Shibaverse Vs Decentraland  | Which Metaverse Is The Future Winner?  

Facebook to Meta has shaken the world, and Metaverse has grabbed a lot of attention. People have started the search for the best Metaverse and getting confused between Shibaverse and Decentraland. So, here is a post on ‘Shibaverse vs Decentraland’. We will compare the two Metaverse to find the best one.

Although most Metaverse platforms seem to be the same, there are many differences between them. No one wants to stay away from the race of being a part of the Metaverse. Are you confused about choosing the right Metaverse platform yourself? Take a look at the comparison in Shibaverse vs Decentraland and decide which one is the best for you!   

Though Decentraland is an old one and Shibaverse is yet to be released, you can be a part of it very soon. Let’s begin the post on ‘Shibaverse vs Decentraland’ by pouring some light on the basics about Shibaverse and Decentraland. So, let’s start with the meaning of the two. 

What Is Shibaverse?

Shibaverse is a virtual reality platform. It aims to be a digital world that is decentralized on the blockchain. It includes various features like NFT, play-to-earn, real estate, and several other aspects. The Shiba community develops Shibaverse. It was launched in 2021 on the Ethereum blockchain. Shibaverse uses the coin ‘Verse’ for carrying out transactions in this virtual world. In the Shibaverse, people can interact with others using digital elements. You can create and sell various accessories and items here in the Shibaverse Metaverse.

As we have discussed Shibaverse, let us move ahead to Decentraland.  

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What Is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a virtual destination for the people who love the fascinating world. It is a famous Metaverse platform on the Ethereum blockchain. People accessed Decentraland for the first time in 2020. You can invest in Decentraland by purchasing virtual parcels of Land. You can play games, buy property, sell it, interact with others, and do so many things in this virtual world called Decentraland, just like you do in the real one. You can earn by playing games in Decentraland Decentraland is full of fun and joy.

Well, we have now had enough discussion over Shibaverse and Decentraland individually. Now, let us see the similarities and differences between the two.

Shibaverse Vs Decentraland: Similarities

The similarities between the two are as follows:

1. Real Estate

Shibaverse and Decentraland both provide access to the users to trade in real estate. They can easily buy, sell, or even lend the land available on these platforms.

2. Accessories

Both Shibaverse and Decentraland allow their users to boost their creativity and skills by creating wearables for the doggies and avatars, respectively. They can easily buy and sell these accessories and even easily create them.

3. Job Opportunities

Both the Metaverse platforms give job opportunities to the users. If you are thinking of doing a job in the Metaverse, you can do it in Shibaverse and Decentraland.

4. Play2Earn Games

Shibaverse Shibas can participate in various games on this platform, and if they win, rewards would be given to them. Decentraland also allows the users to play games on their platform and earn rewards when they win in any game.

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Shibaverse Vs Decentraland: Difference

As we have discussed, the similarities here are the differences that you need to know before being a part of any of these Metaverse platforms.  

1. Development

Shibaverse is still nascent, while Decentraland has become immensely popular. Shibaverse is under development, and one district is expected to be launched this year. But, Decentraland has been open to the public from 2020 and has been accepted by a wider audience.    

2. Tokens

We are well aware that different platforms have different currencies for carrying out transactions. Similarly, there are different currencies for Shibaverse and Decentraland. Shibaverse uses ‘Verse’ coins while ‘MANA’ coins are used in Decentraland. 

3. Capital

Shibaverse has a capital city called Shibacity. It will start at Genesis district, regarded as the most reputed city in the Shibaverse. There are other districts like Shibarium and Shibaswap. But there is no capital in the Decentraland.  

4. Price Of Tokens

The current price of the Shibaverse tokens is $0.021813, while the current price of the Decentraland token is $3.10. So, we can see that MANA tokens are more expensive than Verse tokens used in Shibaverse.   

5. Avatar

You can easily create avatars in Decentraland that represent you in the virtual world. You can make avatars free of cost and make wearables for your avatars in Decentraland. However, there is nothing like avatars in Shibaverse. You will have dogs in Shibaverse and can create accessories for them.

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6. Puppies

Shivaverse has a unique concept of having puppies. If you own a property in Shibaverse, it will enable you to have offspring. It will bring a greater financial opportunity for you. The higher the size of your property, the higher the chances to have NFT puppies and earn from it. However, there is no such concept in Decentraland. 

7. Famous

Shibaverse is not so popular in comparison to Decentraland. People are still unaware of Shibaverse because it is still under development. Decentraland has been known by many people and is often used as an alternative to Metaverse.

These were a few points of difference between Shibaverse and Decentraland.


This was all about Shibaverse vs Decentraland. If you find this article useful and illuminating, share it as much as possible. If there are still any queries regarding Shibaverse vs Decentraland, don’t hesitate to contact us by commenting below. Also, tell us if you know any other point of difference between Shibaverse and Decentraland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is Shibaverse?

A. It is a Metaverse platform just like Decentraland or Upland. It includes features like Play2Earn, NFTs, and many others.

Q. What Can I Do In Decentraland?

A. Decentraland is a popular Metaverse where you can play games, buy virtual plots, rent land, and do many more things.  

Q. Can I Play In The Metaverse?

A. There are many Metaverse platforms like Sandbox, Upland, Decentraland, etc., that allow you to play and earn at the same time.

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