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GMK Metaverse R2

Have you ever heard of the GMK Metaverse R2? It is a set inspired by the Japanese video game Persona 5. This slash kit features a monochromatic design with Hiragana sub-legends. Are you seeking information related to this? If yes, are you on the GMK Metaverse R2? Here is a post covering everything about it.

One can display this item on a desk or computer easily. The custom keyboard in the GMK Metaverse R2 is about expressing oneself with their designed choices. That is where the novelties come into play, and you let anyone who sets foot in your office know who you think is the best. Community member Dead Encryption designs it. 

The GMK Metaverse R2 is a multi-colored set inspired by Persona 5. It comes with a red Royal kit featuring monochromatic keys and hiragana sub-legends. It is available in a 20-key space bar kit.

Are you excited to know more? Here is a blog that will provide you with all the relevant details regarding the GMK Metaverse R2. Be with us until the end to know everything about the product. So, let us begin the post without wasting any time and pour some light on the GMK Metaverse R2. 

What Is GMK Metaverse R2? 

GMK Metaverse R2 is a slash kit. It is based on a Japanese video game called Persona 5. It features a monochromatic design with a royal kit, 138 keys, and 30 novelties keys. It is made of a durable ABS and includes a double-shot legend. It is a great set of keys inspired by a video game. Dead Encryption, which is the team behind Metaverse, has created the design of GMK Metaverse R2. The game is extremely popular not just in Japan but around the world. Let us find a little more about the game’s history and collect some good information about this. 

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GMK Metaverse R2 Desk Mats

GMK Metaverse R2

Two types of GMK Metaverse R2 desk mats are available. These are Cherry profile, and PBT dye subbed. The clones are made using high-quality fabric and rubber, and these are close to a real thing. You can find these clones in retail stores, online, or even in gaming stores. This GMK Metaverse R2 is also known as a downloadable form of a computer. These desk mats are designed to be stylish and durable. It is a great way to show your love for the game with these desk mats. 

It doesn’t matter if you play the game online; you need to have a GMK Metaverse R2 desk mat to keep your mouse and keyboard clean. It is a great accessory for your gaming PC. You can get these in several designs and styles. These are ideal for the office or home. It will help you protect your desktop from grime, stains, or dirt. If you are a fan of any game, these mats are a must-have for you!

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GMK Metaverse R2 Themed Artwork Features

Let’s quickly check out the themed artwork features.

  1. Desk mats are a crucial part of any gaming console. They feature themed artwork by OneCreativeMind. These are made up of high-quality fabric and rubber. If you use these mats as a base, it’ll allow you to safely keep your keyboard on it. It will have an image of the game on it when you put it on your desk.
  2. These mats will feature a great design of the characters in the game. This will help to keep your deck clean. You can show off in front of others.
  3. They feature artwork from the competition and come in two sizes, 900mm X 400mm and 3mm. These mats are quite durable. These are very functional too.

These were the themed artwork features. Let us find out more about the key set. 

GMK Metaverse R2 Key Set

GMK Metaverse R2 is a great set of keys that are inspired by the Persona 5 Japanese video game. This set comes in monochromatic white and red keys. It includes a total of 138 keys and has thirty novelties. The game is trendy and popular not just in Japan but globally. The design of the game was created by Dead Encryption. Let us get some details related to the replacement keycaps.

GMK Metaverse R2 Replacement Keycaps 

GMK Metaverse R2 replacement keycaps can be purchased from the official game store. Each clone here looks like an authentic GMK. Different themed artwork is there in each of these clones. These keycaps are made up of high-quality fabric and rubber. If you want to buy these, you need to ensure that the size you are choosing fits your keyboard

You can contact a gaming store to find the exact match. These clones come with branded Gmk logo in various styles and colors. Let us find out the price of the GMK Metaverse R2 and help you buy it. 

What Is The Price Of The GMK Metaverse R2?

Price of GMK Metaverse R2

The price of the GMK Metaverse R2 by Dead Encryption is around $500. If you order it online, you may also need to pay additional delivery or shipping charges. The price may vary depending on the options for buying it. Many sites offer you the GMK Metaverse R2 for buying. All of them have a little variation in prices. Let us find where you can buy the GMK Metaverse R2. 

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Where Can You Buy The GMK Metaverse R2?

You can buy the GMK Metaverse R2 from various online stores. Here we have listed some of the best options to buy GMK Metaverse R2. 

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Daily Clack 
  • Carousell 

You can easily buy the GMK Metaverse R2 from any site mentioned above. You can always read out the reviews and then head towards buying them.

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This post was all about GMK Metaverse R2. We hope you have cleared your doubts about the GMK Metaverse R2. If you are still struggling with doubts, write them in the comment box below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is GMK Keycaps Profile?

A. GMK Keycaps come in a highly sought-after Cherry profile, and it refers to the overall height and shape of the keycaps.

Q2. What Are GMK Keycaps Made Of?

A. GMK Keycaps are acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic instead of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT).

Q3. Where Is GMK Located? 

A. All the keycaps and the entire product range of GMK are exclusively manufactured in Germany. 

Q4. What Profile Is GMK Laser?

A. GMK Laser has an Original Cherry Corp. profile.  

Q5. What Are G20 Keycaps?

A. The G20 keycaps have a flat, tough surface larger than any other keycap family. It reduces the gap between keys and allows a smoother transition from one key to the other.

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