How To Charge Apple Pencil? 1st & 2nd Generation Apple Pencil!

how to charge Apple Pencil

If you are someone who loves sketching on their iPads with Apple pencils but are new to it? Then don’t be confused, today we are going to explore effective ways of how to charge Apple Pencil so that you can use it for as long as you want after a quick charge up!

Apple pencils are nothing but a wireless stylus for a few iPad models that allows one to draw, sketch, write notes, etc. If you are waiting for your Apple Pencil to get charged then know that there are different methods of how to charge Apple Pencil for different Apple Pencil models. The method to charge your Apple Pencil depends on the model of your Apple Pencil. 

The original Apple Pencil can be charged by inserting its lightning port into your iPad’s lightning port. To know the same in detail and how to charge a second generation Apple Pencil, read more! 

To learn how to charge Apple Pencil both first generation and second generation. In addition, you will learn how to charge an Apple Pencil with an iPhone and how to fix my Apple Pencil not charging. Excited? Then hop on! 

How To Charge Apple Pencil?

If you are an Apple beginner and thinking that you might need an adapter, charger or any sort of power hub then you are wrong! You can easily charge your Apple Pencil just by connecting or pairing it with your iPad. However, there are two versions of Apple Pencil present in the market. Both of them are different from each other in terms of functions, appearance, and iPad model connectivity. In other words, both Apple Pencils are meant to be paired with different iPad models. 

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Both pencils have their own different way to be charged. Both pencils get charged instantly, doesn’t matter which one you have. If you want to access the pencil for the next 30 minutes, just put it on charge for 15 seconds! Yea, shocking right? And it gets fully charged in just 15 minutes.

So, here are the instructions for how to charge Apple Pencil, both first and second generation! 

How To Charge Apple Pencil Of First Generation?

In order to charge your first generation Apple Pencil you need to detach the cap of the pencil from it’s top and insert it into your Mac’s Lighting port.

Now plug-in your iPad’s Lightning connector with the USB-C to lightning cable and let your first generation Apple pencil charge for a couple of minutes through the iPad’s lightning connector.

If your pencil isn’t charging even after connecting it to the charger, then consider that there is an issue with your charging port. To fix this, try cleaning the charging port with a brush or you can use the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter that came along with the Pencil. Connect the pencil with a standard Lightning connection.

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Moreover, you can also access the small converter with your Pencil to get it charged using a Lightning connection instead.

How To Charge Apple Pencil Of Second Generation?

If you own a Second Generation Apple Pencil, then you must be glad hearing the improvement in its charging procedure or experience. Also you must know that the Apple’s second generation pencil is can only be connected or paired with iPad Pro and iPad Air models that were launched after 2017 October with a wirelessly charging facility.

If you have any of these iPad Pro and iPad Air models then you must be aware that they don’t come with physical Home Buttons anymore. It’s only the flat borders and sleek designs. You just need to connect the flat side of your second generation Apple Pencil to the right side of your iPad in order to get it charged.

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The Apple Pencils from the second generation connect to its compatible iPads with magnet connectivity between both of the devices on the right side of the iPad. 

To confirm even if it’s charging or not, you can keep looking and making sure that the iPad’s Bluetooth is in turned on mode, which you can reach by swiping down the iPad’s Control Center. If it’s enabled, it’ll appear in blue color.

Can You Charge Apple Pencil With An iPhone?

Yes, you can charge Apple Pencil with an iPhone. Although, it works only for pencils from the first release.

The Apple Pencil took sketching, making notes to the seventh sky of easiness! Now everyone loves sketching and studying with an iPad and Apple Pencil. One can use their Apple Pencil to make short notes in apps like Notes or others. With the help of iOS 14 and later versions, now one is able to write in any text space with their Apple Pencil.

Moreover, you need to charge it after using it to its fullest. But how to charge Apple Pencil? Is it possible with an iPhone? Let’s figure out!

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An iPhone can be used to charge a first-generation Apple Pencil because of the lightning port connection located under the caps. Or you can also charge it with your iPad power brick by accessing a lightning wire and the converter with the pencil box included. 

If you are thinking that which Apple Pencil can be charged with your iPhones, then know that it works only for pencils from the first release. Once you insert your Apple Pencil into a lightning wire, you will be able to charge it and use it on any Apple device that support a lightning connection.

