Are Reels And Stories The Same Size?

Are Reels And Stories The Same Size?

The world operates at a rapid pace. People do not have time to spare for watching full-length movies. They would rather prefer watching short films and even shorter versions, just like in Instagram Reels and Stories. Curious minds often wonder are Reels and Stories the same size while looking for ways to decide the better option of the two.

Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app as it was initially meant to be. Reels and Stories, the most popular feature of the app, allows users to share short videos, similar to TikTok. Users create trending or viral Reels and Stories and generate millions of views, and Instagram pays for Reels that go viral. 

Instagram Reels and Stories are designed to be viewed in 9:16 (1080 x 1920), in the portrait mode of your phone screen, or vertically in full screen. This indicates that your Instagram Reels and Stories the same size 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels in height.

Your Instagram accounts are the story of your life. One look at your Instagram Profile will let your friends and followers know about the changes and progress in your life. To create stunning Reels and Stories the same size and establish your digital footprint, read on to see a comparative study of your Reels and Stories.

What Is The Difference Between Stories And Reels?

What would you do if you have accidentally recorded a slow-motion video of your dog doing a somersault? Would you post it to your Instagram Stories or Reels? You must be contemplating what is the better option for you. Read on to know your answers to Reels and Stories the same size based on different classifications.


All Instagram Stories can be up to 15 seconds in length. Users can create Stories with photos for 7 seconds. Users who post Stories with audio or music embedded in it can create Stories for as less as 5 seconds, while users who wish to create long Stories can post for up to 60 seconds. However, your Stories will be visible in the Instagram Feed of all your friends and followers only for 24 hours, after which they will automatically disappear unless you add them as a highlight.

Instagram Reels, on the other hand, can be created for 15, 30, 60, or 90 seconds. Users can upload photos and videos to best fit the chosen time frame. Instagram Reels will be displayed on your Profile and are visible to all your friends and followers.

Editing Options

When you are comparing if Reels and Stories the same size, you will notice various editing options that are quite similar with certain differences, like,

Instagram Stories

What Is The Difference Between Stories And Reels? Stories editing options
  • Aa Create – Instagram users can add text to Instagram Stories to personalize or create a Story without adding a photo or a video.
  • Boomerang – Select the Boomerang icon and click the shutter button to take a burst of pictures that creates a loop going forward and backward.
  • Layout – Select a layout for your Story to create a series of pictures or combine them into a collage.
  • Hands-Free – If you are not comfortable with holding on to the Record button, you can make use of the Hands-Free option to record a video for your Story at a tap.
  • Photo Booth – Tap on the circle icon at the bottom of the page to take a series of photos that combines to form your Story.
  • Multi-capture – Users can take a series of pictures and then post it as separate Stories.
  • Level – Use a level to check if your device is at a level to take the picture.

Instagram Reels

What Is The Difference Between Stories And Reels? Reels editing options
  • Music – to add songs from your music library to your Reels
  • Camera Effects – Find and add widespread camera effects to your Reel.
  • Aa – Add a caption or a text message to your Instagram Reel.
  • Stickers – Use Add Yours Stickers to tag, @mention, location, etc.
  • 1x – Change the speed of your Reels to record a Reel on Instagram in slow motion or speed-up.
  • Layout – Choose a grid and select the desired layout for your Reel.
  • Timer – Select the length of your Reel and start a timer countdown.
  • Camera icon – Record your Instagram Reel using both your front and back camera.


Do you want your Reels and Stories to have the maximum reach? Despite the fact that Reels and Stories the same size, discoverability determines the success of it all. While Stories are displayed on your Instagram Feed at the top of the page, every time you open the Instagram app, Reels are not as easy to access.

Users can take certain measures to enhance the discoverability of their Reels. By adding popular music and trending hashtags, users can further enhance the reach and discoverability of their Reels, which is not the same for Stories. Although users can add music and tag people to Instagram Stories, it will be displayed in Instagram only for 24 hours, which restricts its reach.

