Whatsapp Launches Code Verify For Its Users | What’s In This Feature?

Whatsapp, one of the platforms owned by the very known Meta, which used to be quite simple in the past years, has been going through a lot of improvisations recently. And, the new features are also being positively accepted by the users. This time, the Whatsapp code verify extension is launched by Whatsapp for its users. It is an extension for Whatsapp users. The main purpose of rolling out this extension is from the safety perspective. 

Millions of people use the Whatsapp application on their devices, especially because it assures the safety of our personal information and confidentiality of the data we share through this application. But, there still remain some insecurities in one way or the other. So, in order to overcome this, Whatsapp has taken another step to add another shield for safekeeping for their application i.e. Code Verify.

Whatsapp’s Code Verify is a web browser extension for Whatsapp users. Whatsapp has joined hands with Cloudfare as partners for this developed extension Code Verify. Let us know more about Code Verify and its purposes. 

What Is Whatsapp Code Verify Extension?

Whatsapp’s Code Verify is a new open-source web extension that has been developed for the web users of Whatsapp.

This feature has been introduced in order to increase the safety measures for Whatsapp users. The function of this extension is that it autonomously operates the verification process for the Whatsapp web code that is being provided to your browser. In this manner, it can be ensured that the Whatsapp Web Code has not been altered, which, as a result, will provide a promising safe experience for Whatsapp web users. 

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How Does Whatsapp Code Verify Extension Work?

The Code Verify extension for Whatsapp has been developed on the principle of subresource integrity. It is a feature made for security purposes, that allows the web browsers to verify if the resources that are being provided have been manipulated or not. It will inform in case someone has tried to alter the Whatsapp web code.

Although subresource integrity’s feature has the capability of checking the resources of only one file, Code Verify has been developed in such a manner that it can apply the verification process on the whole webpage. To achieve this level, Code Verify has become partners with Cloudflare, which will be working as a trusted third party. 

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How To Use Whatsapp Code Verify Extension?

Since Whatsapp Code Verify Extension is a new feature, not many might be aware of how to use it. But don’t stress about it, we are here to update you with all the necessary information. 

It is quite easy and simple to use this feature for your browser.

In order to be able to use Code Verify, you firstly need to download the web extension of Code Verify. The extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, and you can download the extension from Meta Open Source. It has also been assured that the Code Verify extension that you will download for your browser will not be able to send texts or chats between users to any third party, nor Meta will know if someone has downloaded this extension.

This is all you have to do, download and install the extension to your browser. After this is done, the extension will autonomously start working every time you open the Whatsapp Web. You will be able to check out the findings of Code Verify from the toolbar section of your web browser. 

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If the Whatsapp code that has been received is fully validated, the icon of the Code Verify extension will turn green. In case any other browser is interfering with the extension, or if you need to refresh your web page, the icon will turn orange. And, if there is any kind of security issue detected in the Whatsapp Web code provided to you, the icon will turn red and you will know something is wrong. 

Apart from this, the Code Verify extension will also notify things through messages. There can be one of the following three messages in this case:

1. Network Lost

Whatsapp Code Verify Extension

Many times there will be a situation when there will not be the availability of the proper network, and in that case, the Verify Code icon will be encircled in orange color along with a question mark in it. 

2. Might Be At Risk

If the page verification is being interfered with by one or more of your extensions, then again, a question mark will appear on your Code Verify extension within the orange circle. 

3. Verification Could Not Be Done

In the last case, when there is a strong possibility of alteration in the Whatsapp Web code you have been provided with, then the icon of the extension will appear red in color. 

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Wrap Up:

That’s all for Whatsapp Code Verify Extension.

Whatsapp has always taken care of the security of every user’s personal information and always aims at the betterment of security measures. And for the same purpose, this Cloud Verify extension has also been developed which will further increase the trust of users in this application. 

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