One can swipe up to show or view the battery life of your first generation Apple Pencil on your iPad while being connected to your iPod or iPhone. The Thunder icon or % rise indicates the pencil is getting charged. Even though it takes s couple of minutes to get charged around 5%, the Apple Pencil charges pretty quickly this way! 

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Even if you don’t use the Apple Pencil on a daily basis, it’s necessary to keep the battery level up to keep it internally active and prevent it from getting into deep discharge or inactivation. Letting an Apple Pencil sit for long in a low-charge condition for a long period of time can make the battery die super quickly and make it worthless.

NOTE: If you are leaving an Apple Pencil in open for a long time without charging it and unused, you might end up killing the battery entirely. So it’s better to keep charging the battery and using the Pencil from time to time.

What Else Can Be Used To Charge Apple Pencil Other Than iPad Or iPhone?

Apple Pencil supports getting charged with an Apple USB power adapter. One can also use the USB port on a Mac or PC to get their Apple charged. 

In case, you own an iPad Pro 11-inch or iPad Pro 12.9-inch from the third generation, you can charge your Apple Pencil from the Smart Connector also located at the sides of your iPad. You just need to connect the lightning connector to the charging port on your Apple Pencil and then link the other end of the connector to the Smart Connector on your iPad.

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Your Apple Pencil will get charged by default as soon as you link it to any of these devices. When your Apple Pencil is linked to your iPad and is in On mode, you will find a green light near the charging indicator in the status bar. This means, your Apple Pencil is getting charged and had sufficient power to run smoothly.

How To Fix Apple Pencil Not Charging?

If you tried every charging method mentioned above for how to charge Apple Pencil and still it’s not charging then there might be some bug in any of the devices. Let’s fix why Apple Pencil not charging:

Fix 01: Enable Required Settings 

  1. Head to the Settings app on your device and hit the Bluetooth option from the Main Menu.
  2. Detach or Delete the Pencil’s link with the device.
  3. Plug in the Pencil fresh ri the iPad.
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes for the notification pop-up saying “re-pair your device” similar to the Apple TV.
  5. Wait for around 10-15 minutes and allow the pencil to charge.

Fix 02: Try Another Method Of Charging 

If the current method that you are trying to charge your Apple Pencil with isn’t working then you can try switching to another one. You can use a Computer, AC adapter, battery backup device or USB vehicle charger with a lightning cable’s USB connection to finish the process.

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Fix 03: Fix iPad’s Apple Pencil

A few of you found reporting that your Apple pencils are dying more frequently and are running for a short period of time even after getting it fully charged. In such cases, the problem lies in your 

Apple Pencils. Here is how you can get it fixed: 

Step 01: Disconnect your Apple Pencil from any Bluetooth devices its been connected to by disabling the Bluetooth from the Settings.

Step 02: Connect the iPad to your Apple Pencil after a couple of minutes of disconnection.

Step 03: Wait until the notification asks if you wish to connect both devices. 

Step 04: Let the Apple Pencil sir and charge for at least 10-15 minutes prior to switching it off.

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Fix 04: Switch Off iPad And Restart

This is the most effective and easiest troubleshooting way to fix Apple Pencil not charging. Just power off your iPad and then restart it and then put your Apple Pencil on charge. It must start working.

Wrapping Up

If you are someone who prefers getting indulged in sketching and studying and are looking for effective tools that might help you in making your time spent on it worthwhile then you should try Apple Pencil. We have mentioned a detailed guide on how to charge Apple Pencil, both first and second generation where we also explained what else devices can be used to charge an Apple Pencil and you will also get to know how to fix Apple Pencil not charging in case any error takes place in future and your Apple Pencil doesn’t take charge then you can try these fixes instead of hammering your head against the wall!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Know If The Apple Pencil Is Charging?

One can swipe down from the top of the iPad’s home screen to view the Today View Menu. From the Battery section, you will find an icon of a pen, if that pen is charging you will find a thunder icon into the battery inside.

Q. Can I Charge Apple Pencil With iPhone Charger? 

Apple Pencils can be charged with any Apple USB power adapter it can also be charged with the USB port on a Mac or PC.

Q. How Long Does Apple Pencil Take To Charge?

One’s pencil will be charged by default at its fastest speed once connected with your iPad. From the low to fully charged position of your Apple Pencil will take around 10-20 minutes and a few seconds of charging can help your Apple Pencil last 15 minutes long actively.

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