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How To Find Best Computer Keyboards

Your desktop’s in-built keyboard might not always be your best choice to match your comfort, needs, and creativity. Explore more about different types of computer keyboards and pick the best one for you. 

There are a lot of computer keyboards available in the market – ergonomic, wired, wireless, and many more that might suit your style and personality. 

However, we don’t use those typical tik-tak typewriters anymore because of developed nations and technology including laptops and computers. If you still find the feel of that keyboard under your fingers then we might say your soul is into writing and you seem interested in knowing about different types of computer keyboards.

Well then, why delay?  Find the best keyboard for yourself according to your convenience and comfort from these different types of computer keyboards.

How To Find Best Computer Keyboards? 

When you shop for a computer, sudden factors make you end up with a fresh laptop in the house with awkward and weird keyboard layouts. Even if you dislike the keyboard layout you need to increase your creativity and productivity, a fresh keyboard can provide you with a number of advantages.

All credit goes to the advancement of technology that connecting a different keyboard to different systems is as easy as blinking through Bluetooth. Searching for the best different types of computer keyboards is a difficult procedure and is a bit time-consuming, but the outcomes are gonna be worth it for sure.

Oftentimes, the simplest method to select a keyboard is to choose whom you know the best and buy if it resonates with the layout and the features of the keyboard model that you’ve kept as an ideal. Other times, it’s better to count all the possibilities and check on the availability of different types of computer keyboards.

Here are some factors that you should keep a check on while searching for the best keyboard for yourself among the different types of computer keyboards : 

  1. What are the main roles of the keyboard that you want your keyboard to play or work with?
  2. What do you want? Wired or wireless keyboards?
  3. Would you feel comfortable utilizing your Standard, Ergonomic, and Gaming keyboards?
  4. Does the keyboard match your current computer system?
  5. Is there any other crucial feature required, for instance, a special function or touchpads to form shortcuts?
  6. What’s your budget for buying this keyboard?

Make sure you count all the different types of computer keyboards and compare each one’s features and user experience. There are computer keyboards that are designed with different perspectives like ergonomic and gaming keyboards. These perform huge typing tasks like programmers and writers.

Keep everything in the circle and remember to read some user reviews to make a better understanding and create multiple options for yourself with high performance and feasibility according to your expectations. 

To help you out we’ve brought you a post on different types of computer keyboards. Go through till the end, if you’re curious enough to know about different computer keyboards.

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Different Types Of Keyboards 

Different Types Of Keyboards

There are two types of keyboards – basic and extended Keyboards. In these two categories, there are various types of keyboards with a number of features. These different types of keyboard techs let you have different types of experiences, like how hard a key is supposed to be pressed. 

So, here we begin with different types of computer keyboards : 

1. Qwerty Keyboards 

Designed in the old-fashioned typewriters way. Qwerty has the most familiar keyboard outline. Generations of writers have experienced the learning of typing from this kind of keyboard layout only.

This keyboard layout is easy to operate and familiar. It’s ideal for everyday use. If you’re satisfied with your WPM typing rate by using Qwerty, then you would not need to practice another system on a keyboard with a different layout.

It’s better for children to learn to type on a Qwerty keyboard configuration to have a tight grip on typing.

2. Wired Keyboards

Wired Keyboards provide an effortless and affordable alternative if you’re looking for a keyboard that matches your personality.

USB Keyboards link easily to the USB port. The additional devices have less latency than their wireless counterparts.

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3. Numeric Keyboards

Not every keyboard includes a number pad in all computers. This keyboard is an amazing fix for that. This keyboard fills the gap between the in-built minimalist keyboard and what you really require to do your work. This keyboard provides access to mathematical functions and numbers on demand.

4. Ergonomic Keyboards

It is a keyboard that reduces strain on the body that’s produced from typing. These keyboards are popular for serving rest to the hands in a way more natural and comfortable way. 

People who suffer from hand, arm, and shoulder pain, bad posture, and other typing-related issues can refer to this type of keyboard. It’s known for its comfortable typing experience.

