Russian Alternative To Google Play Store – NashStore

Russian Alternative To Google Play Store

Looks like Russia is on a solo ride! Earlier Russia launched its own Instagram clone called Rossgram. Now it’s all set to launch the Russian Alternative To Google Play Store named as NashStore which means ‘Our Store‘. The thing is why is Russia recreating everything new?

Like we all are pretty much aware of the Ukraine and Russian War going on. Looking at the Russian monopoly and violent means to attack Ukrainian countries, every other country has disabled their services and product supplies in Russia. Where major brands and apps were seen shutting down service support for Russia, a few days back Google Play Store also restricted app support for Russia.

To cover up this setback, Russian app developers came up with the development of NashStore, which will function the same as Google Play Store in Russia. Vladimir Zykov while informing about this new Russian alternative to Play Store and App Store said that the new app will be launched on Victory Day i.e May 9th this year.

What’s so special with the Victory Day launch? Actually, this day marks the victory of Russia in World War 2, observed as a national holiday every year. Now Russians will have their own app shop to buy and download apps and games. Are we missing out on something? Let’s get into some details.

Why Are Google Play Store Services Suspended In Russia

This month Google announced that it has removed mobile apps that were connected to RT as well as Sputnik from the Play store, which is in keeping with the previous move to exclude the Russian state-owned media from the news-related features. The Russian communications regulator halted news aggregator, Google News in the country, alleging it of permitting access to fake material regarding the military operations in Ukraine as reported by Interfax, a news agency.

Many tech companies have restricted the distribution of advertising and distribution tools to Russian news outlets in the last month while they wait for the European Commission to ready a ban on them due to concerns that they’re spreading false information regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

YouTube along with Google Play this month suspended all payment-based services within Russia including subscriptions because Western sanctions on Russian actions within Ukraine have begun to cause difficulties for banks in Ukraine.

It’s not the first time we’ve witnessed sanctions impacting the app store scene in the past few years. Huawei was shut out of Google Play Store and other services due to US sanctions in the year 2019 which forced the company to build its current App Gallery shop.

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What Is NashStore – The Russian App Store

Russian Organization Digital Platforms Develops NashStore. It’s a Russian app store to buy and download apps online just like Google Play Store. The app will be available for all Russian Android users only.

The name NashStore is specifically chosen for this new app store, as it means ‘Our Store’. The Russian alternative to Google Play Store will include the same features as Play Store.

NashStore Launch Date

The launch date for Russia’s App store is said to be May 9, which falls on the date of a Russian holiday also known as Victory Day, commemorating the 1945 surrender of the German Reich.

This particular celebration is a Russian national holiday, which celebrates the victory of the country during World War II.

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NashStore Compatibility And Benefits

When asked about the reason NashStore was established, the director of the project Digital Platforms, Vladimir Zykov declared that it was a pity that Russians have no longer the ability to utilize Google Play to purchase apps and developers don’t have an income source.

One of the advantages that is beneficial to Russians can be that forthcoming NashStore is compatible with making use of Russian Mir credit cards. In addition, it will enable local developers to earn a decent income through the sale of apps.

Top Apps In Russia Still Include Google And Google Chrome

Top Apps in Russia Still Include Google and Google Chrome

The only drawback for developers from Russia will be that they cannot sell their apps via NashStore. This limits their market reach and the number of customers they can serve because of the inaccessibility for both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In the light of SimilarWeb information, Google remained the most popular application on the market in Russia, with WhatsApp, YouTube, and Google Chrome being the next three. To top it off the fifth most popular application on the market in Russia can be found in ” Sberbank Onlain – s Saliutom ” with ” VK: music, video, messenger” being the second.

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Wrap Up

War is never the solution. It’s high time Russia takes off its destructive activities and lets things run peacefully. If the conditions remain the same, it’s no doubt that soon Russia will be abandoned totally from all sorts of support and empathy.

What’s your view on this Russian alternative to Play Store? Do share in the comment box below. To stay updated with the latest happenings in the tech world around, keep visiting the site, as we cover the trending tech news every day!

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