Features Of Rossgram | Everything You Need To Know!

Features Of Rossgram

By now you must have heard about Rossgram. Isn’t it? Well, Rossgram is the clone of Instagram. The screenshots that were shared by Russian developers show that Rossgram is very similar to Instagram. The features of Rossgram are also the same as that of Instagram.

The layout and the color palette of Rossgram are also similar to Instagram. Since Instagram is banned in Russia, the tech giants bought a new social media app in place of Instagram, Rossgram. You will see that this phenomenon is the same as that of Truth Social.

Donal trump after getting banned from many social media platforms decided to bring up his own social media that was a clone of Twitter. The same happens here also. Russia after banning Instagram decided to bring up its own social media app called Rossgram and the features of Rossgram are also the same as Instagram.

So today let us get to know what are the features that you will find in Rossgram. How are Instagram and Rossgram different and many other facts that you should know? Now let’s quickly get started without wasting much time.

What Is Rossgram?

The screenshots that were shared show that Rossgram is the clone of Instagram. Rossgram is invented in Russia because Instagram was one of the main and most used social media apps that was banned because Instagram users in Ukraine spread hate speeches against Russia amidst the Russia-Ukraine war. So due to this reason Russia banned Instagram and has developed a new social media app called Rossgram which is also called Russian Instagram.

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Features Of Rossgram

Features Of Rossgram

The features of Rossgram are quite similar to that of Instagram. But yes there are a few features that make Rossgram different from Instagram. Rossgram has included features like crowdfunding and paid access to the creators. So now let’s take a look at the different features of Rossgram.

  1. Home: This is where your home feed will be. You can scroll through the photos and the videos that your friends have posted on Rossgram.
  2. Searching and exploring: The magnifying glass that you see on this app will take you to the explore page if you click on it. Here you will be able to search and also browse the contents from the accounts that you don’t follow.
  3. Upload: With the large plus button that you see you can upload and also edit your photos and videos.
  4. Activity: The heart icon that you see will take you to the comments, likes that you have received on your besides other activity updates.
  5. Profile: And last is your profile which will show your bio and the posts that you will share on Rossgram.

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Uploading, Posting, And Editing Photos On Rossgram

Uploading, Posting, And Editing Photos on Rossgram

Well, Rossgram is a photo-sharing app created by Russia to fill the void for Instagram. And since this is the same as Instagram so the photo sharing, editing, and uploading of photos and videos are also the same. If you want to share a photo on Rossgram then you have to click on the large plus icon. Here you will be able to choose the photos or the videos from your camera roll and post it on Rossgram.

You can even apply filters to any photo that you want to upload. The filters on Rossgram will help you edit your photos with the different visual pre-set overlays.

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Other Optional Features Of Rossgram

After you see that your post is set the way you want it to be then there are a few other things that you can do before you hit on the share button.

  1. Adding a caption: Adding captions is always a good idea. You can use words, hashtags, or emojis in your photo. You can even mention your friend’s name by adding “@” just as you would usually do in other social media apps in comments.
  2. Tagging people: Rossgram will also allow you to tag people in your photos. Whenever you tag people then they will get a notification.
  3. Adding location: You can even add location tags on Rossgram. in this way you can even let others know where you took that photo.

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Rossgram Story Feature

Rossgram Story Feature

There could be many people who would use Rossgram to create and to view your story on Rossgram. These stories could be a mixture of photos, short videos which you will see in a slideshow format. You will find this story at the top of your Rossgram feed. There are features that you can customize your story with different types of creative elements in stories.

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Wrapping Up:

So these were some of the features of Rossgram that we have included in this post. So before you make your opinion about this app it’s better that you read the features of this app and then decide for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Hashtags Work On Rossgram?

Yes, hashtags will absolutely work on Rossgram but the main thing that you need to remember is to set the right kind of hashtags. If you want your content to be visible when people search for the hashtags thus attracting more followers. But if you use any kind of random hashtags then it will not be engaging and this can also lead to spam comments.

Q. What Is A Rossgram Caption?

Rossgram captions are the description that you add to your photo or video that you will share on Rossgram. These captions can be customized so you can add emojis, texts, hashtags, or tags. So it is better that you use your caption correctly to get satisfactory social media engagement.

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