How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch? Is That Even Possible?

How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch

We all love the very famous TikTok app, don’t we? Here, we get to see so much content, we can make videos, post them, etc. Ok now, do you wanna know a top secret? Do you know TikTok is now available on the Apple watch? Yes, yes, you read that right. Even we are excited as you are. And today we will discuss how to get TikTok on Apple watch.

Well, just like any other social media apps that do not provide you with an Apple app. So is the same for TikTok. Uh-ho, no need to get disheartened. You know us, we have workarounds for everything to make your life a bit easier.

Now coming back to your question on how to get TikTok on Apple watch. Here’s how you can get it. Apple watch > App Store App > Highlighted apps > Digital crown > Apps > See All > Obtain > Cost to purchase an app.

Umm dint get it right? No worries, all you gotta do is scroll down, and you will get all the information that you need to get TikTok on your Apple watch.

TikTok On The Apple Watch

How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch

TikTok is a very famous social media platform but it is really difficult to use it on the Apple watch. These apps did not have the Apple watch version. But you know what? You can have TikTok on your Apple watch just like you have Instagram and WhatsApp on your Apple watch. All we need is third-party apps. Download these third-party apps and you are done. However, the official TikTok app is not available for the Apple watch.

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Can You Get TikTok On An Apple Watch?

How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch

Before we go on to discuss how to get TikTok on Apple watch, let’s first get to know whether you can actually get TikTok on your Apple watch or not. You need to download just one of the third-party apps. The first app that we will talk about is DouWatch which will cost you around $2.99 on the app store.

DouWatch will allow you to see the most popular TikTok videos on your Apple watch. You can install the app to your phone and Apple watch and then you are done. You don’t have to log in.

The second third-party app that we will discuss here is TikWatch. However, this app is a bit expensive and will cost you around $3.99 as it appears to make it more comprehensive. You will be able to watch the recent trending videos. On the explore page you can find other clips on the basis of their official description. However, this is not always the case, so you need to depend on third-party apps.

These are the two apps that you will find on the app store that will offer you to put the TikTok app on your Apple view and also you will be able to stream your favorite content anytime.

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How To Get Tiktok On Apple Watch?

Now, let’s get to know How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch. Well, there are three ways by which you can easily get TikTok on your Apple watch. And here we will discuss them.

Method 1

Step 1: First connect your Apple watch to the internet.

How To Get Tiktok On Apple Watch?

Step 2: Now, on your watch face, you have to click on the Siri button. Hold the Digital crown so that Siri gets activated.

How To Get Tiktok On Apple Watch?

Step 3: Speak Google search to Siri and you will get what you want to search as a reply from Siri.

How To Get Tiktok On Apple Watch?

Step 4: While Siri is running you need to speak TikTok or TikTok login.

Step 5: Scroll down and click on the Open page option.

Method 2

You will be able to watch TikTok or any other videos on your Apple watch as it is embedded in the text message.

Step 1: You will have to send the video to your Apple watch which will perform as an embedded video to watch it. This should not be a link and has to be sent through the message. Your iPhone will allow you to receive messages from other users or you can even send videos via text message to yourself.

How To Get Tiktok On Apple Watch?

Step 2: After you have received the message you need to click on the video thumbnail. Your video will start to play.

How To Get Tiktok On Apple Watch?

Step 3: Click on the screen to pause the video and then again click to resume playing.

How To Get Tiktok On Apple Watch?

Step 4: Now you need to use the digital crown to adjust the volume and when you are downloading click on done.

Method 3

How To Get TikTok On Apple Watch

Using the third-party apps and here we will use DouWatch. You will be able to watch any random videos that will help you to pass your time if you are bored. But you know you can actually mark these videos as your favorite ones and then on your phone you can open TikTok and watch your favorite videos.

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Wrapping Up:

So, this is how to get TikTok on Apple watch. These were a few ways by which you can get a TikTok watch. If you have any queries then reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Download Any TikTok App On Your Apple Watch?

Here are a few steps that you have to follow to download any TikTok apps on your Apple watch:

  1. Open the app store app on your Apple watch.
  2. Click on the digital crown to browse the highlighted apps.
  3. If you want to see more apps you need to choose a section or see them all under a group.
  4. Click on obtain so that you get a free app.
  5. Click on the cost to buy the app.

Q. Do The Apple Watch Have A Camera?

No, the Apple watch does not have a camera. Hence you will not be able to take photos with your watch. However, there is a built-in app called camera remote which allows you to connect with your iPhone’s camera.

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