How To Fix Reels Not Getting Views?

How To Fix Reels Not Getting Views?

Instagram Reels literally pave the way for your 15 seconds of fame. You can get more views by creating viral content to capture the likes of millions of viewers from across the globe. But, this is not enough, and many concerned users are looking for ways to fix Reels not getting views. We offer the best possible ways for you to create trending and viral content.

Instagram Reels is one of the most popular features of the app since its launch in August 2020. Users can create short videos for up to 90 seconds and post it on the platform for all 2.3 billion users to view. Good content that offers educational, informative, and entertaining content gathers views effortlessly helping users to make money on Instagram and to stimulate view counts, and gain new followers without the concern of not getting enough views.

You can fix Reels not getting views by optimizing your content, using captions and hashtags, posting at the right time, engaging with your audience, promoting your Reels, creating a niche, posting genuine content, sticking to a posting schedule, and following the trend.

The world we live in, judges people based on their numbers. The number of followers you have, the Reels you post, likes, shares, and interactions your Reels have, etc. If you face issues with your Instagram Reels not working issue, we understand that you must be concerned and looking for ways to fix Reels not getting views. Read on to learn how.

What Are The Common Mistakes That Reduce Views Of My Reels?

What Are The Common Mistakes That Reduce Views Of My Reels?

Imagine that you have created a prank video for your Instagram Reel, gathering all your friends. You had good entertaining content with perfect camera work capturing the prank and the reaction perfectly. However, while you are excitedly waiting for your Reel to hit the million mark, you notice it struggling to cross a few thousand.

Are you wondering what went wrong? Let us study the common mistakes that reduce views of your Reels.

1. Poor User Engagement

Instagram users can engage with the Reels by likes, shares, comments, and saves. Users interact and engage with only the Reels that they are interested in. You should understand that the primary attention span for all humans is 8 seconds. Ensure that the beginning of your video for Reels is so captivating that your viewers feel connected and engaged with your Reel.

2. Not Using Trending Music

One of the most efficient ways to boost the views of your Reels is by adding trending music to them. The best way to fix Reels not getting views is by adding popular music from the Sound Collection. You can further personalize your Reels by adding a voice-over or by adding music to only part of your Reel

3. Not Using The Hashtags

Do you add a #hashtag to your Reels? Just like adding trending songs to your Reels, adding hashtags to your Instagram Reels will not only enhance your discoverability but also help you to broaden your audience. It is one of the best ways to fix Reels not getting views, as adding a hashtag will also display your Reel on the Hashtag page.

4. Not Optimizing Reels

Instagram has over 2.3 billion active users, most of whom create Reels. Even with such a massive number of viewers available, not all Reels hit the million mark. Most users face issues and end up looking for ways to fix Reels not getting views by analyzing the new Reels algorithm.

You should understand the importance of creating unique content to stand out of the crowd, winning the battle for you. Make Reels that specialize in a particular type of content, making it easy for your viewers to recognize you. Find your niche and stay in your lane to help optimize your Reels.

5. Check If Account Is Shadowbanned 

Do you notice a sudden fall or a drastic change in your Reels algorithm or Insights? If you notice that all your posts on Instagram are getting fewer views, likes, and comments than they usually would, you should consider the possibility of being shadow banned.

Instagram bans all unruly users from the platform. Trace your steps to identify the reason for being shadowbanned by the platform. Follow the Community Guidelines at all times to avoid being shadowbanned.

How To Fix Reels Not Getting Views? Tips And Tricks

Now that you know the most common mistakes that reduce the views of your Reels, let us now work on a way to fix Reels not getting views issue.

Fix 1: Optimize Your Content

Instagram Reels optimization is all about tailoring your short videos in such a way that they appear on the Instagram Feed of your target audience. Making the right changes to your Reels will increase the visibility of your Reel for your target audience. When you optimize your content and reach the target audience, you will automatically be able to increase engagement which will directly help you to fix Reels not getting views.

Fix 2: Use Caption And Hashtags

Hashtags are a way to navigate through social media platforms. Many users who seek specific Reels that are related or relevant to certain topics and use the #hashtag to discover them. 

Instagram Reels with the best hashtags will be displayed not only in the users’ Feed but also on the Explore Page. However, Reels does not recognize hashtags that are directly added to the Reel. All users can add hashtags to the caption or in the comments section of the Reel.

Fix 3: Post At The Right Time

What time is best to post Reels on Instagram? Study your audience and understand their behavior when they are available and most active on the platform before you post your Reel. Ensure that you do not post your Reel during the weekend when all your friends are partying. It is advisable to post your Reel during a weekday, mid-day when most users browse through Instagram, during their break time. 

