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Rossgram is the Russian Instagram. Shocked? Yea, we can relate. The first question that popped in your mind after reading it might be, what is Rossgram? What’s Russia doing here? What’s its part? So, let us tell you, Rossgram is a social media platform specially designed for Russians. Now, you would be like, cool, but what’s next? How to use Rossgram?

Here, let’s take a couple of minutes out and answer all your questions in today’s post, where we will mainly be talking about Rossgram. What is it? How to use Rossgram? And many more things. Read out it loud to know and let your friends know.

Rossgram is a social media stage that is being developed after a big conflict that took place between Russia and Meta – Instagram and indirectly Ukraine was also involved. In this conflict, some of the users started posting public content wishing for the deaths of the Russian army because of the World War, which was initiated by Russia only. 

Russia took this seriously and made a decision on the spot to ban Instagram in Russia, due to which Rossgram is being developed. Hope that up to some extent, you might have understood the basic story of Rossgram. To know the main concept of how to use Rossgram, keep reading.

What Is Rossgram?

Rossgram is an under-process platform being developed by the Russian Tech Entrepreneurs. Rossgram is meant to replace the world-famous platform Instagram from Russia for letting their users insult the Russian army. 

One can clearly say that Rossgram is a clone of Instagram because of its appearance, which can be clearly seen in the picture shared by Zobov on Vkontakte. The pattern of the layout and color scheme strongly resonates with Instagram. Many are thinking that leaving Instagram behind would not be an easy task for Russia, as 80% population operates Instagram on their mobile phones and other devices. 

But little do they know that Russia is not a fresher in this case. Russia carries a good experience in boycotting brands like TikTok. Yes, you heard it right. Russia had some history with China because of this Russia banned TikTok and replaced it with Yappy social media platform. 

Some part of the Russian population knows that the Russian Entrepreneurs are having great plans for Rossgram which is entirely true. This race between Instagram and Rossgram is confusing the audience and also creating suspense in their minds, to know what’s next? Whether Rossgram will be able to beat Instagram or not!

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Why Did Russia Boycott Instagram?

Instagram is a picture and video sharing platform that got banned by the Russian State Communication Regulator – Roskomnadzor on the midday of 14th of March 2022. 

Although, Instagram made its terms and conditions very clear at the start of its launch and still makes it clear whenever anyone who’s new comes to Instagram or by taking down any post that goes against the terms and conditions. But in the case of the post in which the user was clearly saying “Death to the Russian Invaders”, Instagram took no action.

Neither Instagram took down the post nor suspended the user account. Which offended the Russian government. And after that, we all know what happened. 

Moving to How to use Rossgram, because knowing the history part only won’t help you run Rossgram on your device after being launched. 

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How To Use Rossgram?

So, how to use Rossgram?

As stated earlier, Rossgram highly resonates with Instagram. Not only in terms of appearance but also from features. Rossgram covers all the existing features of Instagram to cover the gap that was created after the deletion of Instagram from the system of Russia.

Filling that void influenced the developers so much that they came up with even more brilliant features which will help the Russian audience to not look back to Instagram ever. Those features are Crowdfunding, Subscription plan, and Business development. 

Users will be able to operate Rossgram easily because having an experience with Instagram, Chatting, Calling, uploading pictures, and sharing media will be done in that same way. Users just need to wait patiently for the launch to explore the inside of the applications all by themselves.

The rest of the unique features like crowdfunding where one can raise funds by sitting at one place only, no manpower will be required. Funds can be raised by initiating and running a campaign online for a good cause. Other users will take part by sharing and funding automatically as per their will. This feature will outshine the existence of Rossgram. 

Business Promotion and Subscription Model are somehow directly or indirectly linked to each other. The subscription model will provide access to the users of some premium features which will help the business holders expand and increase the reach of their business. This subscription model will also be useful for top bloggers and influencers, afterall unlocking premium features is a plus point in terms of getting maximum reach.

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Is Rossgram A Good Option?

You are aware of how to use Rossgram, but now the question arises if it is a good replacement or not?

Based on all that you have learned from this blog post, yes, it’s a good option as it’s covering all the basic needs of a regular user, digital influencer, and businessman. Rest will depend on the media and the users, how they are making use of this platform, what’s their reaction towards its performance, and how is their experience with Rossgram.

Otherwise, based on what you know and what we know about Rossgram, it can clearly be declared that Rossgram will successfully replace Instagram in the upcoming days and one day it will be accessible to the people of the entire world. 

Till then, let’s wait for the next update.

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Wrapping Up

That was all for how to use Rossgram.

Russia is all set to remove Instagram from its roots from Russia after what happened on 14th March. Russian Tech Entrepreneurs and Developers have been totally involved in the designing of Rossgram since then. Rossgram – Russian Instagram is about to roll out in April 2022 for the Russian public, but before that, a short trial will be taken by a limited group of people in which the sponsors, partner of the Rossgram, and Top bloggers will be involved. Rossgram will be accessible for both Android and iOS users in Russia.


Q1. Why Did Russia Ban Instagram?

Ans. Instagram – photo & video sharing platform was banned by Russia on midday of 14th March 2022 because of a conflict in which Instagram let their users spread hatred against Russians on their platform publicly as a result of which Russia banned Instagram in the rage of revenge.

Q2. When Will Rossgram Be Accessible To The Public Of Russia?

Ans. A short trial will be run in which a few of the top bloggers including the sponsors and partners of Rossgram are expected to be involved, if all goes well then the app will be publicly launched in April 2022.

Rossgram- Russian Instagram, is going to be launched soon. Rossgram comes up with the usual functionalities and mobile applications for android and iOS.

Rossgram| A replacement of Instagram will be available soon to use only by Russian citizens.

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