How To View Queue On Spotify? Spotify Solutions 2023!

How To View Queue On Spotify

The songs added on a Spotify album or in any playlist on the Spotify app appear on your currently playing playlist in the form of a queue, popularly known as the Spotify queue. It’s a very useful feature given by Spotify which allows you to know what song is going to be played next. Today we will be learning how to view queue on Spotify. 

Keeping a track of your Spotify queue is pretty simple only when you know how to view queue on Spotify based on your device! Whether it’s a desktop or a mobile phone. One can also edit their Spotify queue in multiple ways by adding and removing the songs from the queue which they are not in the mood to listen to. 

To view queue on Spotify- Open Spotify > Now Playing > Queue > Play Queue > Long Press Album > Edit > Right Click > Remove >Clear > Delete List. This is how to view queue on Spotify on the desktop. To know the same for the mobile version read the entire article.

Keep command on your Spotify queue and control it according to your music taste with the help of this detailed guide

How To View Queue On Spotify?

There are a number of reasons why one may wish to learn how to view queue on Spotify. What if you might feel curiosity in knowing which song is coming up next or maybe how long will it take to reach your favorite and most trending song in the list and if not this then maybe you want to make sure that you are not repeating any song by mistake. 

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Doesn’t matter what is the reason to learn how to view queue on Spotify, just know learning more about your Spotify queue is the best way to make your song listening experience better.

Here are the instructions for learning how to view queue on Spotify:

How To View Queue On Spotify On A Desktop 

Open Spotify > Now Playing > Queue > Play Queue > View Queue > Edit > Right Click > Remove From Queue/ Clear > Right Click > Add To Queue

Step 01: Open the Spotify application on your desktop computer, either it may be a PC or Mac.

Step 02: Head to the Now Playing section and search for the Queue icon. Once found, click on it.

Step 03: Thereafter, you will land on the Play Queue tab. Here you will find all the songs that are going to be played next and from this page you will be able to edit the playlist, ie: reorganize the queue.

How To View Queue On Spotify ?

Step 04: In order to remove or delete any song from the queue, click right and select the Remove From Queue button. And to clear the entire list, click on the Clear button.

How To View Queue On Spotify ?

Step 05: To Add any song to a playlist, album or the Spotify Queue, click right on the desired song and under the Selection Menu, select Add To Queue.

How To View Queue On Spotify ?

So this was how to view queue on Spotify on a desktop application. Next, we will be moving on to the mobile version for the same for your ease.

How To View Queue On Spotify On Mobile App 

Open Spotify > Now Playing > Menu >  Queue > See Your Queue > Edit 

Step 01: Launch Spotify on your Android or iPhone or Tablet.

Step 02: Now click on the Now Playing option from anywhere on the screen. On this page you will find the current album playing and the play/pause option.

How To View Queue On Spotify ?

Step 03: Next you will find a pop-up with multiple options including shuffle, repeat, and skip buttons. You will find the Queue button in the bottom right corner, click on it. 

Step 04: Thereafter, click on the See Your Queue button to view the queue.

Step 05: After that, Now Playing and Next In Queue will be displayed on the screen. 

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Step 06: In order to edit the queue, click and drag the three horizontal lines (menu) to the right side of their titles.

Step 07: Next, find the checkmark and click on the circles at the left of the song. To delete any song click on the bottom-left corner of the home screen and click on Remove button.

How To View Queue On Spotify ?

Step 08: In order to add any song to the list click on ghr Three Dots (Menu) next to each song.

Step 09: From the pop-up menu, click on the Add To Queue button to add a song to your list and tick mark on your screen to save the changes.

How To View Queue On Spotify ?

Here, you have successfully learnt how to view queue on Spotify on your smartphone along with how to edit it.

Wrapping Up

Spotify is one of the most popular audio streaming and media service providers as of today’s date. Just like other platforms, playlists are a very convenient feature offered by Spotify to its users. These can be created by the user or the Spotify itself as it recommended listening. As one starts listening to a playlist fills your playlist or the Spotify queue with all the songs included in that particular album. Spotify grants you some control over your Spotify queue no matter if you are operating a free Spotify account, but for that you need to be on the queue screen to take the control over your queue. 

This guide is solely based upon learning how to view queue on Spotify. You can reach out to us in our comment section and on our website Deasilex in case of any doubt or query regarding the same.

You will find more Spotify related solutions to concerns like how to pin more than 4 playlists on Spotify or how to delete recently played on Spotify on our website. Visit us for sure! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I View My Spotify Queue On iPhone 2023?

Open Spotify > Now Playing > Menu >  Queue > See Your Queue > Edit  

Q. Can You See Your Queue On Spotify Mobile?

On iPhone, Android, Tablet: Open Spotify and click on the Now Playing button and you will find the Spotify queue.

Q. Where is My Queue On Spotify?

From the bottom of the screen of the Now Playing section click on the Play Queue button at the bottom right corner. You will find the currently playing queue.

Q. Is Spotify Queue Only For Premium?

Earlier this feature was accessible only for the iOS users but now even Android users can find the Spotify queue in their Spotify account.

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