Fix 4: Engage With Your Audience

The success of any Instagram Reel depends on how well you relate and engage with your audience. Instagram promotes Reels that are highly engaging with added music, captions, and Add Your Stickers. 

Users can further connect with your audience by using apt hashtags, adding captions, and conducting polls. Engage with your audience to fix Reels not getting views issues. When users feel a personal connection with your Reel, they will check out your other Reels too, thus increasing your overall engagement and helping you to gain more views and followers.

Fix 5: Promote Your Reels

Instagram understands the importance of promotions and offers a feature that allows users to Boost their posts. You can set a goal to achieve, select your target audience, choose a budget for the promotion, and for how long you would like to promote your Reels, and Instagram will do the work for you. 

You will be able to promote Reels on Instagram and make them more discoverable. Your Reels will be displayed in the Feed, Stories, Reels, and also in Explore tab.

Fix 6: Don’t Post Sensitive Content

Instagram follows a strict set of Community Guidelines that hinder users from posting sensitive content on the platform. Any Reel that you post which has explicit content, induces hate speech against certain people or communities, bullying or abuse, or ignites violence will be flagged down by the app. 

It does not do good to your credibility if you post sensitive content on your Reels. To fix Reels not getting views issue, double-check the contents of your Reels before posting it. Instagram will flag down Reels with sensitive content, and you will face the issue of being banned permanently from the app.

Fix 7: Stick To One Niche

Your audience has a certain level of expectations from you. You will be able to satisfy the viewers only when you find your niche and stick with it. Rediscover yourself, find your unique interests that could pique the interest of your followers, and create Reels related to your niche.

Whatever your specialty, be it food blogging, travel vlogging, photography, animation, dancing, educational, or entertainment, find your niche and do not go off the rails. If you go awry, you could lose some of your followers.

Fix 8: Don’t Copy Content

Creating unique and innovative content will get you instant recognition. You could learn from the success story of Khaby Lame, who is now one of the most recognized social influencers from all over the world. His simple, silent mock of complicated life hacks has won millions of hearts everywhere.

If you are trying to copy or imitate content created by others, stop doing it. The most important way to fix Reels not getting views is stop copying contents posted by other users. Viewers recognize copycats instantly, and you will find it immensely difficult to overcome it.

Fix 9: Maintain A Posting Schedule

Do you post Reels at a random time? Stop doing this. Your followers, who eagerly await for you to post will be disappointed while waiting long hours for you to post.

You can fix Reels not getting views issue by creating and sticking to a schedule. Program your Reel by studying your Analytics and choosing the best time that suits you. Do this regularly and maintain a posting schedule, and you will slowly start gaining more views and followers.

Fix 10: Follow Trend

Instagram Trends keep changing, just like in the fashion industry. Analyze your Feed and use the Explore page to study the current trends of Instagram users and follow the trend. One of the best ways to fix Reels not getting views is by following the trend. Ensure that you do not compromise your niche and add a bit of your uniqueness to stay ahead of the crowd that follows the trend to create Reels.

Wrap Up

Social networking is no longer just a means of communication to stay connected with friends and family. It is an open window that allows your followers to take a peek into your life. And Reels are the trailer that attracts viewers to your Instagram account. We hope that you now understand the secrets to fix Reels not getting views and can now make trending and viral Reels that get millions of views. Keep the instructions in mind, and you will soon be able to join ranks with Kabhy Lame, Huda Beauty, and Lele Pons to become one of the most popular social influencers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Are My Reels Not Getting Views?

If you have not added popular music or trending hashtags to your Reels, it will struggle in getting views. Increase your user engagement and optimize your Reels to fix Reels not getting views issue. Also, check if you are shadowbanned by the platform.

Q2. Why Did My Reels Suddenly Stop Gettings Views?

It is essential that you create exciting or intriguing content to gain the attention of your audience. Make sure that the first 8 to 10 seconds of your Reels are very interesting to get their attention. If not, the viewers will just scroll over to the next Reel.

Q3. Why Are My Reels Only Seen By My Followers?

Do you have a private Instagram account? Then only your friends and followers will be able to see or share your Reels. Change your Instagram account to a public account if you want your Reels to get more views.

Q4. How Do You Know If You Are Shadowbanned On Instagram?

If you are shadowbanned on Instagram, your content will no longer appear on the Feed, Hashtags, or explore page of your friends and followers. If your friends notice that your posts are not visible to them, you are most likely shadowbanned on Instagram.

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