video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, SonyLiv, YouTube, and others are all embedded into smart TVs. Additionally, you can use controllers like Xbox or the remote control to play games on the wide screen of your Smart TV.

A regular TV or non-smart TV lacks an internal operating system and an internet connection. It lacks built-in apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, a web browser, and other advanced functions that a Smart TV has, in other words.  A regular tv can display information from external sources including set-top boxes, DVD players, cable boxes, streaming media players, Blu-ray players, Xbox One, and other gadgets that use HDMI ports or component video connections to connect.

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Features Regular TV vs Smart TV 

Every smart tv has its own features according to the tv model. We have listed some of the common features available in all smart TVs

  • Using Google Assistant, Alexa, or another voice assistant, you can use voice commands to search through your TV, find and play content, and even ask questions
  • Most smart TVs often have a touchscreen feature 
  • You can stream Music
  • Mirror your laptop or smartphone for ease on a huge screen
  • Receive suggestions for popular OTT content or suggestions based on your preferences
  • Utilize Data Saver mode to browse the internet and save data as you do so
  • Utilize the Parental Control function to manage the information that your children should view
  • To work from the cloud on presentations, Excel, and Word projects or to remotely access your workplace computer, use your TV as a personal computer
  • Browse pictures and create albums

On the other hand, a standard regular TV does not have wifi and a touchscreen. It requires a linked device in order to access smart TV functions. By connecting your traditional TV to external devices like the Jio Giga Fiber Set Top Box, Airtel Xstream Fiber, Tata Play Binge+, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and others, you can still access the applications and many other features of a Smart TV.

Prices Regular tv vs Smart tv

Obviously, smart tv is more expensive than a regular tv because of its accessibility to the internet and it comes inclusive with all new features. Regular tv also called dumb tv or conventional tv has no additional features and is comparatively less priced than smart tv. For the price of a 32-inch smart TV, you can purchase a 42-inch regular TV.

Dumb or non-smart TVs are preferable to smart TVs because of their flexibility. Smart TVs are far more expensive than dumb TVs. Yet, you may turn your dumb TV into a smart TV by connecting it to a video streaming device. Additionally, since dumb TVs don’t require an internet connection, your privacy is safe.

Drawbacks Regular tv vs Smart tv 

Security should always be your primary priority when considering any “smart” product, which is any gadget with the potential to connect to the internet. Automatic content recognition ACR is used by almost all smart TVs to keep track of what you’re seeing. They utilize this data to present you with more pertinent advertisements. While you can frequently restrict the collection of this data, it’s typically hard to track down or undo.

Also, a few smart TVs include built-in cameras, while the majority include a microphone. This gives chance for the hackers to misuse your personal information.

Regular tv does not have many drawbacks compared to smart tv except for the fact that it has no access to the internet without the use of external devices. A regular tv can be converted to a smart tv by just investing in these external devices. 

Best Smart TVs 2022

  1. LG C2 OLED
  2. Samsung QN90B QLED
  3. Hisense U8H
  4. Hisense U6H
  5. Insignia F50 QLED

Best Regular TVs 2022

  1. Samsung QBR Series 65” 4K LED TV
  2.  Samsung BE55T-H 55” Pro TV
  4. Komodo KU515R Ultra Slim LED TV 

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Wrapping Up

We hope this article has given you a clear explanation of regular tv vs smart tv by detailing what is regular tv, what is a smart tv, and the drawbacks of both. It must be easier for you to decide between a regular tv and smart tv. For more such informative and interesting articles, check out our website, Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can You Use Smart tv Without The Internet?

Yes, even without an internet connection, your smart TV will function properly. Just like a standard TV, you will be able to attach Blu-ray/DVD players, speakers, and a cable box to watch TV channels. However, you won’t be able to use any of the included video streaming apps.

2. Does A Smart Tv Need A Cable Box?

Yes, a cable or satellite box is still required if you want to keep getting the same channels you currently receive. No other method will adequately supply the same channels and stations.

3. Do Smart Tvs Have Better Picture Quality?

Although smart TVs may provide the impression that we are living in the future, they will not make your TV picture better.

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