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Solatube Skylight

Song “shine bright like a diamond” you might have heard for sure. But it’s time to shine in reality. No, you cannot practically, but your house can. Wanna know how? Through Solatube Skylight. We’re not kidding, read and know yourself. 

You don’t know yet, but you can make your neighbors wonder “are these tube lights or UFOs landing in their house?” Yes, you make it possible by installing Solatube Skylights in your houses. But before that we strongly recommend you to be aware of it completely, after all, it’s about investment. Although we can assure you that you won’t regret buying Solatube Skylights. After all who hate shining stars, especially when they’re installed on your ceilings. These are similar to solar lights which use direct sunlight.

The Solatube Skylight absorbs the sunlight in a natural way. These are high-performance traditional skylights that use advanced optics to make use of sunlight. Solatube Skylight traps the incident rays of sunlight from the roof and reflects it through a tube into your Solatube Skylight which is installed in your ceiling.

This is just a gist about the Solatube Skylights, a lot more is left to know. We’re sure you’ll be eager to know more about this new high technology, which exhausts no amount of electricity but still shines your entire home. So yeah! the dream house lovers, go on reading, Know and Decorate your house like the one you saw in your dreams.

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What Is Solatube Skylight?

What Is Solatube Skylight

You can make your house look like heaven and others hell in front of yours. Not kidding, with Solatube Skylights you can feel the sun under your roof, yeah! 100% natural light. Solatube Skylight is an innovative tubular daylight tech that gives you natural sunlight instead of the harmful, fake pale tube light. Don’t hurry! You’ll automatically know-how, as we’ll explain everything out below.

Now you don’t need to go out of your house, bring benches, and sit to enjoy the natural sunlight because that work is on Solatube now. Yes, now Solatube Skylight will bring the natural sunlight inside your house without breaking your roof. Now you don’t need to depend on your windows and gardens for the sunlight. 

Every single room can take advantage of this technology. Now you can open your hands wider to invite your friends, families, and relatives with pride because you know now you just need a perfect drink to make the ambiance more impressive. You can live in your rooms, kitchen, hall, etc by installing Solatube Skylight into them. You can make your home more comfortable, entertaining, and enjoyable. We haven’t talked about the dark areas yet, right? Places like your closets, laundry rooms, bathrooms, stairwells, etc! Where there are no windows? So the fact is till now you’ve been toggling the switch for lights your entire life but now, it’s the era of Tubular Solatube Skylight, who will bring the sunlight directly to you! No matter what area it is in your house. 

These are also popular by the name of daylighting systems, solar tubes, light tunnels, etc. These high-performance lighting systems are at affordable rates. These lighting systems bring sunlight into people’s home’s dark places where simple and local lights can never reach and perform. Whereas Solatube Skylight captures the direct sunlight using the rooftop and reflects those rays indoors through a highly reflective tube, the rays scatter inside the room via a diffuser mounted on the ceiling.

Unlike traditional skylights which require an electricity connection, Solatube Skylight can be accessed easily and avoids any sort of difficulty, and delivers the light to the desired area. It has all types of designs like adjustable, flexible, and rigid, and the rest depends upon the manufacturer who makes it more affordable and less labor-intensive to install. This means, that today’s dark places can be loaded with sunlight tomorrow – or we may say in a couple of hours only with Solatube Skylight. And another and most important perk is that it saves your electricity along with the money in your pocket. So, you yourself think, what’s best? We’re not done, there’s more to go. Look below. 

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What Are Solatube Skylight Features?

What Are Solatube Skylight Features

Don’t let your hectic schedule spoil all the fun and joy that you can experience in your life, like going to the beach, tanning yourself in the sunlight, feeling the heat, etc. Although you can fake tan yourself temporarily, what about the other things you can do outdoors! Come on! Add some sunshine to your life, shine a bit and gain more vitamin D. We think you got the idea of what we’re talking about! Yeah, it’s Solatube Skylight again, which can bring life to your dead house. So read carefully.

