World’s First Flight NFTickets By Travelx | What About This?

World's first Flight NFTickets by Travelx

Yesterday, unique news circulated on the internet regarding the NFT ticket. How will this NFT ticket work and what will be unique about it? Let’s find out in our post on the world’s first flight NFTickets by Travelx.

Travelx designed a ticket in partnership with a group of world-renowned artists, “NFTickets” will give access to a business class seat on a Miami-bound flight this November. 

The company building the travel industry’s first blockchain-based distribution protocol, today announced that it has joined forces with Air Europa, the third-largest Spanish airline flying to over 60 destinations around the world, to release the world’s first NFT (non-fungible token) flight ticket series, or “NFTickets.”

We will be covering more about this news. How will this work, how to purchase it, and much more? The owners will also receive some special access. To find out the answers, let’s start with our post on the world’s first flight NFTickets by Travelx.

World’s First Flight NFTickets By Travelx

An NFTicket is a non-fungible token ticket that handles every travel record as an NFT. The NFT is tied to the blockchain which gives it security, authenticity, and immutability to the ticket and the possibility of trading and managing it as a “tokenized” asset for owners. Each NFTicket will be designed by a renowned artist, infusing meaning and art into what was once a simple flight ticket.

This has marked the beginning of the world’s first flight NFTickets by Travelx. The first 10 NFTickets in history will mark the paradigm shift in the travel industry. Given the notability of each NFT artist, the NFTickets will become unique and eternal collectible pieces.

The NFTickets also unlock access to a series of unique and exclusive events during Art Basel – Miami for its owners.

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When Will NFTickets Be Launched?

World's first Flight NFTickets by Travelx

The world’s first flight NFTickets by Travelx will begin its journey in a first-class AirEuropa cabin from Madrid to Miami on November 29 and continues upon landing at a private event at Art Basel Miami, where the NFTicket holders and artists will celebrate this momentous event in history together.

With purchase, owners will receive access to a special Air Europa flight to Miami Beach this November 29th, 2022, as well as perks and events ahead of the premier art show of the Americas taking place in Miami Beach this December. A series of NFTickets (10) in partnership with acclaimed artists will be released every 14 days via auction platform, with the first-ever available during a live auction on April 11 at 4 p.m. EST.

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Who Made The World’s First NFTicket?

The World’s First NFTicket Artist – Carlos Betancourt, made the ticket for Travelx.

Born in San Juan Puerto Rico in 1966 and raised by Cuban-born parents, Carlos Betancourt relocated to Florida with his family in 1980. Betancourt explores and examines humanity’s relationship and interactions with nature. His work also explores issues of identity, personal memories, and beauty, all of which are heavily influenced by his years growing up in San Juan as well as in Miami. By means of re-examination, he recycles and reinterprets the past by delivering it in a fresh and new relevant context.

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What Is The Idea Behind The World’s First NFTicket?


“Innovation is in our DNA. We have been pioneers in applying new technologies within our industry. It can not be different with NFTs, which could be the next step in the travel industry,” said Bernardo Botella, Global Sales Director at Air Europa. “We are proud to be the first airline to adopt blockchain technology for inventory management and distribution. We’re excited to see where this could take travel as a whole and how it could improve customer experience.”

NFTickets function as traditional NFTs and are individually rare. When traded, transactions are recorded safely and securely on the blockchain. When ready to use, the owner can present the NFT and a matching flight ticket will be issued. The TravelX and Air Europa NFTickets will offer buyers an opportunity to hold a piece of travel industry history and participate in the first-ever blockchain-backed flight.

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The NFTicket series titled, “The Art as the Destination,” is being curated by Ximena Caminos, who commissioned acclaimed multi-disciplinary artist Carlos Betancourt for the first piece. His artworks explore issues of memory, and his own experiences, while also dwelling on issues of nature, the environment, and matters of beauty, identity, and communication. Carlos Betancourt’s artworks are included in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art NY, and Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery DC, amongst others.

“Artists are intrigued by discovery, exploration,” said Betancourt. ” The same is with technology. With this piece, I’m experimenting with the boundaries of art and technology. The animated artwork is inspired by concepts of space, magical realms, and travel experiences, as well as by the memories and feelings these experiences evoke.”

“It’s very exciting to give birth to a new kind of NFT, minted on Algorands carbon-negative blockchain,” said Facundo Diaz, Co-Founder of TravelX. “We will blend the best of the traditional NFT, but add real-world application and experience. This provides a better flight ticket that travelers can easily manage and trade from their blockchain wallet, combined with a new kind of collectible art piece. We believe NFTickets will be the perfect fusion of art, travel, and technology.”

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When Is The Travelx Event on NFT Ticket?

To celebrate the world’s first flight NFTickets by Travelx, an invite-only event at the Eiffel Tower will be hosted, amid Paris NFT Day (April 12) and Paris Blockchain Week (April 13-14), where the final bid for the first-ever NFTicket will be revealed.   

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Wrapping Up

Tomorrow is the launch of the world’s first NFT ticket. Although the flight will take off in November however to get some more fame, a ceremony will be hosted at the historical Eiffel tower to increase the bid price of the rest of the NFTs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is An NFTicket?

A non-fungible token ticket is just like a regular ticket except a little more special – and flexible.

A limited number of NFTickets are created (“tokenized”) with a SmartContract and put up for sale or auction.

Q2. What Is A Token?

A token represents a set of rules encoded in a smart contract. Each token belongs to a blockchain address. It’s essentially a digital asset that is stored securely on the blockchain.

Q3. What Is TravelX?

TravelX is the new blockchain-based distribution protocol for a secure, decentralized, frictionless, efficient, transparent, and profitable Travel Industry.

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