Fix Siri Remote Firmware Not Updating to the Latest Version | Want to Know Why?

Fix Siri Remote Firmware not updating to the latest version

Apple remote Siri updates its firmware automatically, but many users are facing problems with updating the firmware. Are you one of those who is facing the issue with your Apple TV Siri remote not being able to update its firmware? Well, this written piece of the article is for you. It will help you to fix your problem Fix Siri Remote Firmware not updating to the latest version.

Apple TV has changed the viewing experience of the user because it can store TV shows and movies. Other than that, Apple users can use popular live streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. They have the benefits of taking the rental video from iTunes and Airplay media from the iPhone.

Apple provides firmware updates to their devices to fix some bugs and issues. Firmware updates also bring changes and improve the user experience. Apple has released a firmware update for the Apple TV remote Siri.

Usually, the Apple Siri remote firmware update is updated automatically. Some users are facing problems in updating the latest firmware update. This article will help you to resolve your problem with the Siri remote firmware not updating to the latest version.

How to Update Siri Remote Firmware to Latest Version?

Have you got a new firmware update on your Siri remote? Of course, you will want to update the firmware. The Apple TV Siri remote doesn’t have a way to force users to update the firmware. As there is no direct button on the Siri remote, Apple updates the Apple TV remote control firmware.

This states that the Apple TV remote will update automatically when it’s a good time. Well, this will help you in solving your problem of Siri remote firmware not updating to the latest version. There are some steps you can follow so that Apple Siri will update automatically.

Step 1: First check that your Apple TV is turned on.

Step 2: Ensure the Apple TV remote is at least 50% charged.

Step 3: Try to keep the Apple TV’s Siri remote in close proximity to the Apple TV.

The most common reason for the Siri remote not updating its firmware is its battery level is less than 50%. Most Apple devices do not update if its charge is below 50%.

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Update Siri Remote Manually

As an apple Tv, remote Siri updates its firmware automatically. If it doesn’t do that then you can try to update manually. this will help in solving your issue with Siri remote firmware not updating to the latest version. To update the Apple Siri Remote manually follow these simple steps.

Step 1: First select settings from the Apple TV home screen.

Step 2: Then go to the remote and device section.

Step 3: Now open the Bluetooth section.

Step 4: highlight the Siri remote on the television screen.

Step 5: Now on the remote control, press the play button four times.

Step 6: Now leave the apple Tv inactive for approximately 30 minutes.

Step 7: Examine the Firmware version

Before following the above steps make sure that the controller battery is at least 50% charged.

If then also the Apple TV remote doesn’t get updated then try to restart the apple Tv.

Try to Restart Apple TV

Simply restarting the Apple TV can resolve the issue with the Siri remote not updating firmware. This is because when an apple device is rebooted it checks to see if its components are functioning properly. Well, it can solve your issue with Siri remote firmware not updating to the latest version. Follow these simple steps to restart the Apple TV.

Step 1: Firstly on your apple Tv and go to a setting that has a grey gear symbol.

Step 2: Now go to the bottom of the screen, and click system and general.

Step 3: Then select ‘Restart’.

Step 4: The apple Tv will restart after a few seconds.

 After some time, keep the Apple Siri mouse in the proximity of the apple tv. Wait for some time and check if the Apple Tv Siri remote firmware is updated or not. If the firmware is not updated then you should try to reset the setting to the factory default of the apple Tv.

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Try to Reset Apple tv to Factory Defaults

If restarting and other measures have not helped in a firmware update. At last, the option is to consider restoring your apple tv to a factory setting by following the simple steps it will help in solving your issue with Siri remote firmware not updating to the latest version.

Step 1: Turn off your apple Tv first.

Step 2: Connect the Apple tv to the PC by using a micro USB cable and power it on.

Step 3: iTunes will now automatically launch.

Step 4: After that select Restore Apple tv.

Step 5: Click the restore and update button to confirm the activity.

Step 6: Wait for the procedure to finish so that the recent firmware may be downloaded and 

              installed on your Apple TV.

Step 7: Unplug the apple Tv from the PC.

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In today’s world, almost every smart device maker brings firmware updates to improve user experience and fix bugs and problems. It has become a great way to update devices without bringing them to the service center. Mainly Apple TV and Apple TV Siri remote firmware updates are updated automatically, but some users are getting problems updating the devices. This article has included all the steps to update the Apple tv Siri remote latest firmware. If you find it helpful and have any queries feel free to write in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.  How Do I Update Siri Remote Firmware?

Siri remote is updated automatically over the air when all the conditions are met. Apple has not given any info about how to update the firmware. but there some cool tips is to keep the Apple Siri Remote in proximity to the Apple TV.

Q. Do Apple TV Remotes Need to be Updated?

If your Apple Tv remote is charged more than 50% then keep this remote in the proximity of the Apple TV. Siri remote updates in the air automatically. The Siri Remote was released in 2021 with Apple TV 4k.

Q.How Do I fix Apple Siri Remote?

If your Apple TV remote no longer works,

1. Charge your Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote for 30 minutes with a Lightning to USB cord and a USB wall charger. Replace the battery in your Apple Remote.

2. Remove your Apple TV from the wall outlet. Wait at least six seconds before plugging it back in.

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