  1. Solatube Skylight reflects mostly the natural light
  2. These can be installed easily and quickly without doing any changes to your roof.
  3. Its premium daylighting system captures and reflects direct sunlight to your rooms.
  4. You can combine the Integrated Reflector and Daylight-Catching Dome to get an amazing amount of sunlight from any angle, for a year or more.
  5. The tube through which the sunlight passes is made of the world’s most reflective material.
  6. The Integrated Solar-Electric Technology gives rise to energy and stores it to supply power to the new high-tech NightLight.
  7. The fixtures have options for brightening, dimming, ventilation, and intelligent nighttime lighting.
  8. The Solatube Skylight has different sizes available to fit into difficult spaces and applications.
  9. Solatube Skylights have leaking protection options to protect its sunlight collectors on any sort of roof. 
  10. Both square and round attractive fixtures are available to make your roof even more beautiful.

From dimming to an integrated nightlight, electric light, and ventilation, you’ll get every option you need to maintain the lighting of your house.

What Is The Cost Of Solatube Skylight?

What Is The Cost Of Solatube Skylight

Solatube Skylight has five varieties of skylights and at night the outer domes reflect the light from inside the house into the darkness. It’s just an extra feature for the sidelight. So whoever drives by wonders “Woah, what that is?”.

So we have learned enough about Solatube Skylight and its features, shall we hop on its pricing? So that you may get a rough idea about it!

Econotube Tube Skylight Range

  1. Budget-conscious
  2. $150-450 price
  3. 250mm & 400mm diameter
  4. Clear low profile Acrylic dome
  5. Low durability & low light 
  6. Single glazing

Heavenly Intelligent Tube Skylight

  1. Premium Tube Skylight
  2. $450-850 price
  3. 250mm & 400mm diameter
  4. Optical enhanced Clear dome
  5. Leak-proof performance
  6. 95-98% reflective
  7. Unique triple glaze

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Brighten Up Tube Skylight Range

  1. Highest performance, brighter and longer light
  2. $850-1400 price
  3. 250mm & 400mm diameter
  4. Unsurpassed performance reflecting 2x light
  5. Premium skylight in winters
  6. 99.7% reflective light

How To Install Solatube Skylight?

How To Install Solatube Skylight

Installing Solatube Skylight is a task of one hour hardly, smooth and simple. To install these you need to call trained professional technicians. These guys who install skylights are professionally trained and certified by the factory. 

But there are drawbacks, one is that these professional installers are very few and far in some areas of the country, which makes the installation process even harder. Some people say it’s a DIY thing, but remember you need to make a hole in your roof. Other than safety issues like climbing up on the roof, these skylights will leak if they won’t get properly sealed or installed. 

The other is that these are the center of attraction for bugs, you might notice or find a bunch of winged corpses. Not to worry about it, you can remove the diffuser from inside the room, clean it and fix it back. It’ll hardly take a couple of minutes. 

Rates of Solar Tubes depend upon the length of the tube. The tubes can be placed in a twist and turn pattern to get light in every corner, but the multiple fittings and the length will increase the price. Minimum $250.00+ is the installation fee. Rest you need to find out practically when you’ll buy yours.

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How Does Solatube Skylight Work?

How Does Solatube Skylight Works

Works but does not work in a traditional skylight pattern. As already told, it’s a high-performance natural lighting system that makes use of advanced optics to use sunlight in such a manner that improves the utilization of daylight. Tubular skylights capture sunlight from the rooftop and reflect it into the house through a tube.

Bring lives to your kitchens, rooms, living rooms, closets etc. A sun tunnel skylight offers light the same as the light a typical skylight provides many times its size. Also, it ranges much less than other daylighting options. 

These skylights have features of:

  1. More energy efficient
  2. Simple and easy to install
  3. More cost-effective 
  4. Offers a huge amount of light
  5. Fewer chances of leakage 
  6. No need to reframe the roof after installation
  7. Less prone to get dirty

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Wrapping Up

Skylights have grown so much in the last years. Traditional skylights have limitations, are installed in difficult-to-reach areas, have vulnerable leaks, are difficult to install, require roof reframing, hard to clean, and get dirty easily. Want to get rid of all these problems? If yes then there’s one solution to your multiple issues, “Solatube Skylights”. Get lights in all corners of your house even in difficult and dark places without any cons.


Q1. How To Transfer Sunlight To A Room?

Ans. Shades of white color in your house will make you feel bright as it reflects back the incident rays entering into the room instead of absorbing it like dark colors.

Q2. Which Is Better Solatube Or Velux?

Ans. Velux sun tunnels provide 98% reflective material whereas Solatube Skylight offers 99.7%. The higher the reflectivity the brighter lighting.

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