How To Duplicate Tab On Mac | Master These Steps And Be A Pro!

While doing research or working on any document or subject, you need to give your Mac tabs a visit, again and again, to keep a check on the data or information that you are working on. To avoid the mess on your Mac tabs in the process, we have brought to you the solution to how to duplicate tab on Mac.

Now, you might be thinking about why you need to duplicate tab on Mac? Right? Let us make that clear! While working online, there are situations when internet errors might occur and result in losing all the data and records. And sometimes, you or someone else may delete any tab by mistake. To prevent such situations, we recommend you keep a record of important tabs in use.

Not only these but there might be other emergencies too! So, it’s better to keep a cross-check on all your tabs. In order to make you aware of your most asked question, how to duplicate tab on Mac, we are sharing a blog post with you all. 

So, with this, the aim of the post becomes, how to duplicate tab on Mac? But wait! Is this the only doubt you have? In order to remove this confusion for not only Mac users, but we will be giving data about Chrome also, which might interest you. Keep going on!

How To Duplicate Tab On Mac?

How To Duplicate Tab On Mac?

There are different tips and tricks to duplicate tabs on Mac on different devices, such as iPhone, desktop, Android, etc.

Without closing the Window or the tab that you are on, you will still be able to open a new page, with the help of this guide. Following this manual, you will be duplicating a new tab on Mac :

Tap on the Address Bar or you can click on Command+L instead, to fix the focus on the address bar. After this, click on either :

  1. Option+Return = It will clone the tab to a fresh tab.
  2. Shift+Return = It will clone the tab to a new Window.

Or you can : 

  1. Enter Safari on your device.
  2. Click on Control-click a tab or Pin.
  3. Next, you will observe a menu, select on Duplicate Tab.

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How To Duplicate Tab On Your iPhone?

How To Duplicate Tab On Your iPhone?

Since you know how to duplicate tab on Mac, let’s figure out how to duplicate tab on iPhone.

You do not know when you might need to surf online, you cannot take out your desktop every time you do. That is a time taking and bit difficult process as compared to handy devices such as iPhones. 

For duplicating a Mac tab on your all-time in-use device, iPhone, go after the given instructions :

  1. Switch your Safari mode into Landscape.
  2. Click on the page icon which resembles two squares.
  3. Click and hold the tab which you intend to duplicate.
  4. Next, select Copy from the resulting page.
  5. Launch a fresh tab and paste the link address.

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How To Duplicate Tab On Mac Browser?

How To Duplicate A Tab On Your Mac Browser?

This process is almost the same as the above two guides, just with a bit of twist. To know the difference, you have to go through the manual. Let’s introduce you to the shortcut:

Click Alt+Shift+D > Option+Shift+D

In detail, to duplicate tab on Mac Browser:

  1. Initiate with tapping the shortcut key “Alt+D”, to shift the focus to the location bar.
  2. Keep pressing the Alt+D and tap Enter.
  3. This will result in the opening up of the current URL in a fresh tab, typically cloning the tab.

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How To Copy A Page In Safari?

How To Copy A Page In Safari?

Copying a page in Safari is not as complex as it sounds. It involves only a few steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Long press on the tab that you want to duplicate to Safari.
  2. Drift your selected tab on the Plus (+) icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. Next, Safari will automatically clone all your tabs to the recent webpage.

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How To Copy And Paste A Tab?

How To Copy And Paste A Tab?

The best thing about online tabs is that you can clone them as much as you can to keep records. This comes to use most when you are working on some project work and have to keep records of all the references that you have used and want to reuse. 

Here are the instructions to do so :

  1. Click and select the tab that you want to clone by mouse or right clicking it.
  2. Click on Edit followed by Copy from the browser menu to copy the tab or you can directly press Control-C.
  3. Drift or shift the tab where you want to insert the tab or save the tab. 
  4. Paste the tab on the browser’s menu by clicking on Edit followed by Paste or simply Control-V.

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Some Common Shortcuts On Mac:

Command – CSelect and Copy the item. This is also applicable on Finder files.
Command – VPastes the copied content into the current app or document. This is also applicable on Finder files.
Command – X Select, Cut, and Remove the item from the current document and get copied by default. Later on, can be pasted anywhere on any document.
Command – ZInverses the previous action or command. One can undo the Command-Z by pressing  Command-Shift-Z. Multiple undo-redo commands can be done in a few applications.
Command – FFind an item in the document or open a Window.
Command-ASelect all the items on the current page or tab.
Command – HHides the current page’s Window from the Front. Press Command – Shift – G to view the current app or page but hide the rest.
Command – GFind the alternate existence of the item, page, or tab. Press Command-Shift-G to view previous occurrences.
Command – NOpens a new page, tab, Window, or document.
Command – M Minimizes the current window to the Dock. Press Command – Option – M to minimize all the front windows. 
Command – OExpands or opens a dialog to select a file to open or simply opens the selected item.
Command – SSave the current document.
Command – PPrints the current document.
Command – QExit the app, tab, page, or window.
Command – WCloses the current window. Press Command – Option- W to close all of the windows.
Command – Space barView or hide the Spotlight feature. Press Command -Option-Space bar to Spotlight search from a Finder window. 
Option – Command – EscForce exit to any app. To force quit the current app, press Command-Shift-Option-Esc and hold for 3 seconds.
Command-TabSwitch to the latest used app from all your or opened apps.
Space bar Take a quick peek into the selected item.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for how to duplicate tab on Mac, iPhone, and browser.

Every app or browser has tabs in their systems. Which is a useful feature for the users. Users can keep records and view the history of what they have viewed or used or from where it is coming etc. Sometimes we need multiple tabs to utilize while being on the same page or sometimes we need multiple pages of the same tab. In such situations, we clone/duplicate the tabs on our desktops or devices.

We have shared some methods to do the same in our blog post. We hope that this might resolve your doubts.


Q1. What Are Tabs On A Mac?

Ans. in order to decrease the number of Windows opened on your desktop having multiple items opened in a tab in place of a whole separate Window.

Q2. How To Use Tabs On A Mac?

Ans. On your Mac device, do the following to use tabs on Mac :

Control-click a bookmark folder, then select open in New Tabs. 

This will open each bookmark in a different tab.

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