How To Download Apps Without Apple ID? 3 Easy Methods 2023!

How To Download Apps Without Apple ID

If you are seeking ways to learn how to download apps without Apple ID then we have something of your interest for you in this article. There are a total of three alternate ways through which you can download apps on your device no matter if you have or don’t have the Apple ID in 2023.

All the iOS users need to provide their systems with their Apple ID and password to download and install applications from the Apple Store, it doesn’t matter if the app is free to use or a paid one. But sometimes users lose their Apple ID credentials making the task of accessing their devices even difficult. Let us tell you that in such cases you can learn how to download apps without Apple ID with these three methods no matter how tight the App Store security is to secure the data.

How to download apps without Apple ID: Jailbreak your iOS device, access outdated iTunes version or use a third party application to download free and paid apps in your iOS without an Apple ID. To know how to do the same in detail you can refer to the given details below!!

How does it feel when you need to download an application on your iOS device but you forgot your Apple ID or its password? Don’t worry we will explain how to download apps without Apple ID in this article through which you can install apps on your device without needing your Apple ID.

How To Download Apps Without Apple ID?

Situations get too complicated when you forget or lose your access to your Apple ID or its password. But there is nothing that we can’t troubleshoot! In this guide we will be discussing how to download apps without Apple ID. There are three ways through which you can solve your concern. Losing access to your Apple ID is not a big deal as you can still download all the apps in your device and if your concern is that you have multiple devices and don’t want to download the same app a number of times then you can test the following sections out.

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iOS 12.7 came with a difference in its iOS system as it didn’t have the App Store pre-installed. Which means you can only download apps on your Mac and access all those from your iPhone devices only, so now you have to download applications directly on your device which is okay from one perspective but not acceptable in many ways. So what should an iPhone or iPad user do in such cases? 

One can make any one choice out of these three options for how to download apps without Apple ID: 

  1. Decamp your iPhone or iPad so that you can access other App Stores.
  2. Access a third party application to install apps on your device.
  3. Navigate an outdated version of iTunes by Apple that still supports App Store.

We will be discussing all of these three fixes for how to download apps without Apple ID below which will help you in making your choice easily!!  

1. Decamp Your iPhone Or iPad 

Decamping a device has become much easier than ever before nowadays. It will take you around ten to fifteen minutes to complete the entire process if jailbreaking a device in order to access other App Stores. Jailbreaking your device also allows you to take over your device. 

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The advantage of jailbreaking is that you will get to use other App Stores and download any app that you want and can use iOS core files. And the disadvantage is that jailbreaking a device also breaks the warranty of the device making it prone to bugs, malwares and viruses which is not at all acceptable after paying a thousand dollars for that device.

Hence, it’s not an ideal idea to jailbreak your device until unless you don’t care about the device anymore or have a suitcase filled with money to shower on it for getting it fixed later on!

2. Access A Third Party Application 

There are a number of services and softwares available online to access for downloading applications without asking your Apple ID or iTunes. But the catch is that there is no guarantee that which one would work and which one won’t. We have filtered out a few of the best potions for you, they are listed below:

Tutu Helper

This is built for easing the process of downloading apps and installing them without the need  of Apple ID. It helps you install a vast variety of apps of all niches.

iOS Emu

This is another helping application that allows downloading and installing of apps on your Apple service. Similar to Tutu Helper, one does not need to jailbreak that device to install apps which are not supported by Apple.

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Advantage of using third party tools is that you can have the control of everything going on with your device. And the disadvantage is that you won’t be able to control your device anymore, what is being installed and how to use it, everything will go out of control. You will also be making your device available for malware attacks.

3. Navigate An Outdated Version Of iTunes

The best way out for how to download apps without Apple ID is using an older version of iTunes. This will also not cause any harm to your device or its warranty. This also keeps the safety and security of your devices safe. 

The reason for removing App Store from all the iOS 12.7 was to favor endeavor which used iTunes 12.7 to access a number of different devices, with its access to anyone. 

Here is how to download apps without Apple ID with iTunes:

Step 01: Visit the page (link given below) from the official Apple website


Step 02: Next select the TEXT LINK that supports your computer OS.

Step 03: Install iTunes 12.6.2 on your device as usual.

Step 04: Register yourself and provide all the required data.

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You will find the same version of iTunes in almost every iTunes 12.7. Accessing this version gives you better experience and results as compared to jailbreaking your device or downloading any third-party applications. iTunes might have some restrictions but it’s for your own good.

Wrapping Up

A few times, it might happen that you may want to get an app downloaded on your device but could not get it on App Stores or just forgot your Apple ID due to which you are unable to download them on your device. This article is all about how to download apps without Apple ID. There are a couple of methods through which you can get apps installed on your device even without your Apple ID. 

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We are open for your suggestions, queries and doubts in our comment section below. Let us know if you have any!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Download An App Without An Apple ID?

Unfortunately, not. One needs an Apple ID to download an app. However, if you create an app-only account without a credit card then it might be possible for you to download apps without an Apple ID.

Q. How Do I Download Apps Without An Apple ID Password?

This is how you can download apps on your iOS device without Apple ID, Face ID or nay other credential:

Settings > Name > Media & Purchases > Password Settings > Free Downloads > Require Password > Switch Off > Done.

Q. How Can I DOwnload Apps On My iPhone Without App Store?

Safari > > Up Arrow > Add To Home Screen > Home Screen > App Icon > Browse & Find Download Page. 

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