How To Delete Hidden Apps On iPhone | 4 Possible Ways To Delete

Do you wish to delete hidden apps from your iPhone but cannot find the application anywhere on the Home Page? If so, then this detailed manual will show you multiple methods on how to delete hidden apps on iPhone or iPad. Following this manual and deleting hidden apps will free up some space from your device and help your system function smoothly.

With the launch of iOS 14 for iPhone the previous year, Apple modified the system’s interface so much, involving the application hiding feature from the home screen to adding an application library, and much more. Sometimes when the application doesn’t show up on the home page after downloading and installing it on your iOS because of the enabled option of keeping installed applications only in the App Library. Even if you hide home pages from your screen, the installed applications will still not appear because of being hidden.

How to delete Hidden Apps on iPhone? Well, hidden applications are good to have in our systems, sometimes there are applications that we don’t wish someone could spot us with and sometimes it becomes a matter of privacy and secrecy. But this feature is only good for those who are pretty familiar with the iPhone system and use the iPhone very much, for beginners or freshers of the iPhone, it becomes a sin! First of all, freshers don’t even get to know for months that their installed apps are being stored here, secondly, even the apps which they don’t use will still be taking up space on their phone and they’ll not be aware of it.

The easiest and most ordinary process to delete an app from an iPhone is to long-press the app icon for a couple of seconds and then tap on the “X” symbol. Although you need to download another program when your screen is full of apps, the newly downloaded applications won’t appear on any screen. So, if you wish to uninstall applications that you can’t see on your Home Page, then follow the below-mentioned steps in order to delete hidden apps on iPhones and iPads.

Why Don’t You See An Installed App On Your Home Page?

Your application may not appear on your homepage due to one of the following reasons:

Initiating with application hiding feature of App Library in iOS 14,

  1. Go to the App Library, and long press on the application’s icon you want to delete.
  2. Then from the resulting list, click on Remove App.
  3. After that click on Remove From Home Screen.

That’s it, after the last step, your application will no longer be visible on Home Screen. You can operate it from the App Library.

In other iOS models:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Home Screen.
  3. Next, tap on the App Library.

Here, all your recently downloaded apps will appear instead of appearing on the Home Page.

In iOS 14 and above one, by hiding your Homepage you will be automatically hiding all your apps on that page. The hidden apps might be on the second or third page of any folder or maybe inside any application folder.

How To Delete Hidden App On iPhone?

You can delete the hidden apps from your iPhone using the Spotlight, Settings, app library, or from the app store. Here is how to delete Hidden apps on iPhone:

From Spotlight

  1. Swipe to the bottom of the Home Screen and search for the application you want to delete.
  2. Tap and hold on to the application icon and click on Delete App followed by Delete.

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From iPhone Settings

The Settings application has records of installed applications. Here is the manual on how to delete Hidden apps on iPhone from iPhone settings :

  1. Go to Settings and Click on General.
  2. Go to iPhone Storage next.
  3. Once it shows the names of all the apps in the list, click on the App Name that you want to delete.
  4. At last, click on Delete App and confirm the process.

From App Library

Following the given instructions you will be able to delete unwanted applications from your device through App Library :

  1. Slide to the left to find the App Library.
  2. Select the App you want to delete.
  3. Tap and hold on to the application’s icon for a couple of seconds.
  4. Click Delete App followed by Delete.

From App Store

By this process, you will only be able to delete un-updated and recently updated apps. If it interests you, then follow the instructions on how to delete Hidden apps on iPhone: from the App Store:

  1. Go to the App Store, and click on Profile Picture.
  2. At the bottom of the resulting page, you should find the desired app. If not, then refresh the page.
  3. You will next observe the app at “Updated Recently” or “Available Updates”, slide left on their names, and click on Delete.

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Wrapping Up:

That’s all for how to delete Hidden apps on iPhone.

Is there any application in your iPhone that is taking space for no reason and is unused for a long time? Or, you can’t find an application on your phone that you have recently downloaded but couldn’t find on your homepage or screen? This may be happening because of the settings of your iOS. Nowadays, the latest downloaded applications have been shifted to the App Library of iOS instead of the Homepage.

Well, you might wish to delete that hidden app from your iPhone because deleting hidden apps from iPhone helps you utilize the App Library and manage your Homepage more systematically. 


Q1. Where Are The Hidden Apps Stored In The iPhone?

Ans. When the Homepage or Screen gets filled with other applications, the iOS system transfers all the recently downloaded applications to the App Library.

Q2. What Should One Do To Replace The Hidden Apps From The App Library To The Homepage?

Ans. Recently downloaded applications get transferred to the App Library by default when your Homepage doesn’t have enough space. So, in order to get your application out of the App Library, you can simply download another program or you can refer to the above article.

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