How To Add A Customizable Apple Watch Face | What Are The Ways?

How To Add A Customizable Apple Watch Face

The power of Apple Watches are its watch faces. It also plays a crucial role in giving you all the important data that you need to know on the spot despite helping you with the time. You can get all that data by customizing the complications and the faces. So what’s to say? Shall we learn how to add a customizable Apple Watch face?

One more thing you can also share your customized Apple Watch face with anyone, be it your friends and loved ones. The only thing they need to share your customized Apple watch face is that they should also be having an Apple Watch functioning watchOS7 or later. If you want then we can also tell you how you can share Apple Watch faces in this guide on how to add a customizable Apple Watch face? But remember that you cannot share watch faces with Apple Watch series 1 or 2 users. 

If you want to know how to add a customizable Apple Watch face then you have to Long Press Screen >> Select Face >> Edit >> Swipe Left >> Finish >> Switch Digital Crown >> Select Complication >> Press Digital Crown >> Add. You are done here!

Is learning how to add a customizable Apple Watch face enough for you? Don’t you want to learn how to share it? How to view your collection? Or how to delete one? If yes, then refer to the data given below! 

How To Add A Customizable Apple Watch Face?

How To Add A Customizable Apple Watch Face?

You can easily customize your Apple Watch face the way you want it to be, so that it may give what functions you want from it. For that you can simply select a pattern, modify shades and features then add it to your collection. You can also switch faces any time to view the right time-sensitive tools – or to shuffle things up.

The Face Gallery in the Apple Watch application is the best way to view all of the available watch faces, from which you can personalize one and add it to your collection. But if your iPhone isn’t that much handy, then you can also personalize the watch face on your Apple Watch only.  

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If you want to know how to add a customizable Apple Watch face in detail, then you must know how to create a watch face first! Later on adding and deleting will come into play! 

Let’s see how to create an Apple Watch face in detail from the given instructions: 

Step 01: Long press the screen of your Apple Watch and select the watch face you wish to put on.

Step 02: Then, scroll the options and then click Edit.

Step 03: Next, swipe Left to see the Finish.

Step 04: Find any complications offered by the watch on the last screen.

Step 05: Switch the Digital Crown and select another complication if required, post clicking a specific complication to select it.

Step 06: Click the Digital Crown to save your selections after selecting any custom complications.

Now, when you have created an Apple Watch face, let’s see how to add a customizable Apple Watch Face and for that view Apple Watch faces and their features:

Step 01: With the customized watch face displaying on your screen, you have to long press on it.

Step 02: Swipe to the left side till the end to view the New(+) option, click on it.

Step 03: Switch the Digital Crown to search watch faces and then click on Add in order to add it.

Step 04: Post adding the watch face you can also customize that particular watch face or the collection.

Here you successfully learnt how to add a customizable Apple Watch face. To view all your personalized collect of Apple Watch Faces at once, refer to the guide given below:

Step 01: Launch Apple Watch Application on your iPhone.

Step 02: Then click on the My Watch option.

Step 03: Next you will view an option of My Faces, click on it. 

Step 04: As a result you will find your collection in the next page, swipe through to view each of them.

If you want to arrange your collection according to your preference, then click on Edit then drag the Recorder icon next to the Watch face, top or bottom.

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How To Share An Apple Watch Face?

How To Share An Apple Watch Face?

Despite having a number of personalization features of Apple Watches, you can build a unique experience of your own knowing what you actually need from it. However, few of the Apple Watch Faces are amazing but don’t have sufficient complications. So, in order to get the right amount of features and designs, you can create one of your own and share it with ones you love or are close to you! So that they might feel the satisfaction of having the right and correct watch face.

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So, to share an Apple Watch Face, you have to perform the below mentioned practices:

Share From An Apple Watch: 

Share From An Apple Watch

Step 01: Make sure the watch face that you want to share is active.

Step 02: Press and hold the watch face on your Apple watch screen.

Step 03: Next, you will find a Share button, click on it.

Step 04: Select the contact of the person or user whom you want to share the Apple Watch Face with from the Add Contact option.

Step 05: After that, Click the Number you want for that contact.

Step 06: If you want to send text message to that person along with the Apple Watch Face then click on the Create Message and enter Text.

Step 07: Finally, click on Send.

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Share From An iPhone: 

Share From An iPhone:

If you don’t wish to share the Watch Face from your Apple Watch or find the above described method difficult then you can try this one as an alternative of the previous one.

Through your iPhone Watch app, you can always share your favorite watch faces, here’s how:

Step 01: Launch the Watch application from the Home Screen of your iPhone.

Step 02: Next, click on the Watch Face you want to share.

Step 03: Find the Share button and click on it.

Step 04: Click on any one the sharing method according to your convenience, Email, Message, Air Drop or other.

Step 05: Next search for the Contact to whom you want to send your Apple Watch Face.

Step 06: Click on the Send button.

And that’s it, done and dusted! You have sent the watch face successfully to your partner. But there are also many faces that need particular watch models. Like few of them don’t function with Apple Watch series 3 and need Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 or later.

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How To Delete A Watch Face From Your Watch Face Personalized Collection?

How To Delete A Watch Face From Your Watch Face Personalized Collection?

Once you get over a watch face or you feel bored with it and have no need of it in your collection, you can easily remove it, in order to make space for the new ones. Yes, you can always delete an Apple Watch Face from your collection after sending it to somebody! With just a couple of simple steps.

Here is how you can delete a watch face from your Apple watch:

On Apple Watch:

On Apple Watch:

Step 01: From Your current screen displaying the Watch Face, long press on it!

Step 02: Head to the Watch Face that you want to remove.

Step 03: Swipe it upwards and on the Remove button.

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On iPhone:

On iPhone:

Step 01: Head to the Watch App on your iPhone.

Step 02: Click on My Watch and then tap on the Edit button from the My Faces section.

Step 03: Click on the Delete button near to the Watch face that you want to delete.

Step 04: At last tap on the Remove button.

Keep in mind that, you can always re-add the watch faces ever after.

With learning how to add a customizable Apple Watch face we have also learnt how to delete it when not in need. 

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Wrapping Up

Customization options are so in need in Apple Watches that made it very popular. One can create, customize and delete watch faces for your Apple Watches to make it different from others. However, the Face Gallery in the Apple Watch application has a number of watch  faces to select from and it is also having managing and customizing features for your Apple Watch faces. 

Moreover, if you desire for something different and unique from what Apple watches offer you then this article makes you learn all you need to know about how to add a customizable Apple Watch face and more. 

We always welcome your doubts and queries in the comment section.


Q. Can I Make A Custom Apple Watch Face?

Face Gallery is the simplest way to view all of your available watch faces on your Apple Watch, you can always customize, and add one to your collection. But if your iPhone is not compatible enough, you can personalize the face in your watch only. For more information, refer to the above article.

Q. How To Customise Your Apple Watch Face To A Picture? 

Set a New Watch Face: Launch the watch application on your iPhone and select the Face Gallery and click on portraits next to the picture at the top of the gallery screen. In the Content section, tap on Choose photos option. Select the Portrait photos you want to include and then click on Add.

Q. Are There Third Party Apple Watch Faces?

Although Apple has initiated support for sharing Apple Watch faces, it still does not allow any third-party watch faces application on the Apple Watch. Luckily there are few tricks and applications that allow users to create their own watch face on WatchOS and utilize it.

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