Music And Effects

Instagram users have a fully equipped music library from which they can add music to Instagram. Instagram Stories allow users to play music tracks in the background of their Stories that can be uploaded from the music library. For Instagram Reels, users can add music tracks or add voiceover to their Reels to use your audio as the focus of your Reel. Instagram Reels lets users create personalized videos with voiceovers. 

Sharing Options

Despite Reels and Stories the same size, they have different sharing options. While Stories are personal videos that users create to document events or send invitations, Reels are shared across the platform for all users to see. 

Users can share any trending Instagram Reels for all users to see. While Stories are limited by the constraints of friends and followers, Instagram Reels are meant to be shared on the open platform to be viewed by all. Ensure that you add popular songs and trending hashtags to enhance your discoverability.

Are Instagram Reels Better than Instagram Stories?

Do you want your videos to have the maximum reach and do numbers? Then Instagram Reels are better than Stories. Instagram Reels are designed to reach the maximum number of users not limited to your friends and followers. Users can add music and hashtags to their Reels to enable better visibility of their Reels, which helps them go viral.

Even though Reels and Stories the same size, Instagram Stories can be made only for up to 15 seconds and will be displayed only to your friends and followers. It is best if you want to share personal photos or videos or send invitations for an event to your intimate circle.

Users should also take into consideration that all Instagram Stories will be displayed on Instagram only for 24 hours, while Reels are there to stay. All Instagram Reels will be visible on the app, accumulating views, likes, and shares. Unless the user decides to take down the Reel, it will be discoverable on the platform.

What Are The Lengths Of Instagram Reels And Instagram Stories?

Even though Reels and Stories the same size, it varies in length. It is essential that you understand the length of Instagram Reels and Stories before you create entertaining content.

Length Of Instagram Reels

All Instagram Reels can be created for a default of 15 seconds. Instagram offers other options that allow users to create Reels for 30, 60, and 90 seconds. Users can select the time limit that best suits the content of their Reels and record entertaining, educational, or hilarious content that goes viral.

Length Of Instagram Stories

All Instagram Stories are created for 15 seconds. Users who wish to create Stories with only photos can create them for 7 seconds. You can also post Stories with music or audio embedded in them for less than 5 seconds. If you wish to do longer videos, they will be broken down into four different segments of 15 seconds each.

Wrap Up

Instagram offers one of the largest platforms for its users to promote their businesses and display their creativity. With over 2.3 billion active users from all over the world, your Reels has the capability to get millions of views in a matter of seconds. With the apt music and popular hashtags, you can further broaden your reach. While, Stories cater to the needs of intimate users who wish to post photos and videos for the eyes of only close friends, without the world’s prying eyes. Though Reels and Stories the same size, prioritize by taking into consideration the content you wish to share and the audience you wish to share it with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Use The Same Video For Both Reels And Stories On Instagram?

Yes, you can. You can use the same video for both Reels and Stories. Though Reels and Stories the same size, Stories will be displayed in the Feed of your friends and followers while Reels will be visible to all.

Q: Are Reels And Stories In The Same Format?

Users can upload Instagram Reels with the aspect ratios 9:16 and 1.91:1. Instagram Stories have the same aspect ratio with 1080p x 1920p or 1080p resolution.

Q: How Can I Make My Reels Or Stories More Discoverable On Instagram?

The best way to make your Reels or Stories more discoverable on Instagram is by adding popular music to it from Instagram Sound Collection. You can add trending hashtags to further your discoverability on the platform.

Q: Can I Add Text Or Stickers To My Reels And Stories?

Yes, you can add Text or Stickers to your Reels and Stories. You can add Text, edit, format, and animate it. Using Add Yours Stickers you can tag your friends, Tag a location, add music, effects, and many more.

Q: Do Reels And Stories Have The Same Aspect Ratio?

Yes. Instagram Reels and Stories have the same aspect ratio of 1.91:1 and 9:16. They should have a minimum frame rate of 30FPS with a minimum picture resolution of 720p.

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