OVR The New Metaverse | Everything You Need To Know About It!

OVR the new Metaverse

OVR the new Metaverse unites the digital world and real-world that can be explored using your smartphones. OVR The new Metaverse is among the new projects in the field of Augmented reality. This ambitious project and platform are planning to bring the Augmented reality experience to everyone. This post will help you know everything related to OVR the new Metaverse

We have already seen a lot of Metaverse projects running successfully worldwide. Some of the popular projects are Axie Infinity, Decentraland, the Sandbox, and many more. OVR the new Metaverse is also among these projects. This project is a new decentralized platform merging the digital and real world. 

OVR the new Metaverse is the first AR app to take you into the virtual world. It is a platform for geolocalized VR and AR experiences based on the Ethereum blockchain. OVR or Over The Reality allows users with the OVR app to map their environments. They can also be rewarded with OVR tokens. It truly seems to be a great platform. 

Do you want to know more about this exciting project? Here is a blog covering all the relevant information regarding OVR the new Metaverse. You will find details like what is OVR the new Metaverse, how to buy OVR tokens, and more. So, let us begin the post by pouring some light on what is OVR the new Metaverse. 

What Is OVR The New Metaverse? 

OVR the new Metaverse is an open-source, world-scale, Augmented reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The platform aims to allow users with a smartphone or smart glasses to live interactive AR experiences customized in the real world. OVR the new Metaverse uses AR to add different types of content to the surrounding environment. It is like a digital layer overlaying the real world. 

OVR the new Metaverse, can be accessed from any device like a smartphone or smart glasses that have a camera. AR games, digital billboards, and other interactive content will be deployed and monetized on OVR the new Metaverse. Virtual events are expected to take place in shopping malls or real concert halls. Let’s check out the new Metaverse tokens’ price and other details of OVR. 

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What Is The Price Of OVR? 

OVR The New Metaverse

Here are details regarding the OVR tokens and the price of the OVR tokens. Let us find more information about this.

  • Price: $1.46
  • Trading Volume (24 h): $3,539,610.72
  • Market cap: $41,085,728.02
  • Coinmarketcap: 2971
  • All-time high: $4.12
  • All-time low: $0.02451
  • OVR ROI: 1960.78%
  • Circulating supply: 2,84,81,358 OVR
  • Total supply: 9,88,57,135 OVR

We have discussed the details related to OVR tokens. Let us now find out where you can buy these OVR tokens. 

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Where To Buy OVR Tokens?

You need to know where you can buy these tokens before learning how to buy OVR the new Metaverse tokens. 

  • Uniswap 
  • MEXC
  • PancakeSwap 
  • BitMart 
  • Bitget 
  • BingX

Let us move forward and find out how to buy OVR the new Metaverse tokens. 

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How To Buy OVR Tokens?

OVR The New Metaverse

OVR token is the utility token of OVR the new Metaverse. These tokens can be used to buy virtual land or pay for AR experiences. You can choose any of the above-mentioned exchanges to buy these tokens. Using your credit cards, these tokens can also be bought directly from OVR’s website. However, if you are a US or China resident, you can’t buy these tokens using credit cards. Let’s see how you can buy these tokens. 

  1. Visit the OVR website and press Buy OVR. 
  2. Press on Sign in or create an account by filling in the details 
  3. Once you’ve signed in, hit the Profile button 
  4. You now need to complete the KYC process 
  5. You’ll be directed to another page where you can enter your Credit card details and the Amount in USD. 

With this, you’ll now have your OVR tokens. Let’s collect some information related to OVRLand.

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What Is OVRLand?

OVER has divided the world into 300 m2 hexagonal Spatial Domains. Users can buy and own the corresponding coordinates of a hexagon permanently using the OVR tokens. Each hexagon is about 300 square meters. The acquired coordinates like web domains are unmistakably and uniquely owned by individuals at OVR. Every plot or OVRLand is an individual Non-Fungible token

The company has recently launched the OVR Land Map which is the first-ever NFT-based detailed 3D map of the real world. OVRLand owners and users can trade and publish 3D content created using OVR Builder. OVR the new Metaverse is still under development. It seems to be an exciting Metaverse project that is highly awaited by people.

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This post covers everything you need to know about OVR the new Metaverse. OVR is an Augmented reality, NFT, and Metaverse platform. We have mentioned the steps that you can try to easily buy OVR tokens. You can even buy land in OVR the New Metaverse. What are your views on OVR the new Metaverse? Do share them with us in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is OVR A Metaverse? 

A. Yes, OVR is building a Metaverse that will be accessible for everyone and from anywhere. 

Q2. What Is OVR Platform? 

A. OVR is a decentralized infrastructure for the Augmented Reality Metaverse. It aims to merge the virtual and physical world through AR.

Q3. Can I Buy Land In OVR?

A. Yes, land in OVR is cheaper than any other popular Metaverse platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox, etc. You can participate in the OVRLand auction and buy land.

Q4. Can I Get An OVR Token? 

A. Yes, you can download a wallet like Coinbase and use ETH to purchase OVR tokens. 

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