5. Wireless Keyboard

Waiting for the radio antenna to catch signals and keep it connected, the wireless keyboard provides a little bit of freedom to your tasks. Wireless Keyboard provides flexibility to shift while working on a desktop without getting cluttered up with wires.

Because of being wireless, they are easy to relocate without any cord playing soccer in your bag.

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6. USB Keyboards

This type of cordless keyboard links to your desktop by plugging a dongle into one of our laptop’s USB ports. A signal is being sent by dongle to the desktop to enable wireless typing. It doesn’t require a WiFi connection to connect.

7. Backlit Keyboards

Here, your keyboard glows from beneath which makes night typing or low-lighting easier. It brings luminosity that can be used for long hours of typing and gaming. This keyboard also includes high-tech features as compared to other keyboards, such as ergonomic configurations and backlit keys.

8. Flexible Keyboard

Flexible keyboards provide the exact same features as the typical Qwerty keyboard except the design is done for ultimate portability. Flexible keyboards are made by humans and of silicon so that one can hold them and take them anywhere with them. These keyboards are entirely designed with the motive of durability and portability. Because of being silicon, it’s clean and resistant to dust and water.

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The Best Computer Keyboards 

The Best Computer Keyboards

Typing convenience, efficient key outlay, and comfortability are the main factors that you should consider while purchasing a computer keyboard. Look at these different types of computer keyboards and find your match.

1. Dell KB216

This is a convenient fit for office and everyday home tasks. The keyboard’s keys offer excellent typing. You can play, pause, rewind and fast forward and control volume with the easily accessible multimedia keys.

Main Features:

  1. 7520; Precision 3240
  2. For Latitude 3120
  3. USB
  4. Keyboard
  5. Chiclet style
  6. Quiet-keys

2. Wired Keyboard 600

This one is a spill-resistant keyboard including all the facilities you require from Microsoft reliability and quality. It has Plug-and-play options available and silent touch keys with subtle access to calculators and media controls.

Main Features: 

  1. US
  2. USB
  3. Keyboard
  4. Calculator hotkey
  5. Quiet-touch keys
  6. Windows start screen key
  7. Media center

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3. Logitech K120 USB Wired Keyboard

It’s a low-profile and silent key with a classic layout that you can enjoy with the whispers of your hands. It has a number pad and full-size F-keys.

It has a tough body with a sleek design having spill-resistant capacity. In appearance, it’s sturdy and has tilted legs with durable keys. You just need to plug it into a USB port on your computer and start utilizing it.

Main Features:

  1. Easy plug and play
  2. Comfortable and full-size
  3. Durable
  4. Spill-resistant
  5. Deep-profile keys
  6. USB-Unifying receiver

4. Apple Magic Keyboard

This Magic Keyboard merges a smooth design with in-built high-tech features and a rechargeable battery. With a balanced scissor mechanism under a particular key, including a low profile and optimized key travel. The Magic keyboard offers precise typing and an ultimate comfort experience.

Main Features:

  1. XR
  2. SE
  3. 12
  4. US
  5. Keyboard
  6. Bluetooth

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Wrapping Up

However, we don’t want the tik-tak sound of typewriter keys while typing, especially when we have laptops and computers.

But still, the touch of that typing machine tickles our fingertips. To increase your daily typing speed and experience by choosing the best keyboard among the different types of computer keyboards that we’ve mentioned above for you. You can now choose your match from the vast variety of Keyboards described above. 

Other than that, in case of any query or doubt, please do reach out to us in the comment section.


Q1. What Are The 3 Top Most Keyboards In The Market?

Ans. There are many trending keyboards in the market. Each has a special feature in itself, but among all of them these three keyboards are the most trending ones :

  1. Dell KB216
  2. Logitech K120 USB Wired Keyboard
  3. Apple Magic Keyboard

Q2. What Are The Main Features Of Wired Keyboard 600?

Ans. Wired Keyboard 600 has a Plug6 feature in itself including the silent touch keys with access to media controls and a calculator. Here are the top features of Wired Keyboard 600 :

  1. US
  2. USB
  3. Keyboard
  4. Calculator hotkey
  5. Quiet-touch keys
  6. Windows start screen key
  7. Media center

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