How To Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging? Latest Solutions 2022! 

How To Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging

The controller is the heart of any video game console, and a PS’s controller is the soul of a gamer! But what if it gets bugged or damaged? Or any internal error is going on with it? Well, let’s talk about how to fix PS5 controller not charging in this article. 

The layout and designs of a PlayStation’s controller has modified and advanced a lot during the past few years! Currently, DualShock 4 has become the most loved and preferred controller for gamers. But sometimes this controller doesn’t take charge which makes the access even difficult. So let’s save your controller from being destroyed and learn how to fix PS5 controller not charging.

Here’s how to fix PS5 controller not charging: Switch the charging cable, check back the charging port or reset the controller are some ways through which you can fix your PS5 controller. 

Stay stuck to this blog post and know how to fix PS5 controller not charging in detail. Below we are going to mention the major reasons along with solutions of why your PS5 controller is not charging.

How To Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging?

How To Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging

After connecting your PS5 controller to your gaming console for charging you will find the light bar fading out slowly between white and amber to alert you that the controller is being charged. Few of the times the controller may become difficult from the console end. But you can try inserting it into another device like a computer to learn how to fix PS5 controller not charging.

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Here are some ways for how to fix PS5 controller not charging: 

Fix 1. Charge The Controller Down

It might be a weird way to how to fix PS5 controller not charging but it works definitely. You can try placing the controller upside down in order to take charge. This may help you to remove dust and dirt from the port. Or in case there is any disconnection inside the cable, then this upside-down position can help in fixing it temporarily.

Fix 2. Check Back The Charging Jack

Environmental dust can interfere with the flow of power and can interrupt your controller from getting charged. You can try cleaning out the dirt using the vacuum air and then clean using a microfiber cloth. You can also make use of a soft fiber brush or a wooden toothpick.

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If cleaning the charging port does not work for you then consider the port is defective. The only solution for how to fix PS5 controller not charging is to replace the charging port. Here’s how you can achieve this: 

Disassemble Controller > Unscrew Charging Port Board > Disconnect Cable > Connect New Port 

Step 01: Dismantle the controller.

Step 02: Pull out all the screws of the charging port board.

Step 03: Detach the cord that links the charging port with the main board.

Step 04: Connect new port.

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The process of how to fix PS5 controller not charging is pretty easy. Although you need to make sure that the defect should be in the charging port only in order to prevent any time or money wastage.

Fix 3. Shuffle The Charging Cable 

If you are sure that the charging port is not faulty then you should consider the cable as the defective one! You can try switching it with another cable, or can try charging another controller with the same cable to check whether the cable is alright or not. You can also seek for any external signals of damage on the cable, like fraying on cord or dirt in the plug.

Fix 4. Reset PS5 Controller

Sometimes a bug attack can damage your connection between the controller and console. You need to try resetting your device first: 

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Switch Off PS5 > Detach Controller > Long Press Reset Button > Connect Console And Controller > Insert PS5

Step 01: Toggle Off the PlayStation

Step 02:  Detach your controller, under the “L2”, look for the Reset button.

Step 03: Pick a Pin or any thin tool to click the button, long press on it for a couple of seconds.

Step 04: Connect the controller to the console again with the help of USB cable.

Step 05: Insert the PS5, then click the PS button.

If the front light bar appears blue, then consider you have successfully reset your PS5 controller. In between this, slowly switch between white and amber. If it didn’t work out, switch to the next how to fix PS5 controller not charging method.

Why Is The PS5 Controller Not Charging?

How To Fix PS5 Controller Not Charging

This controller can either be accessed through a USB cable or without it, both ways it functions properly. But when it stops taking charge things become serious. There can be a number of reasons why your PS5 controller is not taking charge. It can either be external or internal issues

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Here are some causes which can bring you situations where you have to learn how to fix PS5 controller not charging.

  1. Cable issues
  2. Hardware problems
  3. PlayStation issues
  4. Defected USB port 

The gaming console may have come in contact with any bug recently which may be interfering in the charging process. This issue can be fixed by resetting, power cycling or updating the console. The USB cable might get defects with time or you may be using any third party cables for charging the PS4 which is not suitable for a controller.

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If nothing from the above then you should cross check your port, if it isn’t damaged. If it is, then plug in another. Other than the port, the battery can be the main cause of how to fix PS5 controller not charging. But luckily replacing a battery with a new one is a pretty simple process.

Wrapping Up

Post launch of Sony’s latest generation of gaming console, many of you gamers have been reporting that your PS5 controller is not taking charge. This has become one of the most common issues being reported from gamers end! According to most of the gamers, whenever they try to click on the PS5 button on the console and charge with charger, it don’t take charge or few of a time gets partially charge.

Curing this terrible issue we have tried our best to deliver this blog post to explain to you how to fix PS5 controller not charging. If you ever come in doubt how to fix PS5 controller not charging, then you can refer to this article anytime. 

In case of any query or doubt ping us in our comment section and for more information related to PlayStations like PlayStation Six or best PlayStation HDMI Upscaler and a lot more you can visit our website @Deasilex.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Is My PlayStation Not Charging My Controller?

You either try Power Cycling, Resetting the Console or Updating the Console to fix PlayStation not charging. The USB cable might be damaged or worn. Make sure your cable is alright for charging. 

Q. How Do You Reset A PS5 Controller?

To Soft Reset a PS5 controller: press PS button on the console controller to launch the Control Center and select Accessories to switch off the controller.

To Hard Reset a PS5 controller: Make use of an object like a pin or toothpick to press the reset button on the back of the PS5 controller for at least five seconds.

Q. How Do I Know If My PlayStation Controller Is Charging?

The charging level of the battery displays on-screen when you long press on the PS button. While the system is in rest mode, the light bar blinks light orange. Same light turns off when charging completes. 

Q. Why Does My PS5 Controller Keep Flashing Orange?

The light bar turns orange and slowly blinks when it gets charged or when it’s in rest mode. 

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