How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels?

How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels

The number of views on some Instagram Reels ranges from thousands to millions, whereas the number of views is comparatively less. There is no hard fast rule when it comes to Reels. Some users follow a strategy before posting Reels on Instagram that helps them get more views on Instagram reels. It is very important to do research before creating a Reel.

Instagram Reels have proven to be a successful launch for the Instagram app. This has helped brands and users gain more followers and viewers, which has ultimately increased revenue from the app. Instagram works on an algorithm, and once you understand how it works, getting more views on Instagram Reels becomes easy.

There are several tricks and tips that can help you to get more views on Instagram Reels. These include using trending music, hashtags, lighting, and effects. Apart from that, it is also important to take advantage of trending reels and keep followers engaged to get more views.

If you are looking for more views on Instagram Reels, you may come across websites that increase your views in exchange for money. This is not a recommended way to increase your views on Reels.

How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels?

If you have just started posting Instagram Reels on your Instagram account and you want to get more views on Instagram Reels, you have to follow a strategy. That will help you to increase your Instagram reach and get more views and followers on your Instagram account. Here are various tips to increase views on Instagram Reels.

1. Use Trending Music And Hashtags   

Using trending music and hashtags is essential for every Reel being posted on Instagram. Adding music to the Reels will make the Reels more entertaining and hashtags will increase the reach of the Reels.

1. Find the Right Music    

It’s really important to use trending music in the Reels to get more views on the Reels. The best way to find trending music is by scrolling through the Reels. The Reels with the trending music will have an arrow next to the track. Tap on the track and save the audio. You can use this saved audio later when you have to post a Reel

2. Use Relevant Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags is another important part of the strategy to get more views on Instagram Reels. The hashtags should be relevant to the content of the video and it is always recommended to use multiple hashtags in one Reel.

2. Create High-Quality Content 

How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels

To get more views on Instagram Reels, you have to create high-quality content in your Reels. It should have high quality and clear visibility.  

1. Shoot In Good Lighting    

If you are shooting the vedio of the Reel yourself, you have to make sure that the vedio is being recorded in good lighting. There are no shades or darkness in the video. Everything is visible clearly.

2. Use Creative Transitions and Effects   

After recording a video, you can try out different transitions and effects in the Instagram app. Use a simple transition when required. You can use  multi-clip editing feature in the Instagram app to make a single Reel.

3. Keep Your Reels Short and Sweet   

As per experts, the duration of the Reels should be 7 seconds. The most watched Reels are quote Reels. When the duration of a Reel is 7 seconds, it is watched over and over by the viewers without realizing it. This increases the views on the Reels easily. You can use grooves on Instagram to find the perfect audio for your Reel.

3. Engage With Your Audience  

How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels

Our target is to get new viewers on the Reels and to increase the followers but it is also important to keep the followers engaged and the followers count should not drop. 

1. Respond To Comments And Messages    

You can respond to the comments and messages of your followers. This creates a bond with the followers and helps them to interact more on your Reels and posts. 

2. Collaborate with Other Creators    

You can also contact other content creators on Instagram and post a collaborative Reel. This will increase the followers and viewers of both creators.

3. Host Giveaways and Contests    

To keep your followers engaged, you can host contests and provide giveaways to the followers. This can help in attracting more followers to your account.

4. Share Your Reels On Other Platforms   

It’s not sufficient to post a Reel on Instagram and then wait for the views, you have to promote your Reel on other platforms as well.

1. Post Your Reels on Your Instagram Feed and Stories    

The first thing that you can do is to post your Reels on your Instagram stories and feed. This will notify your followers to check out the Reel. Some of the followers will repost your Reels on Instagram which will help you increase your reach.

2. Share Your Reels on Other Social Media Platforms

You can also use other social media platforms like Facebook to promote your Reels and get more views.

5. Utilize Instagram’s Features and Tools   

It is not sufficient just to keep on posting Reels without having a look at how the Reels are performing. You can use different tools to monitor the performance of each and every Reel.

1. Utilize Instagram’s Explore Page

You can make use of Instagram’s Explore page to learn about the new trends and the hacks to make the Reels viral. You will also learn how the Instagram algorithm works and how you can get more views on Instagram Reels.

2. Use Instagram’s Analytics Tools To Track Your Progress

Instagram also provides an analytics tool similar to one that you get on Youtube. With the help of this tool, you can track the progress of all your Instagram Reels and decide how to create the upcoming Reel.


Getting more views on Instagram Reels will not happen overnight. It will take some time, and as you gain experience, your reels will get better and better, and the number of views will gradually increase. You need to be patient and improve the quality and content of your reels every day.

Frequently Asked Questions   

Q1. How To Get 100k Views On Reels?

To get 100k views on the Reels, you need to have good video content merged with perfect trending music. The use of hashtags and effects can also help in getting 100k views on Reels. 

Q2. How Often Should I Post Reels To Increase My Views?    

You should start posting your Reels more often. Maybe after 2 to 3  days, you have to post a Reel to keep your views going on and to keep your followers engaged.

Q3. Can I Buy Views For My Reels?  

Yes, you can buy views for your Reels but that is not a good way of getting more views. This is because your views will grow only on the Reels for which you pay and in the long run, it is not a good method. Getting organic views is very important.

Q4. Should I Focus On One Niche Or Create Reels On different Topics?

If you have a specialty in something, then you can start creating Reels on your own topic but if you are posting general Reels, then it is best to post Reels on the trending things going on Instagram.    

Q5. How Important Are Analytics For Increasing Reel Views?    

Analytics is very important for your Reels views. If you have posted Reels on different things and then using the analytics, you can find out which Reels got more views. This can help in making decisions on what topic or trend should your next Reel be on.

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