Best NFT Jobs In 2022 | Can You Make A Career Out Of NFTs?

Best NFT Jobs in 2022

NFT is the word that you must be hearing everywhere these days. If you say that NFTs are changing the whole world then you won’t be wrong. From donations to income, NFTs are the solution. Do you know that NFTs are also providing jobs? Well, if not, then here is a post that will tell you the best NFT Jobs that one must apply for in 2022.

The first benefit of NFTs was direct to the artists and creators. However, with the development and the popularity of NFTs, now every big firm is hiring employees for NFTs. This has created a large number of jobs in the market. These jobs range from the NFT creators to the selling of these NFTs.

We did a lot of research and picked the 10 best NFT jobs in 2022. These jobs will increase in the near future and a lot of new jobs will also be created. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s start.

10 Best NFT Jobs In 2022

Best NFT Jobs in 2022

Here are the 10 best NFT jobs in 2022. These jobs are linked to the NFTs and their marketplace.

1. Become A Professional Artist

Artists are the prime requirements in the creation of NFTs. If you are a designer or 3D artist, then you can get the best NFT jobs in 2022. Any user who can draw, sketch, build, design, or even customize avatars can turn that creative intuition into a full-time job. You only need a user-friendly NFT minting platform that doesn’t require coding skills and effective marketing skills to hit the ground running. If you’re good at it and luck is on your side, your first work can fetch thousands in hotly contested bids.

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2. NFT Marketing

NFTs provided a great relief to the artists. You can create your art, mint it on the marketplace and sell it for a good price. Your earring doesn’t end here. You will get royalty each time your artwork is sold.

Hundreds of thousands of artists, including newbies, are minting and creating NFT collections on various marketplaces. It’s just a matter of time before this number skyrockets to millions of users, especially when the industry attains 100% mainstream adoption. Moreover, we also have new NFT projects geared towards Metaverse utility coming up. You can leverage your marketing background and skills to help these artists promote their projects. 

3. Design And Development

You can design and develop a plot in any Metaverse. You can open a shop or store. You can also open a museum to showcase your NFTs there. The Web3.0 tech is gaining shape to make Metaverse interaction a reality. Facebook recently pumped $10 billion into AR, VR, and associated hardware to spearhead ambitious projects in the Metaverse. However, the whole concept is still in its infancy, creating a big niche for like-minded designers and developers to hop onto the trend.

4. NFT Community Associate

Currently, the NFT industry has no central regulation, making it reliant on users who make up different decentralized communities for voting decisions. The communities are also responsible for creating rules and regulations governing their underlying NFT projects or ecosystems. In a nutshell, online communities and social interactions are the backbones of many NFT projects.

Projects looking to streamline their community discussions are advertising job positions for channel admins and associates. As a community associate, your job can include moderating discussions and spearheading voting campaigns for new decisions. You might also lobby for life-changing decisions that are likely to meet resistance from some members. This job requires strong and convincing communication skills because you’ll be dealing with thousands of community members.

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5. Freelancing: Content Creation Jobs

Talking about the Best NFT Jobs In 2022, and forgetting freelancing? Never!

Content marketing is arguably one of the most powerful tools for online projects. With a content writer freelancer’s salary averaging at about $35 to $50 an hour, you can turn this into a well-paying full-time job, especially if you can guarantee a quick turnaround. Moreover, some projects are willing to pay more, sometimes double the above-mentioned rates if you can produce high-quality content pieces.

That said, content creation jobs in the NFT industry are boundless. You can work with a news outlet to feature industry trends and news on a freelancing basis. Alternatively, you can pitch already existing projects or upcoming ones to work on a contract basis. If that doesn’t work, turn to freelance sites and browse the job boards for some short-term gigs. Your commitment and ability to offer quality work are what matter the most in this space.

6. NFT Entrepreneurship

You can also take things a few notches higher, especially if you want to join the big industry players. If you prefer investing in opportunities that guarantee predictable returns, you can turn that habit into a full-time job in the NFT industry. However, this approach might require a sizable initial capital if you’re going to make good money without straining or overstretching your luck.

Armed with enough capital, you can buy as many NFT gaming items as possible and lend them out at a fee to enthusiastic players. Users can borrow these items using fiat currency or specific tokens that can be cashed out. You can also allow users to swap their other NFTs for yours, especially if their values correlate, or one is slightly higher than the other.

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7. Blockchain Developer

Best NFT Jobs in 2022

If you are still looking for career development, then blockchain developer is a good choice for you. It has a lot of potential for growth and cutting-edge tech, so becoming a Blockchain developer is a good option for you. There is a huge demand for certified Blockchain developers, but there are not many of them. This is another reason why it makes sense to learn Blockchain in 2022 and become a certified developer.

Today, it is not difficult to become a blockchain developer. You can learn from world-class universities at home.

8. Cybersecurity Expert

As NFT marketplace is all online. You have to make sure it is fully secure. Cybersecurity experts are needed for this job. To keep NFTs secure and tackle the threats is the need of the hour. You can kickstart your career as a cybersecurity expert.

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9. Cloud Expert

The whole of NFTs and Metaverse is cloud-dependent. The ongoing pandemic and the surge in digital services are making the cloud the centerpiece of new digital experiences. The global cloud revenue is pitched to reach $474 billion in 2022, up from $408 billion in 2021. More than 85% of organizations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025.

10. Software Engineer

The last one on the list of the Best NFT Jobs In 2022 is Software Engineer.

Software engineering is without doubt the best job of all time. You need software development at every stage of NFT marketing. You need to make a marketplace or other apps with the help of a software engineer.

A senior software engineer is a problem-solver, creative, and responsible for leading the entire development program of the software. They apply their knowledge of mathematics and computer science to create and improve new software.

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Wrapping Up:

Here we conclude our post. We have discussed the 10 best NFT jobs in 2022. We have also provided each job with a description. If you are still looking to make your career in this field, then we recommend going for any one of the jobs listed above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Can I Make As NFT?

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to determine what unique digital asset you want to turn into an NFT. It can be a custom painting, picture, music, video game collectible, meme, GIF, or even a tweet. An NFT is a unique digital item with a sole owner. That rarity gives an NFT value.

Q2. What Kind Of NFTs Sell The Most?

The most expensive NFTs sold as outstanding pieces of art

  • The Merge: USD 91.8 million.
  • Every day’s – The First 5000 Days: USD 69.3 million.
  • Human One: USD 28.9 million.
  • CryptoPunk #7523: USD 11.75 million.
  • CryptoPunk #3100: USD 7.58 million.
  • CryptoPunk #7804: USD 7.57 million.

Q3. Is It Worth Investing In NFT?

Some of the advantages of investing in NFTs include: Anyone can invest in NFTs: Investing in tokenized assets is accessible to everyone. Asset ownership that is tokenized into an NFT can more easily and efficiently be transferred among people anywhere in the world.

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