What Does BK Mean On Snapchat? 

what does BK mean on snapchat

Snapchat Lingo is the favorite dictionary of Snapchat users. Some Snapchat Lingo acronyms are familiar even to those who hardly use Snapchat. Some well-known acronyms are GTS, MB GTS, IMY, HMU, ONG, and BK. Do you know what BK mean on Snapchat, one of the most commonly used acronyms on Snapchat.

If we search the internet for the meaning of the acronym, there are few meanings, but when used on Snapchat, it has a lot of meanings that are not even available on the internet. Every word used repeatedly is turned into slang, just like the BK.

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BK means “Back” on Snapchat.

If you use slang in conversation and find that the user is unable to understand its meaning, try to be humble and avoid using slang with that person until he or she gets used to it.

What Does BK Mean On Snapchat?

BK mean on Snapchat is “Back.” You might have observed that BK is used very often in Snapchat conversations. Not just on Snapchat; it is also used on other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. BK mean on Snapchat is “Back.” This meaning of the BK is mostly used in conversations. Other meanings of BK include:

  • BK – Bad Kid
  • BK – Burger King
  • BK – Balks
  • BK- Book
  • BK – Brooklyn

Origins Of BK

Not all acronyms of Snapchat Lingo have a history behind them. Some of the acronyms are created in conversations. BK is one of those acronyms which originated from social media. Although BK was used in the address from the past by the people of New York. But the other meanings of BK originated from social media only. 

How Is BK Used On Snapchat?

How Is BK Used On Snapchat

Based on the different contexts in which BK is used in a conversation, its meaning keeps on changing.

BK as Burger King

When the conversation is going on and the discussion is related to food, then BK mean on Snapchat Burger King.

BK as Back

When you are chatting with someone, and you get a message like “Wait, I’ll b BK”, then BK here means back 

BK as Brooklyn

If someone is giving you an address and you find the city name as BK, the BK mean on Snapchat is Brooklyn.

BK as Bad Kid

When you find someone scolding a kid and they use BK in the conversation, then BK here means Bad Kid.

BK as Book

If you are having a conversation with your friends regarding the studies on Snapchat, then BK mean on Snapchat is Book.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use BK In Snapchat 

BK is used in various instances in a conversation. Here are some examples of how you can use BK.

  1. I’m really hungry right now. Let’s head towards the BK.
  2. Hold on, I’ll be BK in a minute.
  3. I was searching for the BK in my bag.
  4. Do you know where in BK he lives?
  5. Who has broken this? You are a BK.

Is It Okay To Use BK On Snapchat?

What Does BK Mean On Snapchat?

Yes, it is absolutely okay to use BK on Snapchat. BK has different meanings on social media and it can be used in various instances in a conversation. If someone has used BK in the conversation and you are not sure about its meaning, then you can text back the user with BK. The user will understand that you didn’t get the slang and will reply back with the meaning of the BK.

Other Snapchat  Abbreviations You Should Know

There are alot of other acronyms used in the daily conversation on Snapchat and other social media platforms. Here are some of the Snapchat lingo popularly used.

  • GTS – Go To Sleep / Good Times
  • MB – MayBe
  • IMY – I Miss You
  • HMU Hit Me Up
  • ONG – On God
  • GMS- Good Morning Streak
  • SMH – Shaking My Head
  • ATP – Answer The Phone


With the increasing use of social media platforms and the addition of Snapchat Lingo, none of the dictionaries now have all the meanings of the acronyms. Every day a new meaning of the acronym is introduced and it is not possible to learn every single meaning of the acronym. Guesses may help you sometimes, if perfectly aligned in context with the conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who Does BK Stand For?

BK mean on Snapchat is “Back.” BK also has other meanings which include Burger King, Book, Bad Kid, and much more. Based on the conversation in which BK is used, its meaning can be guessed.

Q2. When Should I Use BK?

You can use BK in your general chat on Snapchat or on other social media platforms. It is cool to use BK in place of the back.

Q3. What Does BK Mean On Internet?

BK mean on Snapchat and on the internet is Back. It also means Burger King when someone is talking about the food.

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