Bob Iger To Join Metaverse Startup Genies | What Next To Expect?

Did you hear that “Bob Iger to join Metaverse startup Genies”? The former Chief Executive of Walt Disney Co. has decided to put money in the virtual world. He will be jumping into this world as a director and an investor at startup Genies.

We should not be surprised with Bob Iger’s move to join Metaverse startup Genies. His former company Disney had already put its foot in the Metaverse. The former chief executive has also announced to be a part of the Metaverse startup Genies now. We can see growth in the Metaverse with him joining as an investor

Bob Iger has invested in Genies Inc. and will join the board of this Los Angeles-based startup. It is the first investment of Iger’s post-Disney endeavors. Bob Iger to join Metaverse startup Genies has exploded Twitter. With this announcement on Twitter, he also shared a Web 3.0 version of himself.

All Metaverse ventures have gained huge popularity with Facebook’s rebrand to Meta. The former head of Walt Disney joining and investing in the Metaverse startup Genies has been generating major buzz. So, here is a post on ‘Bob Iger to join Metaverse startup Genies.’ The post includes all the details related to this. Let’s begin the post and get more details. 

What Is Metaverse Startup Genies?

Genies- A metaverse startup

Genies is a Los Angeles-based and 3D avatar startup. The company was founded in 2017. Genies’ mobile app enables its users to make their custom digital avatars.

They can create three-dimensional versions of themselves and use them on social media. Genies company is immensely popular amongst celebrities like Lil Nas X, Rihanna, and others. They aim to create such a universal avatar system that can be around the open Metaverse. The startup has raised around $100 million from venture capital investors. It has also partnered with various celebrities for the creation of digital avatars. Not just this, it has also teamed with big brands like Gucci for branded virtual items. A marketplace for digital accessory NFT- shoes, clothing, etc. have also been launched. They have around 99% of the celebrity avatar market share. 

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Who Is Bob Iger?

Bob Iger to join Metaverse startup Genies

Bob Iger is the former CEO of the Walt Disney Co. He has served for 15 years in the company. He stepped down in 2020 from the company.

Iger even left the company’s board in 2021. Being a part of the Disney Co, he has overseen the company’s heavy investment in tech. After stepping down, he even hinted at his interest in the Metaverse and Web 3.0. He is now moving towards Genies. He has now invested in this company and will soon be one of the five directors of the board.

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Bob Iger To Join Metaverse Startup Genies 

Bob Iger to join Genies

The Ex-CEO of the Disney Co has joined the NFT producer Genies. He will be jumping into this Metaverse and Los Angeles-based startup, Genies as an investor and director. The startup owns around 99% share of the celebrity avatar market. 

Iger made an announcement on Twitter regarding his entry into Metaverse with Genies. He has served as the CEO of the company from 2005 to 2020. He said that he has been drawn to intersections in art and technology. Genies startup is the one that provides unique opportunities and enables new forms of expression, creativity, and communication. 

He announced this on Twitter along with a picture of his Genies avatar. He will be putting his money and name behind this NFT producer, Genies. The company will soon be seen dominating the Metaverse and the internet. It is Iger’s first career move after leaving the Walt Disney Co. 

Though he will be investing in the 3D avatar startup, the fund to be invested is still not disclosed. The startup will be counting on Iger’s help in the company’s growth. The Co-founder and CEO of the startup have also said there was no other better product and creative thinker than Iger to join hands with.

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Why Is Bob Iger Interested In The Metaverse Startup Genies?

After stepping down from the Walt Disney Co, Iger hinted about his interest in the internet and the Metaverse. He said that the web’s next iteration would be compelling in the experience, more dimensional, and even more immersive.

He even said that there would not be only one Metaverse but numerous to be explored.

The avatars will play a crucial part as they jump from one Metaverse to another. Genies startup is also aiming for such a Metaverse. It aims to make an avatar system that can be used in an open Metaverse. The Genies company’s interests and goals match what Bob aims for. This may be why he developed an interest in the Metaverse startup Genies. 

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We have reached the end of the post on “Bob Iger to join Metaverse startup Genies.” We will update you with more details as soon as more information is disclosed. Till then, keep exploring and keep sharing our posts. Happy reading!

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